Give Peace A Chance: The International Remixes

The International Remixes


The final installment of ONO’s series of three digital-only, environmentally-friendly “green” remix singles on Mindtrain/Twisted Records.

Available February 18th 2009 (Yoko’s birthday!) from iTunes & Beatport.

The potent set includes electrifying reworks of the landmark world peace anthem which has been re-recorded by the tireless humanitarian as an uplifting poetic narrative resonating with a sense of urgency and optimism.

Speaking to today’s worldwide tumultuous political, social and environmental climate, ONO transforms the timeless rallying cry into a galvanizing and timely global message of hope, inspiration and limitless possibilities in a time of change.

The poignant and evocative collection features a diverse assemblage of, established and emerging, international dance/electronic music innovators such as CSS (Brazil), Karsh Kale (India), DJ Tszpun (China), Kimbar (Russia), Death in Vegas’ Richard Fearless (England), DJ Meme (Brazil), Blow Up (Italy), Alex Santer (Greece), and Findo Gask (Scotland).

01. Blow-Up Popism Mix (5:00)
02. Blow-Up Electrono Mix (6:44)
03. Kimbar Vocal Mix (8:11)
04. Kimbar Dub Mix (6:54)
05. Tszpun Remix (8:17)
06. Tszpun Dub Mix (8:11)
07. Alex Santer Peaceful Mix (6:11)
08. DJ Meme Club Mix (9:54)
09. Findo Gask Time for Action Dub (5:56)
10. CSS Mix (4:12)
11. Richard Fearless Reach Out Mix (7:05)
12. Karsh Kale Voices of the Tribal Massive Mix (5:55)


ONO: Give Peace A Chance (The Remixes) (2008)


Mindtrain/Twisted TW50066 (2008-06-01)

1. Dave Aude Club Mix
2. Dave Aude Dub
3. Johnny Vicious Warehouse Dub
4. Mike Cruz Dub
5. Tommie Sunshine Vocal Mix
6. Morel’s Pink Noise Vocal Mix
7. Morel’s Pink Noise Dub
8. Double B Full Vocal Mix

Available at & iTunes Music Store


Mindtrain/Twisted TW50069 (2008-07-01)

1. Phunk Investigation Mix
2. Johnny Vicious Warehouse Mix
3. Eric Kupper Vocal Mix
4. Mike Cruz Extended Vocal Mix
5. DJ Dan Dub
6. Tommie Sunshine Give Peace A Dub
7. Morel’s Canister Dub
8. Mike Cruz Vocal Edit Mix

Exclusively available at & iTunes Music Store.

ONO: ‘Give Peace A Chance’ (The 2008 Remixes) are a group of digital releases from
Mindtrain/Twisted Records available at & iTunes Music Store from
1 June 2008, the 39th anniversary of the historic original recording. 

Following the massive critical and commercial success of Yoko Ono’s ambitious remix
collections – Yes, I’m A Witch and Open Your Box (Mindtrain/Astralwerks) which
paired the seminal performer with the 21st century underground — Ono readies for the
digital release of “GIVE PEACE A CHANCE” (THE REMIXES)

The new release commemorates the 39th anniversary of the world peace anthem’s historic
June 1, 1969, recording. (The song was recorded during John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s
infamous week-long “Bed-In For Peace” in Room 1742 at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in
Montreal, Canada.)

The enduring, landmark song has been re-recorded by ONO as an uplifting, poetic
narrative resonating with a contemporary sense of urgency and optimism. The timely
release speaks to today’s tumultuous political, social and environmental climate.
And with it, Ono –the tireless humanitarian– offers a poignant and evocative mantra
that is a song of hope, inspiration and limitless possibilities in a time of change. 

For this important milestone release, Mindtrain Records again partners with
legendary dance label Twisted Records. Together they issued ONO’s #1 Billboard
Hot Dance Club Play  chart-toppers “WALKING ON THIN ICE” (The Remixes) 
GIVE PEACE A CHANCE remixes went to #1 with a bullet on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart

The releases thus far are part of a series of three digital-only, environmentally-friendly
“green” singles, the third of which will feature a diverse assemblage of international
dance/electronic music innovators, galvanizing the familiar and timeless rallying cry: 
“All we are saying is GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!”



1. Linus Loves Hyped Vocal Mix
2. Linus Loves Hyped Dub Mix
3. Tom Novy Vocal Mix
4. Tom Novy Dub
5. Eric Kupper Vocal Mix
6. Eric Kupper Dub
7. Friscia & Lamboy Vocal Mix
8. Friscia & Lamboy Dub
9. Peter Bailey Dub
10. Mike Cruz Dub
11. Lindbergh Palace Redub
12. Double B No,Well, Yes Vocal Mix
1. Bimbo Jones Vocal Mix
2. Bimbo Jones Dub
3. Morelís Pink Noise Vocal Mix
4. Morelís Pink Noise Dub
5. Claude Le Gache Vocal Mix
6. Claude Le Gache Mixshow Edit
7. Claude Le Gache Dub
8. Friscia & Lamboy Tribal Dub
Available from Beatport & iTunes. Available from Beatport & iTunes.

Concurrent with the release of “Give Peace a Chance,” Mindtrain / Twisted will also
digitally issue the highly sought-after and previously unreleased mixes of ONO’s #1
Billboard Hot Dance Club Play charting single “NO, NO, NO” (THE REMIXES) and
#2 charting “YOU’RE THE ONE” (THE REMIXES)

No, No, No” includes superlative reconstructions from international superstars Linus
Loves, Tom Novy, Eric Kupper, Friscia and Lamboy, Peter Bailey and more. 

You’re The One” (which was the #6 Billboard Dance track of 2007) includes vibrant
re-workings by Bimbo Jones, Richard Morel (aka Morel), Friscia and Lamboy, and
Claude Le Gache.



  Will I , Fly, O’Oh, 
Death Of Samantha

CD, 12″, Beatport
    Everyman.. Everywoman..
Walking On Thin Ice
CD12″, 12″, Beatport
Hell In Paradise

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