Check the following statements: True/False

l) All streets are invisible. The visible ones are fake ones, though
some visible ones are the end parts of the invisible ones.

2) If you wear something long enough it becomes part of you and you suffer from serious physical maladjustment when you take it off.
A woman died from taking off her ring she wore for ten years. A man was found to be non-existent when his title was taken away.

3) When you leave things, you leave your spirit behind as well. But if you don’t leave them, you age.

4) Your brother is the man you killed in the past world. He was born in your family because he wanted to be near you.

5) There are one thousand suns rising every day. We only see one of them because of our fixation on monolithic thinking.

6) Grapefruit is a hybrid of lemon and orange.
Snow is a hybrid of wish and lament