How would you describe the current stage in your artistic practice?
What’s the relationship between art and life?

My life is art. Art is my life.

Any hobby besides art?
Do you treat art practice as your work?
All that entails in life is my hobby.

How would you describe change in your practice from early years till today?
Is there an element in your practice that you always insisted on, that is always present all this years?
To be precise.

I enjoy your instructions very much.
We can feel the artistic conception and imagination within your poetry-like art.
What is the difference between instructions and actual poetry?
Do you continue creating instruction today?
My Instructions are Action Poetry.

Your art has always given people a spirit force.
The public can easily receive the message.
But in order to achieve such a universal understanding, you don’t hesitate to set aside the aesthetic and material quality in work. What’s your opinion?
I don’t set aside the aesthetic and material quality in my work, at all. That is your understanding of my work.

How do you understand the sentence “Everyone is an artist?”
Every one is.

You have been exploring the freedom of women’s spirit in your movies.
What is your ideal “freedom female”?
How about yourself?
We are what we believe to be. I believe that I am a free soul, and act freely in the degree I want to.

As a composer, singer, artist or director, which kind of identity is more comfortable for you?
I am comfortable with all the above, and more.

How do you understand “Fluxus art”?
Fluxus Art is Art in Flux.

How does Zen master influence upon your work and life?
I have never met a zen master I deem him/her to be, so I don’t know.

What’s your understanding on “Love”?
What do you most concern about while your radiate “love” through your work ?
Love is the force of life. It keeps us alive, spreads and heals.

Are you optimistic person?
We need the magic of optimism for our survival. If I had relied on pessimism, I would have gone to the logical conclusion of it, long time ago – death.

Japanese culture and Western culture, which affects you more profoundly?
I am probably affected equally. But, then again, I will leave it to the critics to decide on that one, since each of my works may have different percentage of the two cultures as well as any other.

Your life seems like a legend to me.
How do see your life?
What puzzles you most?
They say you only get problems you can solve. Well, considering the stuff I have gone through in life and still going, I can only say that somebody up there has a lot of trust in me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

yoko ono
nyc ’09