The 2008 stamp of the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER has been awarded a Bronze by Stamp News.


Top 10 extraordinary stamps of the year 2008

We at want to strike the balance of the passing year.
Plenty of new stamps have seen the light all over the world.
No question all of them are different and it is very difficult to compare them.
Still some stamps stand out for their extraordinarity.
We decided to rate the most interesting stamps of the year 2008.

#3 Imagine Peace Tower on New Icelandic Stampipstampwhite

The Icelandic Postal Company has released a new series of stamps in October 2008 depicting the Imagine Peace Tower, which is dedicated to the memory of Beatle John Lennon. The stamp is printed in a traditional offset format and then overprinted with phosphorus in silk screen which causes the picture to accumulate light and then glow in the dark. When exposed to ultraviolet light, a picture of John Lennon appears on the stamp.

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