John Lennon 1980 photo by Allan Tannenbaum

John Lennon

9 Oct 1940 – 8 Dec 1980

Photo by & © Allan Tannenbaum, 26 Nov 1980

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Yoko Ono Lennon
December 8, 2009

On the anniversary of the passing of my husband, John Lennon,
I would like you to share an affirmation with me.
Think it, say it, with firm belief,
knowing that we are all one.

In the name of truth, peace and love:
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Our planet is healthy and whole,
We, the people of Earth
See clearly, Hear clearly, Think clearly.
Make the right judgement, right decision and the right move
For the benefit of our planet and others.

We are now bathing in the light of Dawn,
Standing in the Heaven we have created together,
Sharing the Joy
With all Lives on Earth
And of the Universe,
As we are all one, united with infinite and eternal love.

For the highest good of all concerned, So be it.

With all my love,
yoko ono lennon

December 8, 2009
Tokyo, Japan

John & Yoko 1980 by Allan Tannebaum

December 8, 2007
by Yoko Ono Lennon

I miss you, John.

27 years later, I still wish I could turn back the clock to the Summer of 1980.

I remember everything – sharing our morning coffee, walking in the park
together on a beautiful day, and seeing your hand stretched to mine –
holding it, reassuring me that I shouldn’t worry about anything because
our life was good.

I had no idea that life was about to teach me the toughest lesson of all.

I learned the intense pain of losing a loved one suddenly, without
warning, and without having the time for a final hug and the chance to
say, “I love you,” for the last time. The pain and shock of that sudden
loss is with me every moment of every day.

When I touched John’s side of our bed on the night of December 8th,
1980, I realized that it was still warm. That moment has haunted me for
the past 27 years – and will stay with me forever.

Even harder for me is watching what was taken away from our beautiful boy,

He lives in silent anger over not having his Dad, whom he loved so much,
around to share his life with. I know we are not alone. Our pain is one
shared by many other families who are suffering as the victims of
senseless violence. This pain has to stop.

Let’s not waste the lives of those we have lost. Let’s, together, make
the world a place of love and joy and not a place of fear and anger.
This day of John’s passing has become more and more important for so
many people around the world as the day to remember his message of Peace
and Love and to do what each of us can to work on healing this planet we

Let’s: Think Peace, Act Peace, and Spread Peace.
John worked for it all his life.
He said, “There’s no problems, only solutions.”

Remember, we are all together.
We can do it, we must.
I love you!


Yoko Ono Lennon
8 December 2007

December 8, 2006
by Yoko Ono Lennon

December 8th is near again. Every year, on this day, I hear from many people from all over the world who remember my husband, John Lennon, and his message of peace. They write to tell me they are thinking of John on this day and how he was shot and killed at the prime of his life, at age 40, when he had so much life ahead of him.

Thank you for your undying love for John and also for your concern for me on this tragic anniversary. This year, though, on December 8th, while we remember John, I would also like us to focus on sending the following messages to the millions of people suffering around the world:

To the people who have also lost loved ones without cause: forgive us for having been unable to stop the tragedy. We pray for the wounds to heal.

To the soldiers of all countries and of all centuries, who were maimed for life, or who lost their lives: forgive us for our misjudgments and what happened as a result of them.

To the civilians who were maimed, or killed, or who lost their family members: forgive us for having been unable to prevent it.

To the people who have been abused and tortured: forgive us for having allowed it to happen.

Know that your loss is our loss.
Know that the physical and mental abuse you have endured will have a lingering effect on our society, and the world.
Know that the burden is ours.

As the widow of one who was killed by an act of violence, I don’t know if I am ready yet to forgive the one who pulled the trigger. I am sure all victims of violent crimes feel as I do. But healing is what is urgently needed now in the world.

Let’s heal the wounds together.

Every year, let’s make December 8th the day to ask for forgiveness from those who suffered the insufferable.
Let’s wish strongly that one day we will be able to say that we healed ourselves, and by healing ourselves, we healed the world.

With deepest love,
Yoko Ono Lennon
New York City 2006

Published in the New York Times, 8th December 2006.

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War is over NOW.

8 December 2007

I deeply appreciate all of your messages of care and love to me on that painful day.
There were many; all of them were very thoughtful and kind, clearly trying to help me feel better, even though you were going through your own pain too.
Thank you so much.
I feel strongly that we are family.

Yoko Ono Lennon
12 December 2007

With love from Anna Lodz from Poland

Dear Yoko,
I am a 13 year old girl from South Jersey. I am a real Beatles fan, and also LOVE the work that you and John did after the Beatles split. I’ve only been a Beatles/John fan for less than six months, but I would consider myself a TRUE fan. On October 9th, I decorated the outside of my locker with pictures of John, and inspiring quotes that the wonderful man said.
Obviously, I am not a ‘Yoko Hater’. In fact I am not a hater at all. I am a peace advocate, and wish the war to be OVER! I was a ‘Yoko Disliker’ for a while, but that didn’t last long- like less than a day. When I learned how wonderful you were for John, how happy you made him, and how much he loved you, I loved you too. And when I heard about the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland, I just sat on my bed and cried. That is so wonderful, and is such a great thing to do.
So, I know this is a bit late, but I send my best wishes to you, and hope you remembered the GOOD times you and John had together on your day of grief. I cried all day, which probably wasn’t what John wanted. But if that’s how I felt, I can hardly imagine how you felt that day. I don’t really know what to say, and I hope what I did say wasn’t too bad. I truly hope you have a Happy Christmas.
Have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
Love, Happiness and Joy From,
Sarah A.

This is what we did on October 8, 2007.

We remember John.
We remember love.
The message is spreading.
Merry Christmas!
Student Support Leader
Fairview & Iles Elementary Schools

Hello, Yoko! I went to Strawberry Fields on Sat. with my son Garrett and his fiancee Jennifer to place a yellow rose for John and a red rose for my departed husband Robert (10/9/07) on the Imagine artwork along with the photo card of my husband with the words to Imagine on the back that we used at the funeral. A nice gentleman there helped me to do this; it was a sad but poignant moment for me. My husband and I had been there in 2005 in the evening singing John’s songs and hugging people. Now my sweetheart is gone too (brain cancer). I hope I can have half the strength you have and the courage to go on that you have so eloquently displayed over these many years. I wonder if the hurt will ever go away? I met Annie Liebovitz’s sister Barbara last nite at the Corcoran Art Gallery in DC; she said that interviewing you and talking about the last photos of you and John together was so difficult for her not to start crying; she said you were most gracious to her. Please continue your quest for peace and I hope that someday I will be lucky enough to meet you and give you a hug. Barbara Wright

Thanks Yoko. I just went to your site and I read your letter dated December 8th. That was pretty powerful. Very moving and very honest. I don’t know what it’s like to lose someone to violence and I pray I never will. I can think of nothing harder. You are in my thoughts.
I’ll let Cleary know to download those posters from the site. I think it’s interesting the conversations that come out of seeing those simple words, especially for high school kids.
Have a Merry Christmas with your family, and a lovely 2008.

Dear Yoko,thank you for this wonderful concept that has come to fruition in Iceland.
I would like to relate to you a simple story of how I rediscovered my admiration for life and music of John through a conversation I had with my 22 year old nephew, Matt.You see he has just discovered John’s music and it has led to a connection that spans the generations between his and my own.
You see he often gives me a ride to do errands and makes a point of putting on music by John for the journey and related to me how he first really heard the song Imagine when he was driving with his father through an impoverished area and was struck by its meaning.
It was an oh wow moment for him! And now I also found out that Matt shares the same birthday as John.That fact added a sweet note to this discussion.
So my first wish is for my nephew Matt to realize in his lifetime an enduring peace for him and generations to come.
Failure is not an option.LET’S DO IT: IMAGINE PEACE!!
Love Gail Skalish
Glenolden, Pennsylvania,USA

Lisa DiGiandomenico

Hello my name is Paul W.
It has been another long week and this has been true for the past 27 years. The events of 1980 stole something away for me for the holidays. On this Dec 8th, I happened to come across an email from Yoko and Imagine Peace around 9:30pm. Before getting things together for 11pm, I enjoyed watching the video on the site having to fight the tears away. The initial pain is gone but the scar never leaves.
As 11pm approached, I lit a candle for John and for all of the other victims of the senseless violence. At the time,I just happened to be playing The Lost Lennon Tapes that featured the Live Fantasy Concert. An event that I was so looking forward to in 81. I played Imagine while watching the video again on low. I spent time praying that somehow mankind would wake up and learn how to live together. I refuse to believe that the dream or idealism is dead. The inspiration of John has been and always will be a major asset in my life.

Today at my school (Indiana University) I saw a WAR IS OVER! flyer posted on a bulletin board. It made me smile and I hope it makes you smile too.
Good thoughts to you,

Love to you!
I spent December 8 up at Abbey Road, brought a candle, sat on the wall of the studio, and sang “Imagine” to anyone and everyone at 11:15 that night. It was so pretty, the big tree outside the studio was lit up and it was completely silent. I was the only one around and I was so happy to be there.
Happy Christmas and New Year’s!
christine E

On December 8th, in honor of John Lennon, these friends gathered to play music honoring the spirit and legacy of peace of John Lennon. They played “War is Over” and “Imagine” among other songs, and took some commemorative photos of their afternoon with the poster downloaded from the imaginepeace site. So on a gray misty day in a solar barn in Sacramento, California, these boys jammed it out. It was an afternoon of music dedicated to the pursuit of peace on earth and the abolition of war. And they sounded quite good too. 🙂
Jeremy Jackson, Kouta Kato, Richard Schuman, John Burton, Ken Kemmerling.
peace, Krysia

Peace and Love from Gary (dad) and Alan (son)…

John was more then a rock star… To me he was a teacher he is someone who told me to make my own dream that we all feel pain and it is OK. That we all can make it we just have to ‘hold on’.
This December 8th fell on a Saturday so I had the day off….. In all
the years before I always wanted to go to Strawberry Fields in NYC I live 100 miles north of NYC so I was able to take to train into Manhattan.
When I arrived at 72 St and Central Park West what I saw was amazing.
There were people from all walks of life. White, Black, Yellow People….Young old people that could sing and people like myself who could not carry a toon… But the message was clear there are people who believe in love and peace. The last few months have been hard on me but as Yoko once said ‘We have to make it’.
Thanks to John he taught me how to ‘hold on’. And yes I will make it.
Bob Gillon
BTW Thanks for the ‘ImaginePeace’ Hat.

Good morning lovely people
Here is our short story, my partner and I first went for a long walk in the forest here in Antwerp (Belgium), it was cold, sunny and quiet, a very nice place to be.
We listened to Imagine several times on December 8th while we where together and enjoyed the day.
A lot of Love to you all and thanks to be there for a better world.
Martine and Herman
Belgium/ Europe

Dear Yoko
We won’t have an opportunity to do this tomorrow, but what we will do tonight at This Is Now Monterey (a performance salon at Monterey Peninsula College) is perform ‘Happy Xmas (War is Over)’ in memory of John. This is not a paid gig, just a place for all musicians, poets and artists to share our talents and get feedback from everyone who shows up.I know there is a regular peace vigil in Salinas every Saturday, and though we can’t promise we will be there we hope that we can. They usually play a recording of ‘Give Peace a Chance’ there, but maybe a live sing-along of ‘Happy Xmas’ would be good to do.
We who are Nimchimpsky (Cynth and Heather) wish for peace, and thank you for remaining constant.

Dear Yoko, Before I begin, I have to tell you a few things. I’m only 19 and I come from a small town only about an hour and forty five minutes from where you live in New York City.
My parents introduced me to The Beatles when I was about four or five, and immediately, I connected to John. His music, his lyrics, and his general attitude raised feelings in me that I was never able to shake. I felt like, at four years old, I had known John Lennon my entire life… and at nineteen, I still feel the same way. See, John and I are a lot alike. That’s not all, though… .I’m convinced I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for John, his music, and what the two of you did for our world. When I was a teenager, I became severely depressed, and re-discovered The Beatles, most specifically Lennon’s solo career. Because of my re-discovery of this music, I am still alive.
John Lennon represents everything that I want to be, and every change I’d like to see in the world. My family and I have been going to Strawberry Fields every 8th of December for the past three years, but we can’t make it this year. You know, it was kinda funny, every time we went I wanted to meet you so badly, and then on the 25th anniversary in 2005, I heard you were at Strawberry Fields right before we got there. =( So, this year, since we can’t go, I plan to hold my own celebration of John’s life in my front yard… no matter how cold it is, or even if it’s snowing. I’ll play music, light candles, and sing my heart out in celebration of who I believe to be the greatest man to have ever walked the Earth. And Yoko, you don’t get enough credit. You are a wonderful artist and human being. I wish you the best of luck in the new year. Love Always
Renae Cianci

I have three MySpace accounts: a folk music news forum –,717.0.html

To each I have re-posted your message and encourage people to change their MySpace default picture to the ‘war is over’ image.I hope this starts a worldwide movement and facilitates more people to think of John and imagine peace. Also thinking of organizing a candlelight vigil.Jeff Boudreau

dearest yoko,
it was a grey and cold day at work,but after work I spend a wonderful time in my house.A lot of candles was lighting,greatful music of John and you in all the rooms ans so it was a good day back again.
Its my personally kind to thank John and you at the last 27 years.May be should I say: its my ritual and I love it!!!!

Dear Yoko,
I went to Strawberry Fields on October 9 and December 8. On the 8th I saw Mark Hudson and his wife around the mosaic and I went over to talk to him. I had seen him in Las Vegas in July at the Beatle Fest and his
stories were great. I had one to tell him.
In the early 1980’s after John died, Mayor Koch and some NY Senators wanted to do something to remember John in Central Park. When I read about that in the paper, I wrote to them and told them I wanted to be
involved in any because of my deep love for John and Yoko. They wrote back and sent me petitions to get signed which I did with my friends etc.
When the announcement that Strawberry Fields would be a reality, I was contacted to come to City Hall. I was also there for the groundbreaking and I’ve come ever since. It means a great deal to me that I played a small part in making this a reality. When I told Mark Hudson, he gave me a big hug and told me I made his day.
God bless you always Yoko and Sean. You will be in my heart forever.
Diane Carroll

I will think of you and John especially tomorrow night and definitely say a special prayer for peace– and sing ‘Imagine’, as well. Having also my husband, I send my heartfelt sympathy and thoughts to you, Yoko. Much love, Michelle Broussard Honick

Sometimes a sharp, acute ache grips my heart like the icy fingers of frost on my window in the winter.The wind howls and I feel all alone and empty. It is a terrible feeling. I lean into it and it teaches me. I think that may be very Holy……. and Spacious. I think that is where compassion is born?
As we go about our days, and we see things which touch our hearts, or things that scare us or make us feel uptight or resentful, we can breath in and out and embrace these as necessary and helpful. This is the beginning of acknowledging the non substantial nature of things. The whole drama which arises out of no where, from no thing, seems extremely vivid. But when we see the spaces in between, the emptiness, it liberates us from all strife. I believe that is where PEACE is born.
Happy Christmas, Yoko!
Your friend,
Sherry Frachey
Student Support Leader
Fairview Elementary School

Dear Yoko,My heart will be with you and Sean tomorrow as we all remember John together. I miss him so much and although his words and music are still here with us, I can’t help but wonder what more he would say and give if he were here now.You are a beautiful soul. I love you. Thank you so much for all that you try to accomplish for peace. I stand behind every effort 100%. Happy Christmas. Peace to us all.
Cindy Bowe
New Jersey

I posted this message for fans to reflect on John… Blog: The Tattler
Post: John Lennon… Dec 8th Reflection; fans Imagine Peace!
Julian Ayrs

Dear Peace and Love Family:
My name is Grisel, I’m almost 53 years old, I was born in Mexico city and still live here and here’s my story…
I’m don’t have much work (as you know in my country is increasing the unemployees because we have been having presidents from bad to worst since 1964 untill now when Felipe Calderon is an ilegal president).
But I had a job on weekends, a little far from Mexico city, on Tequesquitengo, Morelos. I worked in a little hotel “running” a Temascal and doing Mayan massage. (The Temascal is a prehispanic bath that cleans all your body systems as well as your mind and equilibrates your energy and reinforces your spirit and your defense system. The Mayan massage equilibrates and reinforces your energy ).
Anyway the night or December 8, 2007, at 8 o’clock my bosses treated me in a wrong way, he was angry and almost yelling at me, he’s a “gringo” (a native from the United States) so I decided to quit. I sayed goodbye to the temascal and calmed my spirit watching the stars and the lake and thanked for everything. I went to my room around 10:00 p.m. o’clock and still was very angry thinking on what would I tell my bosses tomorrow and humiliate her (they are a couple) because they were not fair with me and all the things i would tell to the “pinche gringo”: But then i thought “no one is going to take away my peace”. It was 10:30 and I remembered John Lennon’s date and your request for peace, so I decided to meditate. My thoughts were negative so I decided to sing in my mind Give peace a chance but in order to feel it I imagined you and beloved John on the bed at the moment you and everyone around were singing the song, repeating the song as a mantra until my negative thoughts went away. I also imagined the picture of Two Virgins and continued singing.
My spirit was more calmed. I had 3 candles and the flame was little and yellow, the 3 of them. I then began to meditate just in the word peace and with my eyes almost closed I could watch the lights of the candles and were beatifull. I stayed in that state, I then felt like I was really connecting with my daughter and all the people at the concert of Borj, the singer, near Guadalajara, (Jalisco),in my country, more than the people was the feeling, I imagined that maybe they were singing Give Peace a chance, which they didn’t, but my daughter has another beautiful story to tell you of that moment…
Suddenly the candles grew up and were white, the 3 of them. And I felt something, I felt a real connection of a peaceful feeling. I opened my eyes and saw my watch and was 11:23 and I had “chicken skin”! I felt so a big emotion of love! And felt we can really do it! It was a beatiful meditation.
I’m so glad Yoko has had the perseverance for so many years trying to make peace in the world and telling us that that we imagine can come true. Earlier that afternoon I was reading about “The Secret” that is based on the law of attraction and I was thinking too that now the quantic physics are proving the power of the praise and the concept of the energy that our ancestors knew very well even they were not scientists.
Everything is telling us that it is possible. Let’s not think on War is over. Let’s concentrate on Peace and Love and the world that we want with all the earth with it’s rivers and lakes, trees and mountains animals of all species, and everything clean and everyone in peace and love. Let’s noth think. Let’s feel it’s possible!
With the planets as they are now is a good time to do it. So I want to ask Yoko to ask the people by internet and use another ways for the people that don’t have internet to tell everyone to imagine the world as we want it without thinking what we don’t want. I want to propose to make the same thing at least every week with the word PEACE for, let’s say 5 minutes, to begin, and see what happens and share our stories and spread the word. Then another week could be the word LOVE and so on. (Spread the word I’m thinking on)
What do you think? If we are many in the world with feelings like those on Dec. 8 it’s because we can do it. At least we can feel 5 minutes of peace and love every week, so we don’t lose anything and we gain something. I would like to know how many answered in this e-mail with their stories, if you don’t mind.
Blessings for John and Yoko,
Griselda Hernandez Verni.

I remember December 8, 1980 so vividly. I feel as
though my youth died that night. I was writing a
script for a college television-writing course when
the news came over the radio–a female disc-jockey
suddenly broke into the record she was playing, and
she was crying as she delivered the tragic news. I
had loved John and the Beatles since 1964, when I was
five; going to see ‘A Hard Day’s Night,’ ‘Help!,’
‘Yellow Submarine’ and ‘Let It Be’ were key moments of
my childhood. I treasured every Beatles and solo
album that was released, and I had been so happy in
November ’80 when ‘Double Fantasy’ was issued. Well,
you have done a remarkable job in keep John alive in
the culture, and making sure people remember his
message. I think about John’s passing every day, too,
but I feel blessed that you are continuing to spread
his word.God bless you.
With love,
Randy Skretvedt

I am so happy to receive this e-mail. We will be in a family reunion
tomorrow, of course we will be all dressed in white, and of course we all
remember your family, so we will be singing ‘IMAGINE’. HE IS ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS. Peace and Love and Merry Christmas for you all.
Elsa Gonzalez de Leon L. (Mexico City)

Dear Yoko,
Next december 8, I’ll do two speechs called ‘John Lennon Lives On’, in a mega store calle ‘Saraiva’, inside two of the biggest Shopping Centers here in Sao Paulo – Paulista at 3:00 P.M. and Morumbi, at 7:00 p.m. and I’ll talk to the people about John’s story and I’ll sing some of his songs during it with my guitar.
And next day I’ll do the same in a city near Sao Paulo, called Campinas, around 100 kms from here.
And Iam sending emails to everybody in Revolution’s fan-club asking to pray for John and for the world’s peace.
I’ll send you pictures fo it after it will happnes.
Marco Antonio Mallagoli
Revolution Fan-Club – Sao Paulo – Brasil

This date will be remembered by our family as the day that my eldest son
Alexander is Barmitzvah.For those that don’t know, this is a mystical, magical transformation from
boyhood to adulthood, as celebrated in Jewish law.It is also the special Shabbat during Chanuka, the Jewish Sabbath
celebrated during the festival of lights.My son’s portion that he will read from the holy scrolls is taken from Genesis – Mikketz – the story of Joseph. Like John, he was a peaceful man who became powerful by the handiwork of G-d.The Chanuka story commemorates the struggle for peace by Judah Macabee. He
was a freedom fighter.On this special day we thank you for the gift of peace and love. We too hope to bring joy to our congregation too.Stephie and Alexander aged 13
London UK.

God Bless You, Yoko, we love you! (always) for the comfort, love and inspiration you brought to John, and for so elegantly carrying on – and spreading – his dream and imagination and humor, and a constantly renewed message of hope.
I think of John every day, and tomorrow my wife and I will hold him, and you and your family, in our hearts.
BTW, you and I worked together when I was a recording engineer at the Record Plant Studios in NYC for 15 years; I assisted Roy Cicala and you on your demos for Double Fantasy (in Studio A), and before then I met with you at the Dakota to help you review the Lennono tapes catalog in our RPS vault.
I was working in Studio B (1st floor), while you guys were working on ‘Walking on Thin Ice’ upstairs in the Mix Room, 27 years ago tomorrow, one of the saddest nights of my life…
Now I am a long-time environmental activist; I worked with Al Gore earlier this year, and I have successfully helped my town become a more sustainable community, a model for other municipalities.
If I can ever help you in any way, just contact me anytime at your convenience.
Peace and Love,
Gray and Linda

At Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut , we created and hosted a Live Blog Talk Radio Show—- which is our first for discussing Imagine and John Lennon and PEACE!
Roxann Deborah Riskin

My name is Kendra Kleitz. I’m 14 years old, and I’m writing to send in a tribute recording I did for John Lennon. Because his death occurred 13 years before I was born, I never had the privilege of growing up with the music of John Lennon. But I understand him to be a person who was loved by all, and cared very deeply for the world, and all it’s people. I listen to his music today, and I know, even 27 years after his death, there are still those who mourn him. I made this recording because John Lennon is not only a true inspiration to me, but also to others. Imagine is a peace anthem that has stood the test of time, and, just like John himself, has touched the lives of millions. God Bless John, Yoko, and all people in great need in this world. I did this recording to pay my respects, and to say, I love you, John. Rest In Peace.

It is my birthday the 8 of December, and I will think of John and sing for peace, you can count on me, oh yes!!!! I am a painter, and living a big change in my life, I will turn 41 and my girl felt sad because on this day I will go to bring back my paintings, I had a exhibition for the last two months… and I start moving my things to a friend cause I can’t keep my apartment. So me , my girl and our pets are moving, and it’s my birthday. When a received your mail ‘ I was so glad I won’t fell alone, I’ll be part of the peace celebration for John who passed when I turn 14 , I remember so clearly, at that time I was waiting for my party and listening the radio when I heard the sad new! I cry my self out and we pray and sing his song at my party!!!! 27 years later 41 now, I will sing all day for him and my brother and sister around the globe, I will sing for the peace in this world.
I just told my daughter, I won’t be along, she’ll be with her father, so now she is in her shower and all ready start singing IMAGINE, she’s 12 and said she’ll put the song in her MP3 and join us at 11h15!
Thank you so much

tomorrow i will go to the local soup kitchen and give them some money to help the hungry people right here at home. today i bought a pair of boots for a child to keep them warm. It is a little thing but if everyone would stop and think about others around them, it would certainly be a better world. Thankyou Yoko for such a gripping video. This should be shown on CNN. i will try to forward it to them. God bless you and keep you and your family.
with much love and respect
Eileen M. O’Brien

May this day a day of love and laughter, of joy and of a wonderful time, which will start by now and become better and better every day!
To my father, who passed by the same day as john, 10 years ago, and to the father of sabine, her father passed by this year, also on the 8th of December, It will have a special meaning, that they all decide to leave on a day, who is dedicated to the venus… planet of love.
May we all met our beloved in a place in our heart
I join the imagination!! Great project
Austria, Vienna

Review of the play ‘(Just Like) Starting Over’

Yoko,Every year on 8th December I think of you and John, Sean and Julian, and all the people who loved John. My personal feelings of loss and grief in those first few days are forever etched on my soul. When I hear the music or see pictures or TV shows it still feels so surreal to think that he is gone. It’s just so wrong, yet I feel no hate toward his killer… only pity.This year, tomorrow, I will be with my Father, as I am many weekends recently, as my siblings, my Father and I try to find our balance following the recent and unexpected death of my Mother. Finding balance after someone dies is very hard, as you know better than most. I have always been inspired by your strength and grace in dealing with your sadness and rising above it. Your concern for all of us, as one big family grieveing for John, I’m sure helped all of us find our balance. I know I followed your lead in finding my acceptance that John was gone.My strong family, and all the people that loved my Mom, are helping and inspiring me now. I will still be with you tomorrow, as I am every year.I understand that you probably get thousands of emails, hopeflly this one will make it to you. Peace, love and light

I plan to reflect all day on peace around the world and how John Lennon’s image would reflect that peace. I remember as clear as yesterday when John was horribly shot down. I was sitting in my parent’s livingroom and watched the news with tears and disbelief. My mother (who was very ill was sitting in her favorite chair and watching the television.) She too could not belief the tragedy that had affected us all. My mother passed within five weeks of John’s passing. I remember looking at her and knowing sadly she too would find a light in the beyond. I and my family will sit and think positive and good thoughts, and somewhere out in the great beyond, my blessed mother and John are holding their own peace vigil. Thank you for this wonderful forum. War is over if we want it.
Laurie B

Thanks Yoko. I will print and post ‘WAR IS OVER’ here in Independence, California.Paul

Yes, Yoko, your beloved John’s death has burned into my subconscious as deeply as the rest of the illuminates: DR Martin Luther King dir, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Malcolm X. Regarding Malcolm-I was at 163rd and Riverside Drive at that time he was shot and heard the commotion. That evening I was returning to my home in Patterson, New York from a union meeting I attended in Ossining and was listening to the the well known WNEWfm radio station when the news broke. Well I can’t find the words of the shocking sadness that wrenched within me upon hearing the news of your John’s senseless murder. I know as well as you, Yoko that John has never ceased working for peace and justice for this world. Blessings, Richard Reid

I loved the email you sent to us all, about the anniversary of John’s crossover. Thank you for including all of us in this day for all of you.
For me, I will never forget where I was, then… ..a 20 year old college kid, Christmas shopping in Macy’s, in California, and everything just froze for me. As a little girl, I was always such a Beatles fan, but the messages, more than the glitz, were what touched me so. I had a collage of pictures from with the words to ‘In My Life’ written in the middle of the collage; the words to ‘Imagine’ still linger in my heart, daily. So, on that day, time froze and each time I hear that song or it is December 8th, I always harken to a time less troubling, more innocent and certainly much less daunting in its darkness than our world, now, has become. I am eternally grateful for the mark John Lennon made on us all, and that Yoko, true in her own heart energy, now carries on, with such love and tenacity of purpose.
We have come to a time where we must all Imagine more and live in the old structures less and less or we will have fewer days to, in fact, imagine.
In my work, now, as a heart and soul catalyst, I carry the message of Imagine in my heart, daily. It also appears, in script, on the wall of our seven year old son’s room, so that he, too, will know the power of Imagine.
Bless you all,
Patty Riggin

Thank you. You and John made the world a better place, but the fight goes
on. On my computer screen, I have a picture of you and John holding a War
is Over poster. My son grew up listening to you and John, and now he is a peace
activist. He is 22. My 27-year-old daughter has a photo of herself on
her MySpace page, taken when she was 4. She’s reading a large book, and
it is open to the same photo of you and John. She’s looking at the camera
as if to say, ‘This is important.’ It is.Every Christmas, I put up my framed Christmas postcard of you and Sean at
the piano bench with Santa standing my.Love,Wendy from Racine, Wisconsin

Dear Yoko,
I am writing to express my love and gratitude and admiration for you. Thank you for your support of our Annual Lennon Tribute, which we are very proud of. You and Sean and welcome to attend or participate any time. You can see short highlights of past shows at our website,
with love,
Joe Raiola

Hello from Canada Yoko!
Here is a song I received the other day and I’d like to share with you! I hope you enjoy it.
Also I was at the Dec. 6th memorial service for the 14 women who were shot to death at their university in Montreal Quebec Dec. 6th 1989.
They were shot… … … … just because they were women.
I thought of your John on the Memorial day as well and I worried that universally, we are perhaps sliding backwards.
But your note gave me renewed hope that there really are more of us, the Peace makers, than those with dark hearts.
I shall certainly be Imagining Peace on Dec. 8th!
Thank you!
Cathie :o)

Dear Yoko and all her friends!
Thank you for the E-mail, I will think of him and sing a litle song in my heart. I can see Videy from my window, it is wery beautiful to see the light in the sky, it remind my of to’ give peace a chance’
I wisch you all a marry christmax and a happy new year.
Thank you, with love… …
Sigga (Sigridur Einarsdottir)

I did what most people did that day, after the shock of hearing about John’s death, I cried… and cried… and cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. John was like an elder brother, a person I could look up to that was larger than life. Though I never was fortunate enough to meet John, I felt like he was family. I wasn’t alone. It seemed that the whole world was feeling the same pain. The loss was so great. A man in the prime of his life was shot down, in a senseless act of violence. John was a man of peace. A man against violence. It was like a sick joke. How could this happen? I always believe that things happen for a reason. We lost John. Sadly, songs that will never be heard or written, can only be imagined. And ‘Imagine’ was one of his greatest gifts of music to the world. Did he know his fate? Probably not, but in his short life he spoke for a generation with his music and took action as an advocate for a peaceful world. His legacy of peace and love will prevail in my thoughts when I reflect on his life. His music will always be a comfort in times of pain. I will cherish my time in this world knowing that I shared some of it with John Lennon. It may never be enough, but for me it will last a lifetime.Thank you John … wherever you are. You are greatly missed and loved… Jorie B. Gracen

Chers amis,
La paix et l’amour, il n’y a rien de plus important.
Ma fille de 18 ans, Isabelle a ete assasinee le 5 decembre 1984 et je pleure encore sa perte.
Combien de mere pleure encore leurs enfants , morts par manque d’amour et de paix.
Sa mere, Yolande

Dear Yoko,I have been thinking of your beloved John all day, playing his masterpiece ‘Imagine’,
and my beautiful nephew Tom, who passed away on December 8th in 2003 at age 45. Both Tom and
John left us too early. Thank you for doing this for ‘all the people, all the dreamers… ‘Love and Peace to you, Julian and Sean… Anne

Dear Yoko and Imagine Peace staff,
I’ve placed a banner from the Imagine Peace website on my own website. I hope you approve of it being placed on my site. My website is a site on healing, peace and love.
Merry Christmas to all the staff at Imagine Peace and to all the members of the Ono-Lennon family. God bless you all and peace always!
Rosie Tanza

My dearest Yoko Ono Lennon,My heart is breaking for you and Sean as you are once again reminded of the horrific events of December 8, 1980. It is maddening for me, I can’t imagine what it will be like for you and Sean.John said, ‘Peace begins in the mind.’ It is so obvious by the songs of his last years that he found that peace in his mind and in his heart. You are the one that deserves the credit. Thank God for you and Sean and what you both meant to him.I haven’t decided how to remember this day with peace, but I know it will be incredible. Thank you for sharing him with me.Love, Linda Whiteside

December 8 2005.I will NEVER forget that night. We were in Central Park. I met my two college age daughters there. One had recently discovered John’s music through the B’Way musical ‘Lennon’ and couldn’t get enough of it. The other had been a die hard for years and had somehow managed to transfer my albums to cd’s. She just knows that she ALWAYS loved that music.Anyway, on that particular night, we found ourselves at the Imagine Circle and I was amazed that it was such a festive occasion. When we arrived earlier that evening, there were different groups scattered about simultaneously singing Beatles/Lennon songs. It was a happy, joyous event. Yes. We were all celebrating. Celebrating this life that had meant so much to us and that continues to mean so much to us. It was indeed a John Lennon Festival. We gathered together with strangers and sang everything from ‘She Loves You’ to ‘Give Peace a Chance’.
Mrs. Lennon had placed two candles in the window that burned brightly all evening. We observed the customary two moments of silence and at one point in the interim, we all were singing ‘Woman’. The three of us were struck by the peace and serenity we felt. It was indeed a spiritual experience. There we were on this absolutely FREEZING December evening singing our hearts out with strangers. Yet we were not strangers and we were all a family brought together in peace and love. As we sang ‘Woman’ we couldn’t help but notice some scattered oak leaves as they gently fell to the ground from high atop the trees. Each of us took this as a sign of John’s presence at that moment. Although the temperature was well below freezing we were all feeling the warmth of the presence. Anyone who was there at the circle that night can attest to this. The next day, NYC was blanketed in a beautiful winter cover of white. I will never ever forget this.The reason for sharing this particular story is because that evening changed my life. Changed it just in time. I notice that Yoko speaks of John in the present tense and says ‘we’. John is still very much with her. He is with us all. His spirit indeed shines on. And in these, the darkest days of our country’s history, there remains John’s message. War is Over if you want it.I would someday love to tell Yoko about my personal journey since that evening in December of 2005. Yet, at the same time, I don’t feel I have to because, through her husband’s message, we are all united. What a great gift this life was to us all! As we all travel down life’s road, we can always return to our roots. To this music. To the great gift that was such a shining light, such a brief, bright existence who taught us so much through his music.Personally, 2007 has been a calamitous, disastrous year for me. Forty short years ago, I was celebrating life, love, and peace to the sounds of Sgt. Pepper. That year was a pivotal one for me. Forty years later, I have faced death, sickness, financial ruin, family crises, and one major catastrophe after another. During this most horrendous year, this music has been my life line. Has kept me sane. Has been my comfort. My anchor.When asked how I have survived this year, I tell people it is this music. It truly has brought me through what I would have otherwise thought impossible to survive. No kidding. And I hope that anyone facing great personal trials and disasters will be led down the same path I have been shown.So, as we prepare to observe the 27th Anniversary. Let us all remember the message. Take the time to love one another and give peace a chance. And we’ll all shine on.Thank you, John. Thank you. PEACE!

Jasmine aged nearly 4 months, listening to Beatles.
I’m so sorry you couldn’t enjoy John’s love all your life. You won’t be forgotten and there are still those you inspire not to be cynical.
With love and a peaceful Christmas to you.
Paul, Jackie & Jasmine


Dearest Yoko OnoIt was a great honour to get your mail.
We are some friends gathered in Kerala India. We will take a moment to day morning to IMAGINE peace.with great respect and love Thora and friends

Dear Yoko,
thank you so much for you email.
I would like to take the possibility, to tell you that I work with a specific group of people on healing the world since a few years.We ALWAYS play ‘Imagine’ at any seminar, workshop, get-together every morning.It is so very important, that we all focus on peace instead of ending the wars all over the world.
I have a request for you: Could you print T-Shirts, stickers (for cars) with ‘Imagine Peace’ etc.?I would buy some immediately and use them also as Christmas Presents.
I truly believe, the more people see these words – possibly on every corner everywhere, the closer we actually get to have peace.
At some point we have to understand the power of our mind and our collective consiousness.My heart is with you and John on this special day!We are all one!Thank you for ‘Imagine Peace’Linda

Hello Konichiwa, Yoko, Sean … … … …
Having a drink to John , Just over the road from The Cavern club Liverpool (Where it ALL began) And enjoying Johns Music ,
With friends, Cheers Johnny , Liverpools Number 1 SON .
From Paul Dean

Hi + Konichiwa Yoko ,
Celebrating OUR < Johns Life And playing his ROCK n ROLL Album , The songs John Loved so much + Thinking of you all this side of the Atlantic … … … … .. PAUL DEAN

Hi Yoko,since 26 years I light a candle for John. I have never forget it. So I will not forget it this year.Love and PeaceJoachimP.s. The picture of John was painted in Strasbourg (France).

Ms.Ono: My stories on John Lennon as per your request. (And here is a nice aside: about eight years ago I sent this first one to you and received a nice card back. I was naturally reluctant to send it to you so as to not infringe on your privacy. It happened however to be Valentine’s Day and as I left my house in the morning to do my work I was thinking about this to myself when my little daughter said, ‘Daddy wait. You forgot your valentine.’ She had one of those tiny candy valentines for Dad with teeny written messages on them. The message on this one was ‘Yes.’)
Bernie Quigley
Haverhill, NH’Free as a Bird: John Lennon’s Unfinished Journey’
On the death of John Lennon.’ My article today for the on-line journal I write for.

I can’t believe I am writing this or even doing something on Dec. 8. I kind of do what I think Yoko does on this day, hibernate and be torbid. Hi Yoko. I still have not recoverd from John’s death, because he was my hero and I listened to him since I was 9 years old. I still listen to him through you. John is still alive today because of you. Yoko, you keep his music coming, his art work coming and the ”LENNON LIGHT” in Iceland for the world to see. Since ’68, I have had 2 heroes, you and John. You and John have done more for love and peace than everyone in the whole world combined. Everyone listens to John and Yoko.. EVERYONE !! If I live a million lives and a billion years, I will never talk about my story of Dec.8, 1980. It almost feels the same right now.
Well, here I am on Dec. 8 and I actually feel happy. I got an e-mail from Yoko !!!!!!!!! and though maybe millions of them went out, I GOT AN E-MAIL FROM YOKO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
strawberry love forever and ever, pete.

Dear Yoko,Thank you for your lovely note. For those of us of the ‘John & Yoko’ generation we remember December 8th as a sad and seminal day that marked the end of innocence. But through your work and love and encouragement many of us have been inspired to continue to try to make the world a better place.Your gift of John’s songs for the Instant Karma/Make Some Noise campaign has made a huge difference and has been a resounding success all over the world. I hope Jonas will have told you that two of the tracks – Instant Karma by U2 and Working Class Hero by Green Day – are up for Grammy’s.Next Thursday we will collect $2.5 million dollars from Warner’s to fund and boost our efforts to stop the genocide in Darfur. None of this would have been possible without your gift.Just wanted to let you know that I am giving thanks today on the Anniversary of John’s death for you and for the legacy of John that lives on through you.Warm wishes from Dublin,Bill.

hello to you yoko and all .
my name is Or Gedalia (yes Or is my name meaning ‘light’ in Hebrew)
and my story is that i was born on the 5th of December 1980 in Israel ,three days before john Lennon died so now i am 27 years old (as it seems) I am proud of having those three ‘crossing time’ days
of me leaving at john’s time area ,otherwise I would’ve become something else . Sometimes i amuse myself with the thinking of john is
reincarnated through me in three days delay 🙂
but i am far far of being any like him (though i too a musician)
thank you all for the attention !
peace and love

I am remembering an inspirational fallen social justice activist today.
‘No man dies until the last person on Earth ceases to speak his name’
John Lennon 1940- FOREVER.
Thank you, Yoko, for continuing the fight! YOU, too, are an inspiration… .

Yoko : to You
to John today
to that light

On December 8th, in memory of John, my husband and I will light three candles one for Hope, Love, and Peace. John was a man of peace and will be remembered this way. John’s spirit lives on. Merry Christmas John, we love and miss you.
Yoko, you and Sean are always in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless you.
Janice and Robert Bartel
Springfield, IL.

As many years have been rolling by, I have always played `Imagine’ on Dec 8th. Practically my whole life. Not as a fan, but more as a human who understands loss of life, friends, lover. So, that song, has been a song for the meaning of `life’ in this Christmas time of December. Memories never fade when the distance of the Universe is gapped with a bridge of celebration of new life, as it comes to the Earth. I appreciate the reminder but I am one person who understands the years of dedication you have put into our Earth… .
Thanks Yoko!
Rikk Angelori

My friends and I will be remembering John at school. If I can persuade my
temperamental digital camera to work, I’ll make a video. We’ll be happy and celebrate his life, rather than mourn his death. Partly because we’d rather be happy than sad, and partly because to us John represents what you can accomplish in life, not death.Chrissie xxx

Here in Japan we have a 440-channel cable radio system. At 11:15pm I turned on the music-box channel, lit a candle, and sat down to pray. I gave thanks for John Lennon`s life and work. At 11:20 the song that came on was a music-box rendition of ‘Imagine.’ I have no idea if the programmers chose to play it at that specific time among all the Christmas songs, but it was lovely.
I would urge anyone residing in or visiting Japan to go to the John Lennon Museum in Saitama, about thirty minutes outside Tokyo.
Mary Kawai
Osaka, Japan

Hi Yoko
and Hi Sean and Julian
and Hi to John twinkling in the sky
Today I am listening to John’s music all morning from his album Imagine and also all the songs from the box set, which I call the Blue Sky box. And this afternoon I will watch ‘the US v. John Lennon.’
I think if the negative forces had not stolen his life from him and us, that the USA and the people would have gotten the message by now. I imagine him as an old man full of humor and wisdom and love and it makes me smile and cry too. I was a baby when the Beatles came to the USA and grew up with the music and the messages and if it was not for those men and the music I would not know myself so I live without part of myself ever since.
but I will go forward and air dance to honor him and you, Yoko. And I will take my flashlight from the Imagine Peace exhibit that was at UTSA and I will send this message into the atmosphere:
i ii iii John
i ii iii Yoko
i ii iii Sean and Julian
I have my IMAGINE PEACE poster from the exhibit right here at my right hand and I think it makes a difference! Bless your family today and always
with all my love and respect

I sat in silence from 11:13 -11:20 with my eyes closed and The song Imagine playing in my head I allowed thoughts of John, Yoko and all that were close to him to come and go and I focused on sending the energy of Love to All and Imagined Peace for All.
Much Love & Peace

What a wonderful website! What a wonderful project!December 8th is Rohatsu in the Zen Buddhist calendar. I honor the day in that regard. It is a day to celebrate the Buddha’s achievement of Enlightenment after long years of austerity.As Buddhism was one of the first world religions to actively promote non-violence and peace, even in a political realm, I have always thought that God honored John Lennon’s work for peace by taking him back to Himself at this time of year.Every time I think of John and Yoko, I think of beauty, and hope and the dreams for a better world.
Thank you for giving the world a time to reflect on the deeper and higher meanings of life.Gassho,Jon Neiss
Union, NJ

Dear Yoko –
Each year, we remember. We never forget. We exchange stories of past rememberances. Just now, my husband retold the time when he quietly walked away from a televised NFL game that he was watching with his father, so that he could remember John beside the quiet lake behind their home. Tears flowed down Spencer’s face as he watched the geese and ducks on the water. Minutes later, his father appeared and stood beside his son in quiet contemplation. Not a word was spoken between them, but a stronger bond was had that Sunday afternoon in 1980. A bond that may never have been strengthened if you had not asked the world to do this in honor of John on that day.Years go by, and we now have a generation of people who were born after that day, unaware of the significance of John’s untimely death. You are doing so much to educate the world about peace and love. Thank you Yoko, for helping us to remember. May we never forget. May we always have hope, peace and love in our lives.
With deepest regards,Tammy and Spencer Botzum
Barberton Ohio

thanks for youre e-mail will be thinking of john and you tonight..he will be proud to know that you are keeping his dreams alive..peace to you and love… therese

Hello Yoko and thank you for doing this (again) at a time when we as a people so desperately need to remember what we really need and what we’re here for.
What I did… I printed out the ‘War Is Over’ sign and posted it in my car, then I played ‘Imagine’ about 10 times, said a little prayer and shared your message with my friends. My 18 year old daughter said that she wished that she had been alive when John was, but she really feels that he, and the message that you two shared, will be a big part of her life always.

Dear YokoOn the 27th anniversary of John’s death, I watched the video and read your message. I cried and then sent a link to the Imagine Peace website to everyone in my address book. Maybe if they watch it, someone will get the message. Please can you leave the War Is Over video up for longer than just today, so that more people can get to see it.Lots of love to you and Sean,Mark in the south of England XXXX

Hello Yoko,
Thank you for the War Is Over reminder.On this very special day when your John sailed away, my John and I are
reminded of why we do what we do. For love and for peace.Love,
Moriah Whoolilurie
MoJoW and the Vibration Army

Sending love and peace into the world, one day at a time, one drive at a time, in Tucson, Arizona. My ride has been painted this way since the spring of 2005. The 4th side, not pictured, says ‘Peace on Earth / Paz par el mundo.’
When Bush in our names (shame on him) invaded Iraq in 2003, I couldn’t bear to say ‘no war’ or anything that started with a negative. So, I took some white shoe polish and painted peace signs on the windows of my old gray van, and thought — what am I for? (not what am I against) — and so I surrounded the peace signs with the words ‘Peace on Earth.’ A friend and I collaborated on the current version (now a little peeled off and not so brilliantly colored) a couple of years later, and it is a joy to drive it through the world, a mobile billboard for our Buddha-nature.
People wave at me, give me peace signs, leave sweet little notes on my van when I’m out and about, take pictures of each other in front of it (I’m a tourist attraction!), and share their stories and aspirations with me in parking lots. One kind soul even left me flowers.
For 40 years, I’ve been wearing a peace sign, marching, praying, and working to change the war/greed/violence mindset, and though I’m sad that this work is still necessary, I’m so grateful to know that we are still out here, more of us all the time, doing our little bits (and our bigger bits — thank you, Yoko) to shift the situation(s).
John, imperfect bodhisattva, you continue to inspire me, and I am grateful for your legacy. You are a dreamer, and you’re not the only one. Peace, love, blessings, blaze mason, Tucson, AZ, USA

I just finished this song. I am a lifelong fan of John. I dedicate this song to him. I am going toboganning and then swimming at the YMCA with my daughter and her friends. This is not a celebratory day. But my life has been made incredibly poignant on the realization Johns life was taken from us on this day. My prayer is for Yoko who must feel the loss most. I am the same age as John would have been today… and I almost lost my life and had to have a triple bypass operation last December… so I know John would be there on the toboggan with us and in the Y pool. Because of the Beatles and Buddy Holly I have become a composer. John put this music in us. I wish I could sing it to Yoko.
John Jacobson
Let the Day In J
by John Paul Jacobson (Socan)
Open your eyes… Let the Day in
You’ll be surprised once you begin
just open your eyes…
and Let the Day In!
Open your heart… see what’s inside
It’s here you must start… and we’re all on your side
when you open your heart…
you Let the Day in!
Open your hands… and let this World go
It will return… much smarter you know
when you open your hands
you Let the Day in!
… Bridge…
I do believe its coming ’round
standin’ here on common ground!
… Instrumental Solo…
Open your eyes… Let the Day in
You’ll be surprised once you begin
just open your eyes…
and Let the Day In!

I am writing to share what I did to on December 8th, or a few hours before December 8th.. I host a radio show called Vintage Rock and last night I changed the setup of my show and made the show a celebration of John’s life. I told my listeners that we can’t forget what John was working for and that Peace is something we need to believe in and work to achieve. I had listeners call in and share their memories or stories that they had of John. I got to hear many amazing things last night, and I will never forget the sense of community I felt, even though I was only talking on the phone with these people. I played some of my favorite John Lennon songs and requests from my listeners. It really was such a special night, and John Lennon was there in our hearts. It made me realize that he will never really die, because he’s living inside so many people’s hearts and souls.
I’m only 22 years old and sometimes people don’t understand why I’m so into John Lennon, and the music of his time, but I don’t think it has anything to do with age or time. I believe that it has to do with what your heart tells you, how it responds when you hear or song or learn about what John did for the good of the community and his unstoppable drive for Peace. Without even knowing it John Lennon helped save my life. I was in a horrible spot in my life and I could not see a way out, then Imagine came on the radio, Imagine has been my favorite song since I was an infant, it was a wake up call. There is so much out there that needs to be done to make this dream that John had for the world, and that I have had for the world since childhood, come true. I had found a purpose. I want to thank you John for everything you have given me, the inspiration and wonder that you have filled my spirit with. I don’t think anyone will ever know what you truly did for me. I hope that tonight everyone will listen to Imagine and 11:15 because I know that I will be doing that and sharing it with anyone who will listen. I love you John Lennon, I will never know how to thank you enough.
Peace and Love,
Kate Morgan

I actually didn’t do anything so far (but it’s not quite noon! ). But my father did. We have been having various feuds in my family since the mid-90s. My parents are in failing health, and all my dad really wanted for Christmas was peace in our family, particularly for Christmas. One of the biggest sticking points was my sister, who didn’t want to budge off her position. Dad called me today to tell me that he had my sister come over for a big discussion, and she said she would be there for Christmas and would try to ‘behave’ herself. This is a huge, HUGE, breakthrough. I know it’s just a small thing, but peace in one family can spread to peace in all families. It just occurred to me that it is December 8, and so it is appropriate to finally have peace, even in a small way, on this day of all days.
Thanks for all you do to promote peace in the world … hope our little pocket of peace can expand. Best to you and yours.

Thanks for your email Yoko
I told my family about it an hour or so before the time.
My 13 year old son went to his room to bring the CD with Imagine on it and we played it together at 11:15.
We just listened. Then I thanked him and said that there was nothing more
important than peace and so many ways that peace can be lost – we have to keep standing for peace. He agreed, and said that I did not need to thank him – he had wanted to do it.
He is the next generation and he stands for peace and knows that John is one of many who has done so before him – including his father and mother.
Thank you, Yoko, for this opportunity.
Love and Peace
Stan, Annemaree, Patrick and Nicholas Rosenthal

Dear Yoko, Today I am spending time quietly at home playing John’s music
and imagining peace. I am surrounded by many, many framed lithographs
from you and John and just recently purchased the sepia tone of you both
kissing. We lost so much that day twenty-seven years ago but you and
the boys lost so much more. Thank you Yoko for keeping us in the loop
so to speak and for sharing your memories. We love you! Cathy in
Tucson, Arizona

Dear, dear Yoko,
This morning, I made a sign:
Then I taped my sign to the rear window of my car.
I also reminded my sons of the meaning of our remembrances today. I am honored to be a woman raising sons on her own and being able to share your and John’s vision of peace with them. This is how a movement is born. Every person can be the mother of this movement, the movement for peace.
I also lost the love of my life suddenly and without warning, 30 years ago. I still walk with him every day and I cry with you.
I love you!

Today I and my children we pray and we ask for the God who the suffering of the war victims is diminished and that the world if transforms into a place more pacifies.
Sergio Lyra Fernandes
Sao Paulo – Brazil
We miss you John – the world misses you.
We morn and vow to somehow continue to struggle in peace
for all those lost or suffering
– humans, animals, plants, and the planet –
from the insane violence of hate and greed in this world.Peace and Love,
The Venice Justice Committee
Justice Committee & Media Group

Thanks for your email Yoko
I told my family about it an hour or so before the time.
My 13 year old son went to his room to bring the CD with Imagine on it and we played it together at 11:15.
We just listened. Then I thanked him and said that there was nothing more
important than peace and so many ways that peace can be lost – we have to keep standing for peace. He agreed, and said that I did not need to thank him – he had wanted to do it.
He is the next generation and he stands for peace and knows that John is one of many who has done so before him – including his father and mother. Thank you, Yoko, for this opportunity.
Love and Peace
Stan, Annemaree, Patrick and Nicholas Rosenthal

It was a year ago today that my little sister Julie’s best friend, Dee, flew out from New Jersey to Los Angeles to be with her while she struggled in the final days of her losing battle with stomach cancer. I have just hung up the phone with Dee, who is celebrating her birthday in Atlantic City of all places this year. She was surprised to hear from me but said she was just remembering the cake and party favors I had waiting for her in the hospital room when she arrived late that night. She called my sister every day for 4 years during her illness. Dee claims last year was the best birthday she ever had. The look on my sister’s face when Dee walked in that darkened room was, as they say, priceless. She couldn’t really even speak at that point but her eyes said it all. They had 4 days together when Dee finally had to leave and my dear Julie had to leave on Dec 14. That Dee’s birthday is shared with John’s deathday is no coincidence. My sister and I and most of our friends have a profound love for the Beatles and their music. I was living in New York City that fateful day in 1980 and my soul was rocked. Joined you,Yoko, in Central Park for the Moment of Silence, along with the tens of thousands of other grieving humans and was profoundly moved that so many could be so silent. Years ago, you took me out to dinner after the closing of Vagina Monologues and I really wanted to talk to you about that time but it was so festive and it just didn’t seem right. I subsequently stay in touch with Elliot and you were very generous in supporting one of my efforts on behalf of Wangari Maathai so I feel this thread with you. I love that you created the Peace Tower. We need it so much.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Cheryl Bianchi

I got on line at 11:00 today in order to celebrate the life of John and his dream but was very disappointed that I could not open the video. How great it was that just three hours later in a Christmas special on WETA presenting the three tenors, they sang, ‘War is Over, Now. If you want it.’ Although, nothing was said about it being presented on this particular day, it was very appropriate and moving. Harry L. Smith

Thank-You!!! It brings back a lot of Memories. Through the years I had forgotten how to ‘Give Peace a Chance’!! Thank-You for the reminder . It will never leave me again!!!
Love, Gary
Peace John, I will be watching for you tonight!

Dear Yoko,
Today I hugged my wife, shared with her, our children and our friends that I love them. We placed ‘Imagine Peace’ signs on my home and car windows. I make time each day to imagine a peaceful world and appreciate your efforts in promoting the message of peace and John’s concern for humanity, thank you.
Dave Petersen & Family – Waukesha, WI

Dear Yoko
My husband and I feel regret for 27th anniversary of loosing JOHN the legend of all the time master of music and piece activating. We are both young lovers and can feel deeply the true love between you and John. Actually the way we met, falling in love and supporting each other through the rough problems looks like yours 🙂 It’s been 5 years since we got married. During this time we have faced so many disasters in our environment, our families, our society (Imagine the dictatorial atmosphere in IRAN), the residue of the adverse of childhood life, hard working and studying at university at the same time. But now our situation is getting better, we have graduated. My husband as a computer engineer and me as a medical doctor. Now we are able to leave our country to somewhere with more peace and love and respect. I know I was supposed to send you the stories or photos of what happened tonight at 27th anniversary of dear John, but I would have loved to explain you how deep we can understand your faithful love and respect to John. tonight we kept silent for a minute and shed our tears for still living JOHN the LEGEND.
P.S. on 8th December 1980 I was 2months baby and my husband was just 5 🙂
Happy Christmas John and Yoko
Love, Berjanet & Behnam

December 8th, 27 Years
On the 8th of December 1980, John Lennon was taken from this dimension to continue somewhere else… … and although this day of turbulent violence should be transformed into a day of celebration of peace… I cant help but be extremely sad that someone who made as many people happy as John Lennon, could be murdered in such a horrible way.
I think it is very important to realise how much the music and message John projected into the PUBLIC really is. WAR IS OVER- if you want it. It fasciantes me that a seemingly ordinary man could become one of the greatest peace campaigners of the century and indeed any century.
I think it’s impossible to listen to Imagine and not be moved.
John Lennon is testament that even a person who has done wrong to himself and others, can still make a difference in this world and make billions of people happy.
… … A week has never gone by when I havnt had to hold back tears while watching the news.
… … .And not a day goes by where I don’t wonder why people aren’t as concerned with the preservation of love, peace and unity as Lennon was… … I realise you’re all caught up in how your hair and teeth look, how your gonna pay off your 70 billion inch TV and why you can’t have everything you want when you want it… . but I also realise that there are people in this world who don’t even get the CHANCE to worry about those things because they live in places where it is impossible to think about anything other than the preservation of life by any means nessecary… … . how can we be so self-indulgent when this is happening?
it’s not a question of over population…
but a question of spreading the rescources equally.
How can we expect to ascend as brothers and sisters when there are people who don’t have the chance to think at all.
In brings me to tears, how selfish we, (including myself) as a society, are.
All I’m asking is just think about it… .. and if you decide you want to do something about it… thats good. If not, fine… . no-one can force you.
Here’s a quote from John that I really like, it’s very powerful and very true… what I understand it as is, within every question is it’s solution… ..we have all of the universe contained inside our minds and souls and it is entirely possible for each of us to let out our desired world… .. it’s entirely possible to make our inner perception a reality. Because really, nothing is real… everything’s an illusion… . everything’s created from the conjoined minds of all the beings in existance… . and everyone has equal shares in the creation of ‘reality’ as a feelable, thinkable, liveable dimension… thats just what it made me think, this is the quote as John said it:
‘… ..every country’s had a violent revolution for one reason or the another, not one of them has the freedom we’re all talking about… so we’re saying give peace a chance, you know? like, nobody’s ever done it before… and it’s not a matter of… we’re not thinking in terms of 10 years, we’re thinking in terms of peace… ..forever, you know? and everybody’s talking about NOW, I want peace NOW, we can get peace now if we want it now! … and the left wing talk about giving power to the people, you know? … anybody knows that the people have the power all we have to do is awaken the power in the people, the people around the world it’s like they’re not educated to realise that they have power! THEY put the politicians in power, THEY vote for the local mayor… the people do it, but the system is so geared that everybody beleives that ‘the father will fix everything’… the father being the government ‘the government will fix everything, it is all the government’s fault’ you know? ‘bad, shake your fist at the government’ well we ARE the government! the people are the government and the people have the power but we must try and make them aware of this… .’
No matter where you come from, what you do, what you beleive or who you are… war is not good, and peace is. I beleive that is the only thing that is ever black and white in this life. Peace is good. I mean there are times when violence may be the only way out… . but I feel we can all agree it is never good.
I beleive we can all make this world the place we all want if we realise we are both a speck of insignificant dirt and a god at the same time. We’re a seed with the tree inside us. We all have the universe planned out in our heads… . that is the most exciting concept I have ever come across… . the universe is an amazing place. And we’re all it’s creators and products at the same time.
love to John Lennon and Yoko Ono for awakaning us to the concept that we are SIGNIFICANT!!
I’m just saying… .think about it… .it would be an amazing place to live if we all loved each other… .
love unity and peace, to all the inhabitants of the universe past, present and future.
All we are saying, is give peace a chance.
Dylan Johnstone

Dear Lennon Family, we will always remember John and all the love and joy he brought us. this last summer my partner and I were traveling in A Courna, Spain and they have a wonderful Statue of John Lenon and his guitar, at the park, this little Spainish girl was trying to play the guitar. It brought tears of joy and happiness that ,John is loved all over the planet.hugs and love roman rivas

Dear yoko.i have light a flame for john… and all of us. he would do it . i had to work so the candle stayed lit all day for peace on earth … my story for today is all about what people do with $’s.there is a big wedding going on right now on one of the smaller virgin islands. money is no object for the wedding party but after watching your ‘war is over’ film it seems so sad that so many are starving around the world including the caribbean… its bothered me all day.i took a break and watched a lone jelly fish and a few leaves floating by… and i thought… .thats my day .peace on earth to all its inhabitants ,love janet

I remember John . I’ll always remember John on this day and many other days. I had the good fortune of growing up with his influence and the influence of the other 3 Lads !
The thoughts that I have on this day are ones of sadness for Yoko’s loss and the loss of John to the world .
This year is very difficult as yesterday my mother-in-law passed away unexpectedly. She was kind, little Japanese lady of 79 years. Masako Hirota immigrated to Canada in 1955 and was a survivor of the attack on the Nagasaki.
She knew the value of Peace and love for others.
Frank Crossley
Kelowna ,BC

Dear Yoko Ono
Normally, I don’t pay attention to my bulk emails and so I was going in with intentions of deleting but I found your message which explained why I insisted on doing one more song ‘last night?’. Before I left my friends recording studio I pulled out a song and started playing it while he studied the chords and eventually joined in. We repeated it twice because he liked it. (He won’t let me do ‘Imagine’ because of his religious beliefs.)
I know that I should have remembered what day today is because John is so important to me. And, I know now that it was no accident I chose to sing his song, especially after singing a song I wrote five days ago about the state of this nation. My friend had complained about being tired when I brought out the song and told me it would be our last because, get this, ‘It was not last night’ but it was actually 12:15 am this morning – Dec 8 2007′. When we finished I said to Steve, ‘I wish I could find a place to play this song but what would be most fulfilling would be to have children singing, ‘And, so happy Christmas and a happy New Year, let’s hope it’s a good one – without any fear’ and of course to hear children singing, ‘War is over if you want it. War is over noooooowwwwww.’
In the early 80’s I tried to learn the Russian language because I planned to teach my students to communicate with Russian children so they would learn that Russian and American children don’t hate each other. My intent is to inform the children of the world that hate and wars are caused by unhealthy adults. Oh, I hope that there is some way you will help me publish my story, soon – before Horace (one of my elders) chooses to go forward on his journey), ‘You Will Never Again Cry, Bear’, is a story about Grizzly Bear teaching us about truth, trust, purpose, how to gather food, etc. According to my story we learn Grizzly’s wisdom on how to illiminate fear. The story includes actual documented historical events and ends with my declaring an overlooked historical fact -‘That my Chief declared world peace in his speech at the end of a war the U.S. declared on him’ His attempt was ignored then but should not be ignored – anymore. From his speech I go on to conclude with a word I created for the world to say. My word has already brought peace to the world and is the reason we all need to say it to each other. Please learn it for me. Take a deep breath and take about five seconds to say, ‘OOOMMMMMMssseeeeeeeHHHHHHH’. Once you have learned to say it properly you should hear the cleansing gentle winds blowing at the end of the word. Now, take another deep breath and say it again for a total of three times. Remember to take your time. OOOMMMMMMssseeeeeeeHHHHHHH — OOOMMMMMMMssseeeeeeeHHHHHHH. Thank you.
Final note: I called my sister and sang ‘Happy Christmas (War is Over)’ to her and told her about receiving your mailing in bulk. And, before sending this to you, I sang ‘Imagine’.
Dalon Jones

Peace to all on earth!
From the Ramonds in Corvallis, Oregon
Peace from Tary our faithful dog for 15 years!

My six year old son Calum and I have been remembering John – our Hero, we have just listened to ‘Imagine’ and now my wee one is belting out ‘Instant Karma’ in his best singing voice, showing that John lives on in generation after generation. It was very uplifting knowing all around the world that others were doing just as we were. John will always shine on… ..
Kind regards and best Wishes,
Mary McLay, Scotland, UK

I gave a moment of silence for John. I listened to John’s music and even watched some videos he was in.
Then I cried allot because I wish he was still with us.To me it just feels like a nightmare I can’t wake up from that anybody in this world would want to take such a wonderful soul from us so violently… I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and say ‘Oh I knew nobody on this Earth could do that to John’God bless you all for keeping his spirit alive!!!!!
David Perry

My six year old son Calum and I have been remembering John – our Hero, we have just listened to ‘Imagine’ and now my wee one is belting out ‘Instant Karma’ in his best singing voice, showing that John lives on in generation after generation. It was very uplifting knowing all around the world that others were doing just as we were. John will always shine on… ..
Kind regards and best Wishes,
Mary McLay, Scotland, UK

by Niall Nicholson, Transformational Trainer
“Where there is hatred, let me sow love”: Saint Francis of Assisi
Before John Lennon Imagined a world of no possessions, there existed a consciousness of war in the United States of America.
This consciousness was ignited at 11:00 am pst, on December 7th, 1941 by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
Both John and I were born into a world that new only of war, and the thinking that revolved around war. We were baby boomers, born to a generation of parents that had survived the “Great One”.
The twentieth century was a century filled with war. World War I, World War II, The Korean ‘Conflict’, The Indo-Chinese War, The Cold War, The Vietnam War, The War in El Salvador, etc.
Where wasn’t there a war? Can anyone find a time when there was peace?
For a time, I was an anti-war activist in the early seventies in Boulder Colorado. The tactics that we used to protest the war we at times war-like.
What did that generate, but more war!
Frustrated with my inability to wage peace, I went into the United States Navy looking for a career as an aviator, only to find myself thinking and waging war! The Cold War.
Why, because even though I had been opposing the war in Vietnam, my mindset was still programmed to war! And there could be no result other than to be a part of another war, even if it was a cold one.
Then eventually, I moved on into a career with Pan American World Airways as a pilot based in Berlin Germany.
On 9 November, 1989 something miraculous happened. The icon of the Cold War, The Berlin Wall, came down. How do I know, because I was on it that fateful night. I was living in Berlin as a pilot for Pan Am’s Inter-German Service (IGS) and was on my duty rotation that week when the unthinkable happened.
And for a time, there was a glimpse of what John had Imagined not so long ago, a vision of a world at peace. You could feel it, in the hearts and faces of the throngs of people standing on the wall that fateful November night.
In the teeming masses of people yearning for their freedom as they rushed across the border over the coming months to a party that had been 45 years in the making.
The Freedom Party!
The freedom of millions of Eastern Europeans who had struggled under the yoke of communist oppression for so long, finally tasting the free air of the West!
A part of me transformed forever that day. And looking back, I realized that my life was inexorably altered as a result of that fateful time in history. Now, instead of seeing a world and asking why, I dream of a world and ask why not!
As we mourn the passing of a saint, I am struck with a thought.
What if, (and I would assert that this is the case) it was no accident that John was martyred on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.
In order for us to take this opportunity to stop the madness, to get off the merry-go-round of war, and to choose peace!
And to Imagine the possibilities of a world at peace.
A possibility that a saint gave his life for, so that others may experience something other than war. .So let us all hold each other close, and remember what it was like on that fateful night in November, 1989; when world peace were heard around the planet earth.
And choose to remember December the 7th as a day when we CHOOSE PEACE OVER WAR!
Peace, Love and Light
Niall Nicholson
Transformational Trainer / Author / Coach

I gave a moment of silence for John. I listened to John’s music and even watched some videos he was in.
Then I cried allot because I wish he was still with us.To me it just feels like a nightmare I can’t wake up from that anybody in this world would want to take such a wonderful soul from us so violently… I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and say ‘Oh I knew nobody on this Earth could do that to John’God bless you all for keeping his spirit alive!!!!!
David Perry

27 years may have passed you may be gone but never EVER forgotten – Love you and all you ever stood for – God bless you John, Yoko and Sean – who knows I hope some day they will join us and the world will live as one. My heart is with you always
Lyn Jones

Here are todays inspired pix.
Playing ‘Imagine’ and ‘Give Peace a Chance’ all day in California.
Painting for peace at.the art festival. The pix say it all.Thanks, Starman

My name is Nancy. I live in Franklin, Tennessee. I worked at my local organic farmers market for 5 hours today, sharing friendship with the other farmers and producers and our customers. Even though it rained, it was a fairly mild day and people turned out for it. All the growers/producers always help each other with the set-up of their stands at the beginning of the day and then with the dismantling at the end of market later in the day. A lot of good will, peace and love permeate this market. I work with one of the kindest, most generous people in the world, a minister and organic farmer/owner of Mamushi Nature Farm here in Franklin.
Later in the afternoon, I came home and read online the severe lecture that Keith Olbermann of MSNBC delivered on-air on December 6, 2007, to George W. Bush about all the lies he and Dick Cheney have told, and continue to tell, the world about Iran and their ‘nuclear weapons program.’ If ever there were enemies of peace, those two should win the leaky, blackened and rusty-iron medal of dishonor and disrepute! Mr. Olbermann is one of the few heroes of our times, standing up to the ‘powers that be’ that would propagate endless war in the Middle East if the world would only let them get away with it. My biggest wish for peace is that the United States Congress will impeach and throw the ‘president’ and ‘vice president’ out of office, and soon!
Peace and love to you, Yoko Ono, for creating the IMAGINEPEACE web site and dedicating the peace tower to your husband’s memory.
Nancy Knoll
World Citizen

Dear Yoko, I spent my day remembering John.I am and allways be not just a fan, but someone who loved him for his interlec, humor, and love.Your’s and John’s love for each other was so strong.I truelly wish I could put in to words how much he afected my life with his music and believes.I Yoko remember the morning I woke up to go to work.The news of his senceless death shattered me.Your pain is great. I do admirer you for keeping his dreams and hope alive.
tyvm. Dee

See how they shine!
Love and Peace,
Frank DeCarlo

Hi Yoko,I’ve mentioned to you my dad died on December 8, 2006 so now for me this day has become a memorial for my dad (Ernie) and John. I have always thought of John ever since he died. I’m listening to his first solo album and Imagine album which is what I usually do on Dec. 8. Those albums are still so great. I got the first solo album when it first came out – I was about 11 years old and I liked it right away. I guess I was too young to ‘mourn’ the Beatles breaking up because it never really bothered me. I’ve always loved John’s solo music. Yesterday I got CDs of Abbey Road and Rubber Soul. Rubber Soul was my first real ‘rock’ album, always one of my faves. Anyway, last night I lit a yarhzeit candle for my dad – that’s jewish memorial candle that lasts for 24 hours and you light it the day before. It is still going but will be out soon. I am not as sad as I have been all year – but taking the time to reflect and remember. Take care,Love,
Annie Goodwyne
Vancouver, BC

Hello Everyone 🙂
Today I climbed with a dear friend upward through the mist and snow covered mountains soaring in deep silence above Taos, NM to connect with the earth, affirm the web of life and to breathe for peace. May we be free from suffering, may we be happy and peaceful 🙂
Thank you Yoko and John!

for about the last three-four days, i have been quietly aware of the anniversary of john’s passing… … this particular dec.8, i awoke to the morning, quietly reflecting on the personnal journey that i have felt between their music and me… carries me thru some very saddened times in my life… .like you, i have suffered the loss of my mother and my sister, within a two year period… .how we played ‘let it be’ at my mom’s funeral and ‘hey jude’ and ‘imagine’ at my sisters… ..and how we came home and put on the concert for george… ..and were amazed and blown away by his music… .it eased us back into reality and seemed to answer questions for us, as if to say… hey, we can make sense of this and then we played a dvd of john and his life and music… touched the very core of us as we stood there shaken … … … humbled!!!!!!!!!!!… … … then , all day long, at work in our flower shop,people bustling around… ..listening to the music of the legendary … … … … ..john lennon… … … ..and so many people would hear his music and mention their rememberances or just quietly nod their approval… ..and somewhere inside, deep inside , it hurts to remember so you tear up and try to shake it off once again, cry for his absence… … … … … .and how i am saddened for you and your sean(my son’s name as well)… … … ..i only hope that when he comes again, his next incarnate… ..he will again let us know him, again show us the brillence that is ..john lennon… … … … love and peace always… connie

Dear Yoko
My name is Ryen Kim i am 17 years old and living in Anaheim, CA. I would like to take a moment to tell you want an impact you and John have had on my life. In todays society it is so hard to find good strong role models who want a change for peace. I want to thank you for keeping Johns message alive. Because of his words and his life I believe that it is possible to make a difference, it is possible to have peace. It saddens me that John is not here with us today but I believe that even though is not physically here with us he is still with us. In people like me and you who are willing to fight his fight for peace. Yoko my thoughts and prayers are with you today and always. And remember that it is my mission to carry on Johns message so anything I can do to help I will gladly do. Thank you and my peace be with you.
Love Always

We must each be the person we’ve been waiting for, must be the society we’ve been waiting for. As Gandhi said, we must each be the change we wish to see in the world. Thank you john and yoko for your stand for peace, your stand for all of us living from love.
Andrea Lauren Herz Payne

Dear Yoko,
I would like to share a story with you
Today, December 8th, was a sad day for me and my family as we attended my brother-in-law’s funeral.
It was also a joyful day also because he was reunited with his son, who 36 years ago, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, at the age of 12 years old. His name was Roger. He was my nephew, but was really like a little brother to me, as he was born when I was 12 years old.
Roger loved to play the guitar. On the night before he passed away, he had sheet music strewn across his room. He decided to clean it all up, and he rolled many sheets of music up into a roll and bound it with a rubber band.
He left one sheet of music out on his bed. It was ‘Let It Be’.
That one simple act, leaving that one simple song for us to see, has given years of comfort at times in dealing with Roger’s death.
We all know that it was a message given to us, from Roger, through this song, ‘Let It Be’.
John was and still is an inspiration to me.
What a gentle soul that God lent to us for a while.Love,

Thank you Yoko for sending me your message. I have your signs posted on my windows at my business here in Ocean City NJ. I am posting the War Is Over sign tomorrow since I have been away for a few days. But John and you our always in my heart and mind. I went skiing and said a prayer of peace at the top of Mt. Snow VT. yesterday. Will send some pictures tomorrow to of the posters on my business. Thank you, Stephen Palermo

I used this day to remember John and what he and Yoko
stood for. I prayed for the world and it’s people. I
spent the day painting nature and enjoying my family
and make a donation to the AIDS fight in memeory of my
husband. I used this day to love… .and to heal.
ALL WE ARE SAYING… … … … … … … … … … … … .

Today, I went to a rehearsal of our Christmas concert. Then I went to the annual United Nations Association annual meeting here in Maine and heard a speaker, John Washburn, speak of the ICC, (International Criminal Court } and its importance in dealing with the criminal behavior of national leaders, including our own.
After that, I attended and participated in a Service of Remembrance in which participants read the names of the victims of the criminal US war on Iraq, US troops as well as Iraqi victims.
I am 76 years old and have lived my entire life with the endless violence of war. Peace is what we must give our children and grandchildren.War is naive. Peace is the only sanity’
Suzanne Hedrick

On December 8, 1980 I was eating pizza at a local pizzeria on Long Island. The radio announced a special Doors concert for Jim Morrison’s birthday. I thought that would be interesting — funny thing is I rarely listened to the radio. In the middle of the broadcast the news was announced that John had been shot. I stayed up all night, listening to all the stations playing John’s music, even the classical stations, even Radio Moscow. I joined the crowds in NYC at the Dakota… Twenty-seven years later I still remember on this day, not just John’s death, but the meaning of his life, not just his music, but his work, as a ‘working class hero’, for peace and brotherhood/sisterhood.Today I am not celebrating John’s life by listening to his music, but also celebrating the life of Karlheinz Stockhausen, who died three days ago. I am listening to Lennon songs and Stockhausen tracks (usually minute-long segments) shuffled on ITunes. Some interesting synchronicity occurs – the piano at the end of ‘Love’ melting into the ring-modulated piano of ‘Mantra’, or a bass line in one of John’s songs morphing into the sound-color harmony of ‘Stop’.For the past three years I have done my Tibetan Buddhist ngondro practice on December 8 in honor and memory of John Lennon. This December 8th also in memory of Stockhausen. Rest in peace, brothers John and Karlheinz, and thank you!

Remembering the white feather.
Blessing to Yoko, Sean, Julian & Cyn.
Delilah Clark
Dalton, GA

i was at Strawberry Fields last year at this time, this year, sadly i am not.i was at work today, and there were a couple moments where i just couldn’t hold back the tears. i am 17 years old, and i was in new york when i was 16.
me, my dad, a friend of his, and a friend of mine all went out to new york from minnesota to be there on December 8th. it was one of the greatest nights of my life, but also one of the most sad. this year, i am in minnesota. i wish i could be in new york on this night, but i can’t be. we were only in new york for two days, but it was amazing. i was thinking about it all day at work today. i just wanted to say that John Lennon is one of my greatest heroes! he has touched me in ways people can’t even imagine! (Imagine, i love that song)
with love, elise

I’m very happy that the time was taken to thank everyone who came today. I tried to make the day seem more like a celebration of a life, rather than the mourning of a death. After having planned ahead for a few weeks, my best friend Roisin (ro-sheen) and I headed down to the city with my mother. Firstly, we went to BB King’s Club and Grill to see the Strawberry Fields Beatlemania performance, during which we took part in a moment of silence led by the actor who played George. The show was amazing, and brought back a lot of memories from my childhood, in which I saw the tribute group several times, and constantly watched movies like ‘Help!’. After getting a few pictures with the actors, we took the subway to 72nd street and took the short walk to central park to pay our respects. It was such a beautiful moment when the band that was performing some of John’s songs began to play something (I believe it was A Hard Days Night) and the crowd that had gathered began to sing along. Roisin took out her notebook, and we each wrote a short message of admiration and placed it under a green apple that was part of the the decoration on the Imagine mosaic. After staying the park for a bit, singing along and stalking a middle-aged man (we ended up seeing the actor who played Paul in Strawberry fields), we took the subway back to Grand Central. All in all, we enjoyed the day, melancholy as it was. We even plan on coming back this time next year.I hope all is well! Peace and love, ~Susannah (and Roisin)On this feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I went to Catholic Mass and prayed for the repose and salvation of the soul of John Ono Lennon, as I have prayed for him for the past 27 years.

Dear Yoko,
(Happy Holidays, again!)
I began writing as a hobby on this night in 1980. I wrote 600 bad songs in eight months (and a few good ones later). Now I’m finishing my thesis project as the first Master’s candidate in Advanced Strategies for Peace & Diversity at University of Oregon (I created the program after 9-11).
Today I decided to conduct my thesis project via a daily video diary beginning January 1 (maybe Current TV?), and will seek funds to hopefully make it a better media campaign every day, as all I have is a never-used Web cam.
Here is the idea that came out of my intensive research (now ending) after struggling to find ways to compensate for the loss of my two greatest motivators, John, and Martin Luther King. (Note below some of the Facts uncovered during my studies.) I will also put the campaign on my site next week.
May our dreams come true with Earth on our side.
Brian Bogart (& Madoka Kusakabe)

The world needs more people like John Lennon. People who believe in the same concepts, ideas, and making the world peaceful. All we need is LOVE.
Yana and Bailey

Hello Family of Peace and Love,This morning, a friend encouraged me to read the comments to my
latest post on my blog, the blog being the mute muse. Tonight, I
read that most everyone replied remembering where they were when
they heard of the tragedy coming up 27 years ago. The stories were
interesting; brothers being brought closer and hearts on sleeves
having no place to go. My mother, I recall, drove us to the shoulder
clutching the steering wheel as though she’d been blinded. On the muse I asked what is it that we can do to really really
really change?A few months ago, I marched for Peace. October 27, Chicago. Media
were everywhere, but we and marches coinciding in Boston, New York,
San Fran, and elsewhere (Miami I think) may as well have been
invisible. Covert means… like advertising War Is Over! (which I have in my
car window, and in my front window and in my office)… is a way in
to consciousness. In fact, for a few years working as a grant writer
for what have you, for ego-needs really at the university, I have
been placing articles in magazines on coffee tables. Because people
wait around coffee tables, and sometimes the people are important,
and of course we’re all important; but, the untested ‘qualitative’
science of it says: a majority of people are changed upon reading an
article about, e.g., hunger. About child abuse. About Dafur. About
institutionalized racism. I don’t know why what continues goes on except John was right to
say it (we all knew it, we know it today): the world is run by
maniacs. The other day listening to NPR I heard someone say, as though it’s
impossible, ‘if you want to disappear completely, get off the
Internet, shut off the T.V.,’ and so on. I do not have the Internet at home given I am so deeply tethered
here at work. (I came in tonight especially to send some stories and
words to the Family of Love and Peace.) I don’t watch television. I
cannot stand the telephone. But I’ve been thinking, and not really
about my own self wanting to vanish: seems just about everyone wants
to duck beneath a bolder. There used to be the understanding for a
person who stole a loaf of bread that the act was out of
desperation. I am seeing the same happen with people wanting to
vanish–not that they’re off the Internet at home but let’s just
pray from our hearts the writer’s strike ends television. Yesterday, I ordered a book by the former Buddhist nun, Ingrid
Jordt. I ordered the book, Burma’s Mass Lay Meditation Movement:
Buddhism and the Cultural Construction of Power, over the phone. I’d
listened to Ingrid on the radio last month discussing Burma and I
had read some of her essays somehow in relation to the program in
creative writing I had graduated from (this was a few years ago). Hours ago, I encouraged my friend to write poems of peace with me.
He said he couldn’t, he hasn’t got it in him. I promised myself I would try to write something. Here I go:light spans the egret’s wings
reflects off the ink of a lakelight dreams behind eyelids
beneath desert sandthrough thirst
famine and regimeslight heals the sores of the world
and settles on a bare branchlight shines on many windows
war is over!
Thank you family of Love and Peace for all you do, for all you have
done, for your health, hearts, wisdom, prayers. with my warmest love,Ginab

Today it’s been 27 years since John Lennon has passed away. As a means of dealing with my grief I visited The Dakota and Strawberry Fields in New York City. I felt it was only appropriate. I wonder what John would be doing today? I would have loved to have met John.
Peace and love.

I listened to ‘Imagine’ from 11:14 – 11:17 while praying for peace, love, and understanding!
Pablo Hoffer

Words can’t possibly describe the sorry that I still feel tonight, 27 years later. It’s still so hard to believe. Yet, I know that John will always be alive in my heart and mind. His music and ideals will also live forever. I will not give up the belief that someday man can learn how to live together. War is truly over if we could all find a way to get along. My prayer goes out to John, Yoko, Sean and Julian tonight. Peace Paul Winston.

Dear Yoko and other ImaginersI didn’t realize what this day was or that I was honoring the 27th of John’s passing, but today, December 8, 2007, I gave the 3rd of what I hope will be many workshops called ‘Undoing the Silence: Tools for Social Change Writing.’ I gave it at an upscale bookstore in Marin County, California, called Book Passage but last weekend i gave one at a yoga studio and two weeks before that at an Eco-Village. Next week it will be with labor activists and others in the Boston area. Today a deeply commited group of women gathered for the workshop; several wept or shivered with the power of having simply come together with others who are dedicated to making change with their writing. We took risks and crossed frontiers and found ways to work harder to get dissenting views, true peaceful views, into the public dialogue in these challenging times. I, too, was inspired and motivated. sometime duringt the day, I remember John’s name came up–but I don’t think any of us knew we were celebrating his life and work. Thanks for sending this around and making us more aware.The workshops are what I will be doing in various forms and places throughout the country this coming year, helping more voices to feel their power and to speak out in ways that will move us toward peace. I have just published a book on this subject (because I have been doing this work in one form or another for 40 years). The book is Undoing the Silence: Six Tools for Social Change Writing, from a small press called New Village Press. It’s just arriving in bookstores or you can buy it directly from the publisher through the link on my website.
In peace and with love
Louise Dunlap

At this moment, on 12/08/07 I wish that every person would feel love becuase love will result in peace. This day is powerful and this message is important.
Much love to you Yoko, and Sean. Johns message has moved me deeply.

Besides remembering John’s words of peace and listening to John’s music, I prayed for peace in the Middle East, China, Africa, America, Russia, Europe, South America, the rest of the world. Peace in your hearts and a peaceful mind. I prayed for our president Bush and vice President Cheney, that they may someday know what peace is. I hope John rests peacefully and knows that the world loves him, misses him, still grieves for him.Shawn Schroeder


At 11:15p.m. tonight I sat in the quiet of my darkened livingroom lit only by my Christmas tree and a small lamp. The lamp is a globe lamp. I first looked very carefully at all the different countries that make up our world. Then I put one hand on each side of the globe and closed my eyes. I felt such energy in my body. I felt at one with the world. I imagined all the people of all these different nations standing side by side in a human chain encircling the earth. I then imagined each person turning to the person on their left and hugging them. We are all different but we are all the same. I sent up a special prayer and hello to John in Heaven and prayed for Peace.
With peace in my heart,
Sally Gaines

peace day is every day but today especiallyi went to the community garden as the light reflected on all there and the plants and sculptures and talked with some people and went to the farmers market to buy some food. traveled by bicycle and breathed in the beautiful air. it was as close to flying as i know. i miss john lennon’s energy and living presence terribly much. wish he was here to share life with. all that is left is the thought of his spirit still hanging around inside millions and millions of us, inspiring us to work for peace. my young son is very talented on piano and plays beatle songs. today he played ‘here comes the sun’ and ‘high with a little help from my friends’.
Richard Bock

Well I went to a John tribute show with local bands that I just got back from it was really good , wore my War Is Over shirt all day I was going to post signs all over town but unfortunatly I have no printer and the library’s computers were taken and me and my friend sang Imagine on the bus back home from the concert at 11:15 people on the bus just smiled which was nice because no one thought we were insane :). Overall a day full of mixed feeling but tried to stay positive.

Beloved John,
Your dream of love and peace lives on in my heart and in all those who have loved you from the first day we knew you and of those who come to know each day. Forever yours.

Dear Yoko, Sean and Lennon family,’Women in Black’ of metro Detroit imagined peace this afternoon as we marched through downtown Birmingham, an affluent suburb. We march on the second Saturday of every month in diverse neighborhoods to create conversations about war and peace, about the politics of violence at home and abroad. One of our organizers, hands crippled with rheumatoid arthritis, had spent almost a month creating placards, stickers and buttons that read, ‘The War is Over, If You Want It’. She invited a local folk singer to sing that song at the end of today’s vigil. She was inspired to create the materials after hearing part of an interview with Yoko this fall, commemorating the unveiling of the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland.This woman said that she had no idea that today was the date of John’s passing or that Yoko had asked people to write in with stories of what they did today. When she showed up, we told her about the ‘Imagine Peace’ website. Subconsciously she must have felt the meaning of the day. That’s the way it is when we are in tune with the passing of those we love.We all walked solemnly in our black winter clothing, threading through the Christmas shoppers, rushing along in their black winter clothing. A woman stopped in front of the library to ask if she could donate money: ‘I had to work today’, she said, ‘otherwise, I would be there with you.’ A man in an SUV plastered with ‘Marines’ stickers stopped as we passed a parking lot. I saw him flash a ‘peace sign’ behind his rolled up window, so I went over to hand him our flier and a ‘War is Over, If You Want It’ button. He took it, handed the button to a young boy in the back seat, and smiled to me. ‘This is great, ‘he said. ‘Keep doing it.’ And we will.Peace,
Women in Black – Metro Detroit
Dave & Renae – Waukesha, WI

Dinner and wine with friends and Lisa said “Do you have any John Lennon?” We put on a CD and now everyone is singing along with John. Then we read your letter to John and it brought tears to our eyes. What a sweet and heart felt letter! Thank you for the letter that moved us! Millions of people are thinking of you and John today! John live in all of us!

Dear Yoko,
Thank you forever for you’re undiminshing love for the world. I love you back. Thank you, Jeff

‘IMAGINE’ what the world has missed out on with the passing of John Lennon? My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Nancy Seidl

Dearest Yoko:
Thank you so much for the moving video on this 27th year of John’s passing. My goodness, has it been that long? We love and miss him so very much. I want to share the story about how two girlfriends and myself, all African American women, took candles to a small park after the devastating news and cried together and prayed together while remembering John. It was so moving. I think of him each year on at least two occasions: Dec 8 and October 9; and think of you, too. I am glad that you are well.
Thank you again.
Thank you again. All the best to you.
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo! –DeBorah

I don’t know if you approve of these things or not but we were at a Beatles tribute band concert tonight. It was fabulous and the musician playing John’s role did a powerful tribute to him and your message of Peace. So many of us didn’t get to see the Beatles live but we can all remember the way their music has been woven throughout the fabric of our days. Peace. It is slow coming but it is everywhere. It is hard to find and always within. Thank you for carrying on the great campaign.

On this, the 27th anniversary of the senseless violence that ended John Lennon’s life, we come together again to spread the words that John so eloquently expressed: Love is all you need. We know and believe and live these words every day, and hope that everyone can join us and imagine a world without war and violence and hatred and fear.With love
Robin Spear and Gary Friedman

Your friends at Imagine The Beatles Tribute Band, would like to say that we all still miss John and wish he was still with us, as well as George. On this sad occasion, we wish you all Peace and good fortune throughout this Holiday Season!

Hi Yoko, I went to a peaceful protest to protest a new controversial copyright bill in Canada. I had a chance to speak with my MP directly for a couple of minutes. Thanks for being an inspiration, John and Yoko It is important to have your voice heard. Power to the People!!

Greeting to all From Las Vegas Nevada;
It is my pleasure to share with you all what me & my family did this year together to keep John’s memory alive. It’s such a wonderful feeling being able to talk to my family about how important John & yoko’s message was to the world. I logged on to and my daughters Sabrina 12 years old, Shelby 6 years old & my son Edward 14 years old watched the video of John’s message. As I explained the difference between war & peace and that this was the reason why we must continue to spread the message of Peace on Earth. I turned over to look at my children’s faces, they all had tears in their eyes. I asked them what they felt & they all said that they had no idea that the children were suffering so much because of the wars, my youngest asked me ‘why would anybody kill John if all he wanted was peace in the world’. Not knowing exactly how to answer her I simply said I don’t know but the important thing is that we remember what he stood for & keep spreading the message of peace & love forever. We can make a difference. Power to the people!! This day was special just to be able to spend it together. Now I believe that my children will feel how strong and important John’s message is, and will continue to pass it on an on. My daughter printed out the art work from the web site and now proudly puts it in front of her binder and so do I. Thank you so much for letting me share this with you all. Have a blessed day everyone!!
Love you all… Maryann F.

Dear Yoko,This evening, my friends and I attended a concert featuring local artists singing John’s songs. It was so poignant to glance around and see so much diversity; ages 7, 27, and 77 singing along to these songs. John has touched so many, and I believe he will continue to do so for many, many, many years to come. He left a legacy of love and peace. A legacy so powerful, it will never be extinguished. We mourn with you on this day, and we give silent thanks for John and his unmeasurable gifts to us.Peace to you always, friend.Karen, Adam, and Bryan

Dear Yoko & Sean:
As I am a Krishna devotee, in the morning I put a pic of John next to the image of Sri Krishna and Srimati Radharani on the altar I have placed in my bedroom and offered him some white daisy petals. Then I did a japa round.
Rita from Argentina
Hare Krishna

Dec 8th!
a day in
this was our Dec 8th at The Shrine of Our Lady of the Island!
Peace & Love
lived truly as
we walked the hill
reaching the top, where the view was misty and Our Lady stood tall holding
ithe Infant Child Jesus…
Everything was at
Light… .this day the anniversary of the death of
Artistic Soul
John Lennon
also the Feast of the Immaculate Conception-
Baby smiled at the Sun-
Paul sang songs of hope
reading ,sharing
my Annadel poem with the community
We walked and placed poem on Christmas tree
so special
was our Love renewed in the Waltz ,dancing to the music of Heart of
songs for Joy
this magical December
day breathing
Peace & Love-

thinking of john… and will always remember.
its not a dec. 8th story but thought you’d like it anyway.
when i was a little girl of eight, riding in the car with my family, the first beatles song came on the radio. we kids went nuts, screaming yeah, yeah, yeah… and my dad freaked! he said they wouldn’t last a year. he was a musician. i jumped over the front seat and stuck my face in his; ‘oh yeah! i bet you a dollar they will!’ i collected a dollar a year, for the next thirty years until my dad went to join john and play some tunes in the great beyond.
aloha from kona!

dear yoko,
our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family tonight. thank you for your continuing strength and hope and love, which inspires us today and every day. thank you for your life-long dedication to helping the world to imagine peace.
i want to share with you this poem, written today by my son, amethyst gambell:
at 11:15 tonight
a candle we shall light
in memory of a man so great
that we care for him at a time so late
come now and let us imagine the war is over
let us all wish on the 4-leaf clover
-in memory of john lennon, world’s most awesome man
we still miss him, too, and grieve his loss with you. we still remember. we are still dreamers. we still imagine peace in our world. and we are not the only ones… .. we are everywhere, around the world, and we are all with you, today and every day, surrounding you with all our love… … .

It was at exactly at 11:15pm here in Seattle when I came across this on C&L and started to cry. I’m a sixty year-old man and remember the hope and positive energy of my era. I’m so said it’s gone for you younger folks. Do try to keep the faith.

December 8th 1980 for me was actually on Dec 9th as I was in New Delhi, attending a TM course with Maharishi with a couple thousand other Westerners. I don’t doubt that if it hadn’t been for John and George I wouldn’t have been there.
I was standing in line for lunch when I heard the awful news. I was leaving that day and arrived back in the U.S. for the day of John’s funeral. I received a phone call that day from a long lost love who was moved to reach out and connect with me after a number of years. So for me there was some happiness in the midst of the sadness.
Much Love
Chris Kapilla

Dear Yoko, and whoever else reads this,
My name is Jonah Higinbotham. I read your request, and at 11:15 pm American central time, I sat back, turned off all the lights, and thought about John for five minutes. Not what he did, not all the people he helped and inspired, just who he was. Who he REALLY was. How human he was. How REAL, raw, and vunerable he could be. How harsh, how tender, how loving. Everything.
I started sobbing.
And I’m a DUDE.
Love is a weak word to describe how much I care about John.
I made a video for him.
Thank you for loving him, Yoko. Thank you for being with him for the time you were. He was lucky to have you

This is a happy anniversary. We have been singing ‘Give Peace a Chance’ & ‘Imagine.’ Thank you, Yoko, & John.
Much love, Peace,
Gloria Joyce

Twenty years ago I was a college student in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. For some reason, a little ritual started with my roommate, our two next-door neighbors, and me. Each evening, after we got home from school and work, we would all gather around our stereo and play ‘Just Like Starting Over.’ We just loved that song so much! It made us feel very happy. Sometimes, we would stand there quietly, just listening. Sometimes, we would sing along. And then, we would smile and nod. We felt refreshed and peaceful. No matter how stressful our day had been, we always felt relaxed after hearing that song.Tonight, I played that song again. As I listened to the words, I remembered my college friends. I also remembered the love John and Yoko shared for one another. To me, this song is a reminder that every single day we’re on this planet we have the opportunity to start over with love, peace, and forgiveness.Imagine a world where love is the reason why and where peace is the favorite past-time. I can dig it, can’t you?Saying it with love,Karen

Today, my husband, son and his friend went to share lunch with some of the people I work with. We had an absolute feast. Not all that were mean to come attended for many reasons, but we looked over a parched land with the kids playing in the pool, eating fare from the land we were on. We laughed and really didn’t talk too much about work. We had thousands of flies trying to share our day which made us even more aware of our bodies and environment.
My husband shaved off his moustache that he has had for the last 28 years yesterday as he thought it was getting too grey and he looks so much like his brother. I loved the grey but I love him more. It is odd though to see this person who has lived behind the whiskers for such a long time.
I just read Yoko’s message and it made me feel grateful I still have him as he has been through some awful motorbike accidents and depression and I am blessed to still have him with me. My love goes out to Yoko this day and know he is with her in spirit in awe of the beautiful work she is still doing.
With Much Love
Lee-Anne Bennett

Dear Yoko and friends,
I spent December 8th remembering John by listening to his music as I went through my day and reflecting on the impact of his message of peace and love. I had a lovely chat about the Imagine Peace Tower with a lady in a store who noticed my Imagine button on my jacket. At 11:15 pm, I laid on my couch with the lights off and candles burning while I listened to ‘Imagine.’ I felt that we were all connected at the moment, reflecting on the peaceful world that John believed in for all people, everywhere.
A photo of my tribute to John is attached.
Peace and Love,
Debbie Persselin
San Francisco, CA
‘Imagine all the people living life in peace.’

Hi Yoko, My husband and I are long time fans, our story is too long.
I’ll tell you briefly that we were shopping in a little shop in Alberta/Portland, Or.
where I was looking through t-shirts, the moment I laid eyes on the John Lennon
shirt, my eyes welled up with tears. My husband told the clerk, ‘I must have this
shirt, I’ve never seen my wife cry before.’ I have since worn this shirt to peace
rallies, and peace marches in Portland. I wear it to honor John, the greatest
lover of peace.
Ray and Gayle Alexia.

I am sitting here in my hotel room in Reno, Nevada at this very moment acutely aware that 27 years ago, John Lennon, minstrel and extraordinary soul for peace, had his life taken from him far, far, far too early. Everyday I work with the consuming public and I am frequently reminded of how much love actually abounds. How similar in so many ways we all are. It’s like this separation and and seeming difference of opinion is all just a giant ruse. It is largely our approach to life and how we go about trying to accomplish what we seek that varies… but we all yearn to have love, more love – in our lives. We have such stunning potential as a species that, if there is a God, he must truly hope that we will, at some point, grow to find our way. I also wish for this and try and infuse my communications with as much comfort and, in turn, love, as possible. I am, as we all are, also learning how to do this. How to be more effective in producing friendship which is really – love. And yet I see so much of it around me, around us. I wish us all to be reminded, on a daily basis if not more, of the love that we need to cultivate in order to nourish each other and the planet which will, if consciousness rises, also truly heal. Peace, true peace – the concept of peace – unadorned and un-convoluted and without complication needs to be at the core of our decision-making both personally, in business, politically, and on a global social level. A profound respect for one another and all living matter around us, ultimately is the goal… is my wish. With this at the foundation we can soar to heights never before seen – worthy of God’s grace and attention. This is my wish. Thank-you Oko for continuing this mission and sharing with us John’s words. And thank you, all of you (us ) who are on this mission together…
with love and peace in my heart,
~ Brad… .

We all went down to hear Curtiss A sing John’s songs. Expertly and divinely, with a tremendous band helmed by the bassist Rusty Jones and the guitarist Gary Rue.
The highlights were countless.
Suffice to say we all felt and fell in the love.
At 11:15 I talked to a security guard in the Gavidae Commons on the Nicollet Mall. I told him about Lennon and the 11:15 moment, and he looked at me like I was insane, but he was laughing at/with me.Black kid, closer to my son’s age than me and we had a moment of laughter and love. It was cool.
Thank you, Yoko. You’re an angel.
Much love and respect,

Dear Yoko,I got this wonderful message today from one of my dearest dears, Noriho. So I was reading what you told everyone to do and well… I was surprised that John went away today, and years ago.
Before knowing about that, I did breakfast and well… was listening to one of the really old records from 35 years ago. It belongs to my Dad, but sadly, he ain’t listens anymore to that. He can’t hear good anymore.
And now it keeps me thinking. I really wish I would have been able to go to one of their Lives. I’m way too young for that. But that’s egoistic.
Somehow I miss times which I never was able to see…
Yes, that is only a small story, and perhaps not the best one out of all, but well, it is mine. I hope you have a wonderful day!Liebe Gre (Lovely Regards),

What did I do?I wept.This has been a very difficult year for me. I not onlylost my friend of 40+ yrs to ALS, I lost my 12-1/2 yr old granddaughter to cancer. And I have watched my country go seriously to screaming hell in the last nine+ yrs.I am so very sorry that you lost John.I am so very grateful that you continue to carry on his message – and yours – of peace.Thank you.

What I did today:1. Made Imagine the ring tone on my cell phone.2. Imagined Peace.3. Listened to music by The Beatles4. Invited people to join the WE WANT PEACE group to help them IMAGINE PEACE.

This morning I walked down to get a newspaper, just like I do every Sunday. On this date, in 1980, the world became colder and darker; and the dream was over.

I watched ‘The U.S. vs John Lennon’ yesterday, sang along, and thought deeply about peace and how we must want it so much that it can’t be denied. Once more, I thank John and Yoko for their inspiration. And especially thanks to Yoko for continuing and expanding the vision for all these years.
Joyce Chumbley
Orlando, Florida

Dear Yoko and anyone else connected to this email address,In peace, I wish you peace. In peace, I dedicate myself, through my life, NOW, to creating peace in my mind by imagining peace. Thank you for reminding me to focus on peace.I will now display ‘IMAGINE PEACE–WAR IS OVER if you want it’ everywhere I can.Watching the video of John talking about the insanity of the world & of our governments, and of the possibility of creating peace, had a powerful effect on me, a re-awakening effect. John’s sweet spirit is kept vividly alive in my mind through the watching of such video clips.Despite the insane action of one human being 27 years ago, John and his intent (and yours) to create peace are still very much alive. Perhaps his power (like that of the man named Jesus, and the man called the Buddha) is greater from beyond death than it could have been while he was living here.Yoko, I wish you peace. My heart wishes to soothe your heart, and Sean’s, and Julian’s, and everyone’s heart affected deeply by John’s death, and by all senseless violence. Love never dies, and only love is real.Thank you very much. Peace.Denise Castaneda

Dear Yoko,On December 8th this year we played Imagine and Happy Christmas – War is Over, on our CD-player at the main City Square of Uppsala, Sweden, where we live.
At the same time, we did what we have done since the mid 90s – handed out flyers and collected money, right now for the victims of cyklone Sidr in Bangladesh. (We have many dear Bangla friends who celebrated the Nobel Peace Prize for Dr. Mohammad Yunus and Grameen Bank, last year.)I want you to know, that 27 years ago… at my 26th birthday – we lost John.
I still remember how I heard the news on the radio, while making gingerbread for Christmas.
So you and John always has a very special place in my Heart.My friend Ingeborg and I, are truly blessed and grateful for having lots of friends from other countries. On Saturday evening we were invited to an Ethiopian friend, who just recently got permission to stay in Sweden, after 4 long years of anxious waiting. Now his children also has arrived, and he has not been able to see them for 3 years.
We celebrated their safe arrival, as well as my birthday.Iranian friends have also recommended this music video, by Siavash Ghomeyshi, a famous Iranian artist.
It’s called ‘Tasavor kon’, and built on Imagine.
‘Imagining no wars and human suffering and no race dominating others.’No, we haven’t really lost John, dear Yoko.
The birth of Imagine Peace Tower is just the latest living proof of this.Yours in Peace,
Jan Viklund & Ingeborg Sevastik

What a nice sentiment I saw your reminder of the anniversary of John
Lennon’s tragic death on the crooks and liars blog.
Sorry about your loss all these years later.Im not real musical, music doesnt have a lot of
meaning to me. Imagine is one beautiful song, the
simpleness of the message makes it so.I sat here all night long listening to Imagine. I bet
I played it 35 times. Sang along with it each and
every time. I now know this song by heart now.Thanks for the message, it was written all that time
ago, and it is still relevant today.Roger Molnar

I was never a huge Beatles fan-more into Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell back in the day, though I did own Sgt. Pepper and Revolver. I was living in NYC, on West 120th Street, in 1980 and I remember the awful shock of seeing the local news announce first that John had been shot, and then that he had died.Jimmy Breslin wrote a brilliant story in the Daily News, having talked to the first cops on the scene. John had been shot several times in the heart, in front of his wife, at the gateway to his home. ‘ A good shot group* is how the cop described his wounds, which sounds heartless, but if you read the whole story it was full of sorrow and shame.
I was full of sorrow and shame and bewilderment. I didn’t rush down to the Dakota with flowers and candles, but when Yoko announced that mourners could gather in Central Park on a Sunday to stand in silence, I went.It was cold, grey, wet, not a leaf on any tree, and there were thousands huddled and miserable. Before the silence began, John’s ‘Imagine’ was played on a sound system set up in the bandshell.I wept as I haver never wept, before or since. A river of tears, literally, and I was helpless to stop them. I tried wiping them away with my hands, but they ran down my face and wet the front of my coat. All around me were people doing the same, I remember a guy in the crotch of a tree, clean-shaven, well-dressed, tears running off his nose and chin.Oh, dear God, how sad we all were.Well, I stood through the silence, and then went home. I remember feeling great respect and gratitude for the way that Yoko chose to allow all and sundry to gather and weep for her husband, ‘our’ John Lennon.I was twenty-nine years old then. I’ve since married, raised two boys… lived. It makes no sense to me that John Lennon life was stopped at forty years, with a little son left behind, and all the songs we never got to hear.It still makes no sense.

Dearest Yoko,For a very long time I have wanted to write a letter of thanks to you personally but was never sure you would get it.It has been my intention to let you know what a big part of my children’s lives John became after they saw the Broadway show ‘Lennon’. I want to say THANK YOU.I began to reply with another email but I have so much to say, I still want to send you that letter. I will mail it to you at W. 72nd St. and I hope you will get it. I have so much I want to tell you about the power of this music. This year, I had cancer and went through some very difficult times but honestly, it was this music that helped me through. When I went to the hospital, I brought my portable cd player and six of my most treasured Beatles CD’s. They got me safely through some very long nights. What a gift this music is! As the years pass, more and more of us are realizing just how important a part of our lives it has been and continues to be.Sadly, I was not able to get to Strawberry Fields yesterday as I had intended. So many times yesterday I thought again of that night in December of 2005 and your two candles in the window. I was there in spirit and will return one day soon. It means a great deal to me.I had learned about the remembrances that day through the radio station Q104.3 FM. Since then, I have been a regular weekly listener to Breakfast with the Beatles on Sunday mornings. It is very uplifting to be a part of this community and hear the stories people share about this music.Thank you very much for responding to my email. PEACE! Love,Katherine

I got Yoko’s myspace bulletin message so here is a report and some photos of what my friends and I did yesterday to remember John and spread the message of peace.
We visited Abbey Road studios in London where we left some flowers and displayed the War is Over sign that I had downloaded.
An attempt to re-create the iconic Abbey Road album cover walking across the road holding the War is Over signs wasn’t possible due to traffic but as you will see from the photo, I did give it a try!!
Thanks to the rain, the wall outside the studio was wet so we were able to leave the signs attached to the wall so anyone else visiting would have seen them. There were some like-minded fans there who left messages by signing the wall.
I hope our small effort went some way to share the message.
Lots of love from Lucy (and my friends Matt & Nyki)

Dear Yoko,
As I traveled to NYC to pick up my BMW Motorcycle (which is still at the shop because I wanted to find Strawberry Fields so bad), I made my way to Central Park only to answering questions via cell phone for my company and my family. I never actually made it into the park… ..nor to pick up my motorcycle. So, I lost on both accounts. But I did gain of moment of silence… … a little earlier than you had requested. But, in observance of the day and it’s historic accounts, I thought of a few things. One very big one is `forgiveness’. With such a tragedy, how can one ever face `forgiveness’ with a truly open heart? A gift, I am sure, that one needs years to cultivate. And, as I constantly reflect your personal loss, I think about forgiveness. And, I ask this question out of a real human feeling about it. I wanted to ask you (of course I am thinking in my mind about this but now that the doors our open on our conversation – assuming it’s you that is answering some of these letters) is there any forgiveness that is true in our hearts? I know on some levels there must be to go forward, but I always wanted to know how you felt… would I feel? You are a beautiful woman because of how our lives treats us. And you have come so far… … God Bless You!
Rikk Angelori

I think John would want us to all to just carry on with life.
I hung the wreaths on the upper windows on the house, did some small holiday shopping, bought a few cans of Tri-flavored popcorn for my friends at work, and my wife went on a tour of ‘Christmas houses’ that benefited a local outreach program.
We miss John, will carry on for peace, and wish You the very best !!!
This is not here.
It’s in the past, in the future, and is covered with lots of warm thoughts for everyone who is here.
Love and Peace,
— Chuck

Freeway Blogger

Hi Yoko!
I was at the Imagine circle in New York City yesterday! I loved how everyone just sat around and sang John’s songs. I think it was amazing how he wanted the world just to be peaceful. I have been a John Lennon fan for as long as I can remember. I wish the world could have just listened to him just hear what he was trying to say to the world! John Lennon peace and love will never die!
Love and Peace from NY!

From Toronto where their mission of peace was laid, to the Lennon Peace Pole on the shores of Oakville, Ontario shores of Lake Ontario, to the Imagine circle in New York, then to all points across the world – Imagine Peace. It was the Lennon’s Task. It was then John&Yoko! Now it is Yoko&John
Thank you, Yoko, for picking up the baton that you both shared!
Thank you for making us still Imagine Peace, where we then can Think Peace.
Then and only then can we truly Experience Peace!
To one and each, Imagine All The People! Then we can Think All The People! Then we finally can Experience All The People truly living life in peace!
Love to Yoko&John!
Their love is all we need!
Lynn Cousino Saldanha / Burlington (Toronto) Canada

imagine, i didn’t even know that it was the anniversary, at least consciously, as we went to an evening of chanting with a wonderful kirtan walla named dave stringer.
we went to dinner first, thinking we would eat at our favorite thai restaraunt, but it was closed. so we wandered down to a new thai restaraunt.
a small place with an enormous painting of john lennon as the predominant piece of art.
of course we got seated right in front of it, and for the entire meal i stared at the image of john. i got teary when first looking at it, and proceeded to talk about what an important figure john has been in the world and how much influence he continues to have even today.
we talked about the movie, the us. vs john lennon, the incredible music and inspiration that he gifted us all with, and the work that you both did to bring an awareness of peace into the world.
we finished the evening chanting the names of god and getting lost in love, an incredible way to play in the state of peace. again, using music to induce peace.
i too, was devastated by the loss of john and his gifts in the world. and there isn’t a time when i hear a song, that i am not reminded of our loss, but more than that, the gifts that remain.
with love and peace,

On Saturday evening, November 8th, I relaxed to the Beatle’s Love CD and had a very peaceful LOVIN.
Laurie from Marlborough

Yesterday was a blue day. In fact it’s Blueday. It’s been like this for the last 27 years every Dec. 8. But yesterday was somehow different.
I started Oct. 29 a blog, El Mundano. I woke up knowing that I was going to youtube John in my blog. I had written about him a couple of days ago. In a post devoted to John Sinclair.
I was”t aware that Karlheinz Stockhausen had died. I found out after breakfast.
The same Stockhausen that appeared on the Sgt. Peppers front cover. The same that you can hear (influencing) in 2 all time favourites: ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ and ‘A Day In The Life’. The same one that was the founding member of electronic music. The same one that influenced everybody-that-is-somebody. The father of kraut rock with seminal bands such as Amon Duul II or his disciples Can. Thanks to them Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream bloomed later on. Plus all the techno and electronic music of today. The same Stockhausen that in 1972 at a lecture in Oxford spoke about the past, present and future of samples, scratch and synthesizers!
I first wrote my Stockhausen entry. 2 dlips: Helicopter String Quartet and Strawberry Fields Forever
Then I moved to write Hoy hace 27 anos (Today 27 years ago) linking Imagine Peace plus 2 ‘Imagine’ clips: A 1971 acoustic live performance in NYC and the original promo piece. I emailed my Spanish speaking friends… We run out of tissues…
Love & Peace from MadridAdrian Vogel

Dear Yoko, I took your download of WAR IS OVER and hung one on the tree outside of my house in Little Neck Queens. I went to Manhattan and visited Strawberry Fields . I had my picture taken there. There were Hundreds of people there remembering John. I left the sign: WAR IS OVER on the IMAGINE tiles.. These are the photos. I was wearing one of the IMAGINE PEACE buttons you donated to a peace event I participated in. Years back, my sister cathy had a dream she saw John walking in the fields in Central Park. His spirit of Peace and Hope does live on. All the people remembering him is proof of this. I wish you LOVE and PEACE.
Thank you for all you do!
Vicky Cosgrove, Little Neck Queens

On the minute of the hour of the day that Yoko asked all of us to have a moment for John, I went to my favorite spot in the New England woods. It was cold and overcast. I sat on the ground with my head in my lap and for fifteen minutes thought about the joy John had brought to my life. When i lifted my head I was covered with snow. It was a wonderful surprise, as it had not been snowing when i put my head down. It was a little gift to me from John.
Jerome Stucenski

Hi Yoko,
The band performed for an annual Christmas party in Napa County. After announcing the anniversary of John’s death to a large, noisy crowd, we played a Swingsmith arraignment of ‘Love’. Perhaps some people listened.
Peace and Love,
David Giampietro, Swingsmith

As a personal advocate for peace and a fan of both John and Yoko, I was very happy that my daughter Alice shares John (and Sean’s) birthday and joyed that the Peace Tower began on my daughter’s birthday. My wife and I live in New York and took my daughter to Strawberry Fields last night to sing and joyfully meditate on John’s life. I was excited to see Image Peace hats being circulated in the crowd and a young girl gave me hers.I write for the Travel section of the New York Times and am already looking forward to writing a future story about bringing my daughter on a pilgrimage to Videy Island on her birthday one year and writing about it for the paper. Thank you, Yoko.
David Allan

Dear friends,
Last week I read Yoko’s MySpace blog wherein she requested us to remember John at 11:15 p.m. on December 8.
My first action — after vowing to do this myself — was to circulate the request among my extensive circle of Beatles friends. You see, every year I go to a number of Beatles festivals: Abbey Road on the River, Beatlefest, and Beatles Week in Liverpool when I can. I also go to smaller concerts by Beatles tribute bands in my area of western NY. I asked my friends to join with me in creating a chain of peace around the world in memory of John. The response was overwhelmingly positive.
So last night, at the appointed time, in the light of candles and my Christmas tree, I played the ‘Lennon Legend’ DVD and was swept back to the image of John in that white room at the white piano, with beautiful Yoko in her graceful gown opening the windows and letting in the light. And I imagined peace. I thought of Yoko at home, the friends I know and the friends I haven’t met yet, all joined in contemplation of a world without fighting, war, destruction, terror.
And I knew that it is possible. If we can continue to do this — not just on December 8 but every day — we can spread this feeling all across the planet and change the hearts of men and women everywhere.
Let there be peace on earth. And let it begin with US. War IS over — if we want it!
Love, peace, and blessings,

Dear Yoko,Thank you for bringing us all together in remembrance of John on the anniversary of his tragic death. I read your letter on My Space and many people sent out Bulletins with music, pictures, videos and quotes all throughout the day.I had a Bed-In for Peace and sent out pictures to my friends on the Internet urging others to join in. I also changed my Avatar to John’s NYC picture and my profile song to ‘Gimme Some Truth’. We spent the day listening to John’s music and thinking Peace.War is Over Now!
Love & Peace,
Deborah’s Revolution

It was about 39 degrees F outside, the air cold and crisp, the sky a clear winter blue. We planned to go on a long walk (5-10 miles). Instead, we spent the day making love, eating, sleeping, reading a book, watching a movie, listening to music and reading the blogs.

These wishes have been added to our Wishing Tree:
Monica: Imagine a Centre for imagining peace . . . I offer it to those who want it
Mandy: I wish that I can make a huge contribution to peace on this earth.
Jim: Compassion + understanding = peace
Jack; may the waters run smoothly through the stream of life
Lisa: May we all treat one another the way we would like to be treated and live together as 1.
Chris: Let the world unite in friendship & harmony.
Margaret: let there be peace on earth
Alison: may light shine on those in darkness
Hamish: offering love and protection
An Tearman, Saturday 8th December 2007

Today I relished in my freedom, the beauty of life, the beauty of being, my independence. I watched the Yoko and John video and learned from it. I know that the secret is to think it and it will come true. I know this from experience, especially recent experience as I just left a dysfunctional long term relationship and broke out on my own into the light, putting fear to the side and grasping courage to LIVE! to LOVE and to BE FREE. I wish this feeling for everyone and now I want to play with the universe. Want to join my carousel?

Sat and watched HELP. Tim xxxxxx

On December 8th, I opened a private practice in psychotherapy in Pleasant Hill California. My goal is to help with trauma and assist families who have lost members through death and continue to lose them through mental illness. My practice is called Shanti for peace and I have three rooms and the rooms are named HOPE, PEACE and DREAM. The dream room will be used for small workshops and conferences.
The day that John was killed in 1980, I was working at a state hospital with men who had committed terrible crimes, murdered and raped. In all the years I worked with these men, I have never seen an event so powerfully move some of the most outcast members of society to tears and motivate them to change, to not hurt anyone else in their lives. I myself was motivated to go back to graduate school, become a social worker, work in the prison system until retirement and now to open this private practice.
So thank you John and Yoko. The 8th means all of that to me. OM SHANTI SHANTI
Bill Fox, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I read to the blind. KPBS Reading Service, San Diego, CA.

My name is Julia and I am fifteen years old. Even though I am young, and didn’t live to witness John Lennon’s worldly promotion of peace and love, he has greatly affected my life. He gave me the courage and inspiration to promote peace myself. He gave me the strength to believe that this world can change. He gave me the belief that I can change lives through my art and devotion. He even gave me my name. It’s safe to assume that I would not be the same person had it not been for John Lennon.
So, what did I do on December 8th, 2007? I knew I wanted to be in a place where other people would feel just as I did, a place that would remind me that I’m not the only one that John Lennon lives through. I also knew that I wanted to show these people, my friends, that I believe in a world of peace.
Naturally, I went to Strawberry Fields in Central Park. And with me I brought a simple poster with the classic words of John and Yoko themselves, “War Is Over If You Want It”. As I sang song after song with the hundreds of other people there, for a moment I thought, shouldn’t I be crying and grieving instead of laughing and singing? Regardless, I held that sign up proudly and swayed back and forth. As the night progressed, more and more people were taking pictures of my poster and others flaunting their peace signs high above their heads. At one point, I noticed another man. Both of us were holding up the same slogan with one hand, and making the peace sign with the other. We made eye-contact and reached our hands over the crowd so for a few moments, our peace signs were touching. It was random and odd but beautiful. It was then on I realized, no. I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing: Coming together with beautiful and unique people and celebrating his life while promoting peace. I felt it’s exactly what John Lennon would’ve wanted us to do. For the rest of the night, I continued to hold that sign.
I think I will remember that night, the first time I ever visited Strawberry Fields on December 8th, for the rest of my life. I will continue to promote peace year-round, and listen to John Lennon’s music and words for motivation. I am only sad that that night couldn’t have been longer, but I know that I will stand there amongst the people that recognize a beautiful and incredible man in Strawberry Fields on December 8th next year and hopefully every year after that. If there is one thing I could tell my single hero, the person that has contributed to the sculpting of my life, that person of course being John Lennon, it would be that not only do I imagine, but I believe. I am.
~Julia Elizabeth Barrett-Mitchell

On 12-08-2007 I enjoyed playing tennis here in CA. I had a swim at an indoor pool. I enjoyed seeing the Christmas decorations. I did some housework. Thanks for the video-imagine peace. Also, I wonder if improved easier access to family planning services would help make for a more peaceful world. Peace, Anne

to john who now flows: first winter
on the telephone wire a sparrow
cocks its head, a motion which turns
the key in my old Volkswagen
that makes the sound of this
cricket in my room
who does not seem to know
that it is winter
p.s. Some of us are still imagining

Greetings Yoko,As a Druid, I did a druidic ceremony; giving peace to the quarters, lit a candle for John, said the following Druid prayer:Grant O God/Goddess thy protection
And in protection, strength,
And in strength, understanding,
And in understanding, knowledge,
And in knowledge, the knowledge of justice,
And in the knowledge of justice, the love of it
And in the love of it, the love of all existences,
And in the love of all existences,
The love of God/Goddess and all Goodness. Then I spoke the following Druid Peace Prayer:Deep within the still center of my being, may I find peace.
Silently within the quiet of the Grove, may I share peace.
Gently (and powerfully), within the greater circle of humankind, may I radiate peace.I then sent healing thoughts of peace and love to all people.
And closed the ceremony by saying:May There Be Peace Throughout The Whole World!And hummed ‘Imagine’ in Remembrance of John.Peace and Blessings,
Dryadia /|\(Marcy)

I loved Dec. 8th. I was asked to be a special guest at a local blues bar which is Vancouver’s Blues Icon. I invited 3 other pros to sing background vocals for me and we ROCKED THE HOUSE!
A very good day indeed!
LaRochelle Vocal Studios

I went to see Curtiss A’s annual John Lennon tribute at First Avenue in
Minneapolis. Yoko, you really must come some year. I cannot imagine that there is a better tribute to john anywhere in the world—and it would be positively electrifying if you were to appear!
Keep it in mind. You are loved, Yoko!

Well it’s like this. John is alive.
I think about him and his words and music without even thinking about it.
My Father died the same day in 2001
We are all connected by air

On the evening of Dec. 8th at the University of Maine at Farmington the Pond Duck Quintet performed live the Abbey Road album in memory of John Lennon. It was quite good.
Mark Ancker, Industry, Maine

In the hour leading up to 10:15, I lay abed snug under covers as
distant traffic rolled like surf outside my window, a cold Dublin
night. I surfed, the net not waves, perusing details of John’s final
hours, and shed tears. Humanity’s bereft of his presence, this truly
gifted man, a model in courage, vision and integrity.
At 10:15, I watched John live in NYC, 1971, an acoustic version of ‘Imagine’.
You’re not the only dreamer, John!!! We miss you…

Dear Yoko
How are you going, Thanks for the Email about yourself and John. December 8th is always and important day for me and my Son Sam. I really cannot express how you and John had change my life and how you both had guided me through each day through his music. On this day 8th 2007 I talked to my friends and family about you both and played Music and DVD’s of you both. I am sure John is always with us all and helping us to try and work out what this world is heading to. I find not only through love and Peace is the answer but no-one smiles anymore, we are all taking things too seriously today. God Bless Yoko Sean. Thanks for this web site. Merry Christmas to you and I wish the War was Over.
Take Care
Jamie Bellwood

Dear folks,
John’s message has been strong within me for years. Way back in 1972, while hitchhiking through Italy, the song Imagine came on the driver’s radio, and there was a wonderful panoramic vista, and I realized that people all over the world feel his message within their hearts.
Last night on Dec. 8th I watched Imagine, the movie, at night. I had not seen the video of the song, John and Yoko dressed in white with the white piano, for 6 years, so it brought me back to a huge moment in my life.
It was 4 days after 9/11, that a local music channel played the Imagine video at midnight after a one-minute silent vigil. As the song played, I bawled and bawled from such a deep deep place within. It was absolutely cathartic, and I realized that any pollyanna philosophical attitudes I had from the old hippie days had to be replaced with real action. Hearing that song at that time produced such a powerful reaction that changed me forever.
Since then, I have continued my local activist organizing in my community, and in the larger world, became part of the 9/11 truth movement. The events of 9/11 were used as the pretext to invade 2 countries, creating more suffering. People need to get over the idea that our governments act in our best interests, and that our governments could never perpetrate evil against their own people. There are many many examples that demonstrate governments do hurt its own people.
Gloria Steinem has said: ‘The truth shall set your free, but first it will piss you off’. I urge those of you to read some 9/11 truth websites. Listen to David Ray Griffin speak about ‘9/11 – The Myth and the Reality’… .its only 1 hour of your time… he explains the idea of the ‘sacred myth’ of the official story of 9/11.(available online or buy a DVD)
War is ultimately all about money and power, and to truly end war, we will need to face the root of the problem. We need to follow the money. And we will need to create better systems of exchange as our current financial system we use comes crashing down. My partner is working with a world-wide community of monetary reformers who know the truth… that its ultimately the bankers who dictate what countries will do. And it is those who sell the weapons, including the bankers, who benefit from war… doesn’t matter which side wins to them!
Read the comic book ‘Addicted to War’ and see the 47 minute cartoon, Money as Debt. It will be a quick first lesson into the fraudulent system of money that the world uses, one that keeps the rich in control.
As John said: we have to remember that we are the government, we the people have to reclaim our power. It is almost 2008 and we do not have time to waste. We have to find courage to speak truth to power, and 9/11 is a good place to start since the climate shifted back then… they had their ‘new Pearl Harbour’ which would galvanize Americans into accepting a violent response to the terrorism of the day. Once we take a closer look at the crazy official story the US government and media has asked us to believe, we will see that it is contradictory, untenable and absurd.
Some questions about the events of 9/11: why did building 7 fall? and why did the Commission not mention it all? were cell phones capable of working from such high altitudes back in 2001? Could the steel have gotten hot enough from jet fuel to melt, all floors simultaneously, for them to fall at near freefall speed into their own footprint in a matter of seconds? winesses (firemen included) heard explosions. What caused molten steel at ground zero? Why were no jets scrambled to intercept the off-course airplanes?
It is becoming harder to be an activist in the terrorist-focused American patriotic environment. But do we want to go down without standing up for what we know is right and true?
From Einstein: ‘Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth’.
Thanks for keeping John’s message alive through the internet and wherever else.

As a kids we would get on the train to sneak away from Connecticut and head to NYC. Every now and then we would see you and John walking… it would take our breath away. I always wanted to tell the two of you what you meant to me. It’s not that I lacked the courage, you just looked so happy. I didn’t want to disturb you. I wish I had… but maybe that would make December 8th even harder than it already is.
We need John now more than ever.

Yoko and friends,
My parents loved the Beatles so much they named me Michelle, but I did not hear much (if any) of John’s solo work until 1980. I remember being very sad when I heard what happened; when I returned to school was actually my first introduction to the very personal music of John…
My teacher turned off the lights in my fourth grade class and lit a candle
and turned on the song ‘Imagine’, which I had never heard before, and passed around copies of the lyrics. The song was so beautiful and haunting, and I am sure something like this would never happen in most schools today. I read the lyrics over and over again and asked for and received a copy of Double Fantasy for Christmas that year, which I listen to to this day every December 8.
The playing of that song at school touched me very deeply, and I think
influenced my entire person from then on. I think in this way his life, and
also his death, truly affected many to pursue peace as a path even more
vigorously. And for that, I am so thankful to you and John, for using your
voice in such a positive way… .and so very thankful to Mr. Edwards, at
Field Elementary in Canton Michigan for honoring a beautiful spirit in such a meaningful way!
Peace, Blessings, and Warm wishes to you and yours,
Michelle Maggiore in Scottsville, VA

I was so happy that I could relish the canceling, or at least postponement of, the announcement of lifelong Republican, industrialist, union buster, overseas shipper of American jobs, and best buddy of DINO Ben Nelson, Tony Raimondo, as the officially sanctioned candidate of the Nebraska Democratic Party for the seat of U. S. Senator. Raimondo switched parties last Tuesday.I am a delegate to the governing body of the NDP, its State Central Committee. I had been blogging for a couple of weeks on well read blogs such as the New Nebraska Network and the Daily KOS, and had a couple of letters to the editor in Nebraska’s two statewide newspapers, the Lincoln Journal Star and the Omaha World Herald, opposing his candidacy. Raimondo was to have been announced at our meeting as ‘the anoninted one.’ But thanks to my work and that of several others good Democrats, we turned the tide.Raimondo would have been just another NeoCon Bush supporter in the mold of Sen. Ben Nelson (NE). The Republican party is the anathema of all that John Lennon stood for, and we helped quash yet another Bush apologist.Peace,
Brian T. Osborn

My friend turned 51 on the 8th and as always i called him up. just like i did in 1980 .my first beatles album i got was abbey road,then the beatles broke next album was the plastic ono band and i could really connect to the angst of that music. being only 13 i had alot of parents would always tell me to turn down the sound of ‘oh well’ and i still love the truth of ‘working class hero’. strive to be more of the true beings we all are! PEACE

Dear Yoko,My name is Pattie Noah.
Thank you so much for asking people to share their stories with you. I first became aware of John at the age of 5 when ‘She Loves You’ was released in the US. My brother, who is 15 years my senior, had bought the 45 and sat me down to listen to it. He always wanted to expose me to different types of music and the Beatles were his latest ‘find’. I was so excited by the song. I made him play it over and over. Finally, he ended up giving the 45 to me. From that point on, I was hooked on the Beatles and especially on John. I was raised in NYC, on Carmine Street in Greenwich Village. When the Beatles came to play Shea Stadium in 1965, I begged my brother to take me, which he did, along with my 9 year old cousin. I was both thrilled and terrified at the same time. The stands were shaking so hard that I thought they would collapse. When the movie ‘Help!’ was released, again, I begged my brother to take me, which he did. When John played the song ‘You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away’, even at that young age, I started to cry. It made me so happy. On the way out of the theater, I told Bob (my brother) that I wanted to be a musician and wanted to ‘be’ John Lennon. So, that year for my birthday, he got me a 12 string guitar and the first song I ever learned was ‘You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away’. I did finally become a professional musician and still am to this day.One day in 1972, I was walking from my apartment to a friends house and I noticed a couple walking towards me on the same sidewalk. I was carrying my guitar because I was going to practice with my friend. As I kept walking, I noticed that the couple coming towards me was you and John. Just before you walked past me, John looked over the top of his sunglasses, smiled and said ‘good morning’. I was totally lost for words and just stood there as the two of you walked away and finally turned a corner. That moment has stayed with me my entire life. I always wondered if John said hello to me because I was a kid with a guitar. I remember thinking how pretty you were and how content the both of you seemed. I won’t bore you with too many more parts of my life, however, I will tell you that I got a lot of courage from the music that John made both with and without you. I ‘came out’ as a lesbian at a very young age. I began to study metaphysics, and various aspects of alternative religions when I was around 14 and was under the tutelage of Herman Slater of ‘Magikal Childe’ in the village for years. I understand that you and John spent some time with Herman both in and out of the shop. In the early 90’s, I became a high priestess of Wicca and now run a women’s coven here in Orlando. Merry Meet!I was still living in New York City on December 8th, 1980. I was sitting at home, talking to my mom when I got a phone call from a friend of mine who told me that John had just been shot. I thought it was a cruel joke and hung up on him. Then I turned on the TV and there it was. The next few hours are still a bit blurry, but I know that I grabbed my coat and walked from the Village to the Dakota. I sat on the sidewalk and tried to cope. I thought of you. I thought of Sean and of Julian. I cried… I sent out prayers to whichever Gods and Goddesses were listening to lighten the pain of the world and the pain that I was feeling in my heart and soul. I now realize that the only thing that died that night was the physical shell that John wore that kept him tethered to the Earth. He’s now the beautiful pure energy form that we all are underneath. I truly believe that we are all spirit, it’s just that some of us choose to have a human experience right now. I do talk to John quite often, and yes… he talks back. I’m not a wacko or a freak. I’m simply a priestess who has learned how to tune in to what is around all of us all the time.Every year on December 8th, I try and remind people that John is still very much alive and not to mourn him. He would hate that. Instead, celebrate his life, his convictions and his art in all it’s many forms. I do keep the word ‘peace’ in my window and I have the ‘War Is Over’ posters taped to the windows of my car.Yoko, I am one half of a Beatles tribute duo called ‘Luv Me Deux’. We are two women, one guitar and a vision… to keep John’s music and message of universal love alive. My musical partner Sharon, is also my girlfriend. This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind for me. On Friday, we had the extreme honor of being invited to perform at a tribute to John’s music and life at Hard Rock Orlando. I am also a member of the Orlando Gay Chorus. Coincidentally, this weekend was the one slated for our annual holiday concerts. Not only do I sing with the chorus at large, I am also a featured performer in two small ensembles. This year, I chose to honor John and one of my ensembles performed ‘Happy Xmas (War Is Over). Before the song, I dedicated it to John in the hopes that some day his vision of world peace would become a reality… and I said ‘I love you’. If you’d like, I could send you a DVD of the performance.I think of you often, Yoko. Two years ago on December 8th, I wrote and recorded a song called ‘This Perfect Love’ as an homage to what you shared with John. I’d be honored if I could send you a copy of the song. I don’t do these things for profit. I do it for love… Thank you, Yoko. Thank you for keeping the dream alive. Thank you for the love that YOU offer the world. Thank you for being you. I love you… Peace and Bright Blessings,
Pattie Noah
Listened to Imagine and watched the videos of you two lovers
Walked in the park
Looked at snow and buds still green on confused plants
Picked up pinecones
Printed out WAR IS OVER! if you want it posters for our home windows
Dreamed of peace for all our children Yoko, thank you for keeping the dreams alive and working for Peace!
I love you too,
PS the photo is me with Cindy in DC

On December 8th, 2007 I went downtown to the Christmas Martket with friends (And wore a John Lennon ‘Give Peace A Chance’ shirt!). We had an all around good time. But it wasn’t just us in peaceful spirits, it seemed to me everyone was in a good mood downtown. We went Ice Skating, and had eggnog, along with some good ol’ German Wurst. When we returned home at about 10:30pm we were soar, tired from skating, tired from walking, but we had fun, and we were all in joyful moods. We began to watch Grease (what a classic :] ). At 11:13pm I began to get ready for my moment in memory of John (of course the player took a moment to turn on, but that’s okay, I got the song started right on time. ) While listening to Imagine I saw the happiness in all people that I had experienced downtown (at the same time knowing there were people who were thinking the exact same thoughts so close to me).
It’s a nice thought that Imagine traveled hour by hour through the world.
Fynn Fish Dear Ms. Yoko Ono Lennon and staff,Thank you for the beauty and simplicity of the video. ‘Imagine’ is such a powerful song and I am sure was one of the inspirations for my creation of Universal Music Day for the second Saturday of October each year.I have experienced many good things of our country and I have also experienced the violence of this country. We are better people than that.Sadly when you and John were giving the nation a wake up call. I was busy being a wife, step-mother, KLM Airline employee, etc. etc. etc.However a few months I saw the documentary of your lives together and I was soooooooo GRATEFUL! and admiring of your wisdom and courage.Given the price that you paid and are still paying, thank you pales.However, I hope knowing that you influenced and inspired many people to take action,( even when they have forgotten where that inspiration came from) offers you some comfort.With deep appreciation,
Susan Patricia Golden

Dear Yoko,
Just to let you all know, our band performed 4 songs in all on the anniversary.
Jealous Guy
The gig was for a wedding… .i explained what we were doing at the end of the evening as the young couple were saying their farewells… … .it was an especially beautiful wedding.
people had tears in their eyes when we performed the song… … .Woman
I can get a video of it if you like for your web-site collage, if you are doing anything in that ilk.
kindest regards
david minchin
The Giant Hamsters
The Innocents

With the help of a local peace advocacy group, I held a Second annual candlelight vigil for John on Saturday night in front of the public library in my hometown of Westminster, Maryland. The local music store played John’s songs and we celebrated his legacy.
The local newspaper even put our story on the front page!
‘Give Peace A Chance’

My husband and I were at a Christmas party with friends. We stopped to remember John and expressed our disbelief that it has been 27 years since his death. I still can’t wrap my mind around how wrong that was, how one (I still have a hard time coming up with an adjective for him) person could decide to take the life of another in such a callous, calculated way.
I’ve made my way back to listening to John’s music and watching old interviews and smiling. I loved his mind, his sarcastic wit and his downright ornery-ness! Thank God his talent lives on and still enriches our lives!Trudy McDonald Egitto

We participated in our weekly peace vigil at one
of the biggest and busiest intersections in the
county. We got hassled by the police for violating
the PA vehicle code so we moved immediately and
and thanks to the officer’s concern, we found an even better
place to stand next week. By the way, at that vigil I always
hold a sign that says ‘War is Over If you Want It’ in honor
of John and for some inspiration.We thought of John all day because my husband
has been a fan since childhood and Dec 8 is always
a little bit sad for him.We also celebrated the fifteenth birthday of our wonderful
son, who also loves John and can’t yet
see that his birthday happening on such an otherwise
sad day isn’t a bad thing but a good thing.Peace,
eRobin Stelly

Dear Yoko:
I’m from Mexico. Last Saturday, a lot of Mexicans remembered John with a concert. We kept a minute of silence in memoriam, we sang all those beautiful compositions, we share his peace and love dreams, your peace and love dreams.
We miss John and make us his fight and his dreams.
We imagine all the people living life in peace.
We love you John, wherever you are!
Truly yours
Elsa Jurado

Dear Yoko,
You and John Lennon have been a great inspiration to me over the last 30 years or so… so on December 8, 2007, I reflected back on the past, the present and the future. I along with you, hope the future is brighter than ever before… one filled with peace, love and understanding. Thank you for carrying on the message.
Peace and Love,
Chris Casazza

I have put up a web page with my story and pictures.
John is still with us.
Grant E. Remington

we went on a scuba diving class in Monterey Bay, CA, for our wedding
anniversary. starfish, coral, crabs, anemones. no sounds except deep,
slow breathing and bubbles. peace 🙂
we love you john, sean, julian, cynthia & yoko!
ian holmes & eliza mckenna

Okay, I have an idea. It’s nothing original, but in the US (there are some international folks amongst; hello!) it’ll only cost $4.10 in postage a piece.
Please print off the attachment and copy it ten times. You should have eleven in total. Display one in a window (house, car, what have you) and then sit at a table with pen/biro in hand and open up your local telephone book. Be sure to have ten regular envelopes available and from the phone book select ten people at random (and address envelopes accordingly) to receive one of the attachments. If you like, you could include instructions (more clear than my own here) inviting the person to do the same (copy the ad ten times; leaving 11 copies; display one ad in the window; post ten to strangers). BONUS: should a person receive two of these random War Is Over If you want it, they should inform the local newspaper of this miraculous event.

dear yoko:
i think of john every so often and especially this time of year. his reflections and music touched us all on a level that will truly last our lifetimes and future generations. thanks you so much for this e-mail and have a very happy and peaceful holiday season… imagine… .
bob moffett

Hi Yoko and everybody at IMAGINE PEACE:
My 8, December was a very busy and peaceful day; I started it with my coffee, honey and toast reading the journals and looking at the people passing by from the window of my favourite corner cafe.While reading the journal I was haunted by a photograph taken in Tehran of a woman in chador beating with a big stick to a group of women all of them in chador too.The woman with the hard phallic symbol was a policewoman; the others were The ‘Mothers for Peace’, a group of Iranian women and men that have signed a letter to senior officials and clerical-led authorities expressing their fear that there will be a war over Iran’s nuclear program:
‘We, mothers of peace, want to express our deepest concerns over the country’s critical situation.
We are worried about the prices that we and our children will have to pay during a period of such insecurity.
We have not forgotten the bitter days of war. (They are referring to the war with Iraq from 1980 to 1988)
We are still mourning the loss of our loved ones, and we watch the suffering of the disabled and see the names of our martyrs on the streets.’
This letter was signed by 521 women and was posted on
(This site it’s just in Persian. I tried during the whole day to send them a supportive e-mail but I wasn’t successful.
This is the free translator address from English to Persian just in case you want to try: )
I would love so much to help them to get their wishes of living life in Peace without fears and with security. I don’t want war to be anybody’s destiny.
This is what I had in mind during the whole day mixed with songs by John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Grace Slick, Nina Simone, Cat Power, and many others while working on some of my projects.
A big hug to all of you. Have a nice day.
Remember: i ii iii
Jorge Artajo (Madrid- Spain)

Hello Gentlepeople!I printed out 50 copies (half page, front & back) of the following, which I’m passing out to friends, family, and the bowlers in my league.Louisa Arndt
San Rafael CA [side one]
Hello Friends!Stores are filled with holiday stuff. Tons and tons of it! Most of it comes from China or other overseas nations. It’s transported in ships and planes, off-loaded onto tractor trailer rigs to be hauled across the country to malls large and small, and then we shoppers drive to the mall to buy the stuff and bring it home. Bunker oil, jet fuel, diesel fuel, gasoline – all made from oil. A lot of this stuff is made of plastic, packaged in plastic, and stuffed into plastic bags for us to carry home. Plastics made from oil. Hmmmnn. This would all seem to be very fossil-fuelish!Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or the Winter Solstice, most of the celebrations involve “gifts” and, in today’s world, “gifts” means “buying stuff”. Our megabillion-dollar advertising industry works constantly to convince us that “love” is measured by “stuff,” and the more you spend, the more you love. We whip out our credit cards, even though we know that in January we will find ourselves even deeper in debt, and with even more stuff to be stuffed into our closets and garages.Is this really the way we want to spend a joyous holiday season? I think not, and so I offer some suggestions for making this holiday home grown.Here are some of the benefits of a homegrown holiday. Together, we can
Save the holidays!
Save the economy by reducing the national consumer debt!
Save the children from toxic toys that China’s low-wage labor built!!
Save the Bay from oil spills from ships that carry the toxic toys!
Save the jobs at home!
Save the air!
Save the environment!
Save on oil and gas!
Save your money!
Save your family by doing family things together!
So Ho! Ho! Ho! and Save! Save! Save!
Have yourself a wonderful homegrown holiday![side two]Have a homegrown holiday!
Slow down. Sleep in. Hold conversations. Listen to music.
Get the whole family involved. Pets are part of the family too, and they make activities more fun!
Take walks, hikes, bike rides. Dance. Dine by candlelight. Watch birds.
Play Frisbee, croquet, badminton, touch football.
Take turns reading a story. Relate family adventures. Tell jokes. Laugh.
Volunteer to help serve a holiday meal to the poor and homeless.
Volunteer at an animal shelter, classroom, hospital, retirement home.
Visit the elderly with your well-mannered pet.
Throw parties. Go caroling. Have a slide show. Make a scrapbook.
Invite friends to bake cookies or make gingerbread houses.
Play games – board games, word games, card games, raucous games, games to make you laugh.
Have friends over for brunch, or lunch, or afternoon tea.
Go to the ballet, symphony, concert, a play – stay local if you can.
Design your own cards, with newsy notes, and e-mail them.
Take family pictures and mail or e-mail them instead of cards.
Collect cones, acorns, wood roses, teasels, seed pods and make a wreath.
Go to the local craft fair – the Farmers’ Market – the local park.
Make music. Write a poem or a song. Invite friends for a sing-along.
Set up trains. Have a puppet show. Organize a treasure hunt. Play charades.
“Decorate” a tree outside for the birds. Fill pine cones with peanut butter.
Lots of activities – but only if they’re fun!
Still, it IS the season of giving!
Practical items, fruit, postage stamps, or a piece of Rainforest or Coral Reef
Consider a gift of chickens or bees or a sheep through the Heifer Project.
Think “green.” Shop locally, so money recirculates in your community.
Bake bread. Sew an apron, pillow, cloth shopping bag. Plant a pot of bulbs.
Give a “chore”- mow lawn, rake yard, prune shrubs, wash car, run errands.
All those hours you were going to spend shopping for stuff?
Give that time, joyously, with love, to those you hold dear.
Happy Holidays!

Remembre love. To John, to Yoko, and to the world.
From Strawberry Fields Forever in Quito-Ecuador, South America
Peace and Love.
Roberto Lalama

I’m just another musician, a keyboard/guitar/trumpet player- who was
doing a session in LA in ’80 with Jim Keltner on drums. A Obi-Wan
looking elderly gentleman with long white hair and beard walked around
giving out hundred dollar bills to the players. I said ‘what’s this?’
and he said he’d call me for a session sometime, wanted me to remember
He was Eden Ahbez, composer of ‘Nature Boy’- a #1 hit for 6 months in
1946 for Nat ‘King’ Cole, later George Benson also covered. A beautiful
tune with a haunting melody- and a deep spiritual message.
When Ahbe ( his nickname) got Keltner ( because he’d played drums on
‘Imagine’), Tim Drummond ( Neil Young, James Brown), Bill Champlin and
myself together at Sunswept studios in Studio City- he said he wanted
to dedicate the new version to Yoko, as a gift of Love to the memory of
John Lennon.
A lot of stuff happened, mostly Ahbe died in a car accident, and the
master tapes no longer exist. I do, however, have a cassette of the
song, which I someday hope to get to Yoko, and complete the circle of
Love, music, and respect. It isnt perfect, but is a unique statement.
I now play along with another ex- Doobie Brother, Tiran Porter, in a
band called the White Album Ensemble, we perform around Santa Cruz, Ca,
as an 8 pc. band that does post tour era Beatles albums live- our next
show with the symphony will feature ‘Imagine’, in May- 2008
Dale Ockerman

I live in the west and so I joined my thoughts to all the others by a moment of pause and reflection at fifteen minutes after each hour… .8:15, 9:15, 10:15… .each felt like the crest of a wave of heartfelt desire for peace. I could not percieve difference between my own such desire and a sense of others’ same desire.
At 11:10 pm I lit candles and sat alone in a room listening to John sing ‘Imagine’ and then I eased into meditation, eyes closed, opening up my mindheartspirit to whatever I might give and recieve… expectations.
Wonderful images and sensations washed through me! First, it was as if the room filled with late morning sunlight, and it occurred to me that this was a light that already was perpetually spreading like weightless butter to cover the whole planet at once. Coming through collective human imagination in an organic way as a force of nature. I felt myself immersed in warmth and brightness.
And then, cutting through the light came John’s familiar voice! There was no mistaking that distinctive tone and manner. The quality of the sound was very firm, immediate, present and loud ~ pushed almost to an insistent shout. Strangely (to me) the voice spoke only a long sequence of numbers … .I did not understand the meaning of this sequence but I felt a sense that others (perhaps Yoko) could and did recieve and understand the meaning. I couldn’t remember all the numbers but the fragment I retained was 0 50 1 3 83 … ..something like that. I might not have it quite right, and certainly not complete. I was so fascinated by the idea of a spoken ‘language of numbers’ that I neglected to pay full attention to the sequence itself! And that was all, just the numbers… words… …
After that, silence and the light and warmth very, very slowly ebbed away ~ actually I felt the sense that the light was still there, permanently, that I was the one leaving it where it was and ebbing back to ‘routine awareness’… .
It seems strange to write about it now ~ I certainly would not have anticipated the experience I had! But everything felt perfectly sane and sensible in the moment. I was, and am still, left with a sensed message that imagining a world of peace is very powerful and encompassing and a real organic force of nature. Surely John’s ‘voice’ has always been a part of that truth asserting itself… as ever in a very pure way.
Years ago, I listened to recordings of John’s voice often and when the time came along, I followed John and Yoko’s simple collaborative suggestion that to imagine is to add my own voice and my own essence to that force of nature. John’s voice never stops inspiring ours and Our voices still make John’s voice loud and clear. We still reclaim our power of imagination every day, and that truth called peace is still asserting itself.
Written respectfully with love and gratitude,
Jim Lamberson
Ashland, Oregon

Hello Yoko and all John fans,
Well of course I wore my Beatles shirt all day on the 8th. I took my friend Amy and my kids Ian and Maddy to see ‘Across the Universe’ which we all loved and at dinner talked of great John memories or moments we love about him. Mostly crazy things he did that made us laugh. Of course we played Imagine at 11:15 and all of the Lennon Legacy DVD after that. It was so nice to see him walking around the park with you or alone, just loving life and NYC. That horrible day changed my life more than any other. I was a very impressionable Beatles/John fan at 16 when he died. The day usually hits me very hard and somehow this year I was able to work harder to make it a positive day and it worked. I tried to explain to my kids all of the crazy things that were happening in the world in the late 60’s and 70’s and why it was so important that you and John worked so hard to get Peace in the news. I will always love you and John, you shaped who I am.
Love Always!
Scott Law
Baltimore, MD

Hello Mrs. Lennon,On December the 8th at 11.15 p.m. it was early in the morning here in Finland
and already 9 th of December I lighted candle for John as every year since 1980
and I remembered him as always with love.Now maybe the first time it felt that I
belong to something bigger and stronger than before maybe that’s the family of
Peace and Love.

This December 8th was the first year that i was aware of john’s death.
I never really knew who he was considering the fact that he died 12
years before i was born. I started really getting into the beatles
and of course i just had to know about all the members. I don’t know
when it happened really but as i learned more about that one
particular beatle, John Lennon, i was so inspired. The more i found
out about him, the more i laughed and cried. He is now someone i will
admire for the rest of my life and i want to help carry one his
message like so many others. Anyway, i was supposed to go to nyc on
december 8th with my mother and friedn to visit my aunt and see all
the christmas decorations but what i was really looking forward to was
going to strawberry fields. Unfortunaltly, things came up and i
wasn’t able to so i’m planning on going this saturday to see it. So
instead i speant my December 8th with my self in quiet reflection,
remebering my new discovery, John Lennon.

Hi Yoko
I have never really sent you a message before even though you’ve been in my thoughts many times over the years and have been a great inspiration to me as an artist. I don’t know if you got it, but I handed over the only thing I could let go of on my person to give to you via one of your friends at John’s memorial on Dec8, my University of Windsor (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) printing card. It was meant as both a symbol of how far I traveled to be there (thus showing what it meant to me to do so) and as something of a joke, seeing all those print outs that seemed to come straight from your own printer. I was very appreciative of the gesture of the hats, the candle in the window and the message. It meant so much to me to be there – I’m 27 now, but my interest in John began at the age of 14 and every year I’ve often wondered what it would be like to be there to share that with other people. I grew up in a town of 6,000 people in Kingsville, Ontario and have never been able to travel much until recently, and the trip to New York City last week was the first time I had ever flown on a commercial plane before. I had to over come a lot of fears and anxieties to get there, and I think that was suitable in that both you and John were, in a way, all about that – life’s pursuit of peace, love, humanity, etc were about conquering fears and pain, and in order to experience that on that night, I had to do that myself.
The vigil was amazing – I had some reservations about it initially, as I thought it might be too sad for me to handle and miss the point of celebrating John’s life. I was relieved and very surprised that it did the exact opposite. While the date was somber, putting all those people together in that place created something positive, going great distances to prove that the messages, the songs, the ideas, etc are all still very much alive in spite of that horror. Your gesture and personal message to everyone through your friends was like blowing extra wind into our sails. Afterwards, I caught a plane back to Cleveland where we had to wait a few hours to catch a bus back to Detroit to drive back to Windsor. While waiting in Cleveland, my friend Jeff and I (Jeff only recently having gotten interested in the Beatles and Lennon through me – he is there for life now after this weekend!) waited in the commons area of this grand Hyatt Hotel, having breakfast and tea. While there, we met with this man Ronald, a black man who was interested in knowing more about Canada and what we thought. Talking with him proved to be a great experience as we shared common ideas about the world, peace and music. He also likes John Lennon and mentioned him several times as a big inspiration to him when he was younger about doing what I had mentioned earlier – overcoming fears and personal pain to see the greater good in people and in the world. His story was exceptional, and he was full of great insight. We exchange phone numbers and decided to keep in touch. He even gave us some free bagels for our bus ride back to Detroit. I could not help but think that, after the Lennon memorial, this was a ripple effect. As a result, I turned around after leaving, went back in and gave him my Imagine Peace hat as a thank you and as a gesture. I think it was fitting to pass on the message you were passing to us since it was uncanny that I ran into this man after that experience. So I felt I was doing something on your behalf, to make sure that message wasn’t just confined to the mourning of John, but that the message you and John helped carry was spread beyond that tragedy, that your roles in promoting peace continue through the people that you reached and, thus, through the people that those people have reached. I’m sure that man will be spreading more of that around himself now, as he will no doubt be answering some questions about his new hat. I’m sure that was your intention anyways.So once again, I would like to thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do and I hope that this message finds you well in a time that must always continue to be difficult for you. Perhaps knowing my story and others will remind you that we all do shine on … and on and on and on!A Peace Of It,

This is an Imagine sign I made a few years back. I was thinking of the message I wanted to send at Christmastime & I thought that John Lennon said it for me in his song ‘Imagine’. I constructed a sign out of plywood & Christmas lights and hung it on the side of our house for everyone to see. I now keep the Imagine sign up all year round. A friend of mine who lives in Queens, NY has made a similar sign. I invite everyone to make their own Imagine sign! Robert Bobby
‘a sentimental Pennsylvanian with a beer consciousness smile’

I am so moved by Yoko’s message and sorry to have missed it during the days we were remembering him. Thank you for your inspiration in creating such a wonderful monument of light. It is indeed a powerful message and I will cherish it.Mary June Pettyfer
a member of the Canadian group working to establish
a Department of Peace in our federal government

Dear Yoko and friends On December 8th I want into NYC to attend an event I produced. I used to managed a band , Mikey and the Merry Pranksters for several years. Mikey’s Music was soulful funky and pop and hook with a universal anti Racist message. I an also involved in a annual event in the summer time out on Long Island called the be-in. We have been doing the be-in for almost 20 years and had many musicians bands and poets involved and also they include a political panel of peace and justice activist. Mikey was very popular with the Be-In. Mikey passed away from AIDS on January 7th 2006. Mikey’s Mother wanted to do a celebration of the Be-In at her apartment and it turned out to be on December 8th. Our Friends George and Julius played along with Musician Al Podber.
Miley’s Mom Marjorie Eliot Played the piano, she is a Jazz pianist as is her son Rudel Drears who played also. Rudy Dad Al Drears played the snare and High hat. We had a round Robin.
After the Be-In celebration some of us headed down to Strawberry Fields and take part in the Annual celebration of John’s like and Music. I enjoyed being with many people who feel the same way I do. I enjoy singing thos songs with everyone there. I noticed lots of the people there were in there 20s and even younger. I remember exactly were I was and what I was doing on December 8th 1980 right after 11pm. Howard Cosell broke the news.Peace

Dear Yoko Ono,I could not stop crying reading your message of Dec 8. I remember losing custody of my children in 2000 when they were 4 and 6 years old. They are alive and fine, I just can not see them much (2 hours every 2 months is the time I can be with them) and can not be with them, but it still hurts. How can anyone bear the total loss of loved one? No one should suffer the way you did and you still do today. But the war goes on and many are killed even today. The violence of war and all kinds has to be stopped. And I thank you for taking a stand for peace on earth.Yes, give peace a change.On Dec 8, I was invited to speak to the high school English teachers on our campaign for peace. I wish I read your message before my talk so that I could share it with them.I came home, opened my computer as usual, and read your message. I feel John is still alive and his message (in the movie) is the same as the message from Dennis Kucinich. I met Dennis several times in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 in Iowa, LA, Washington DC., etc. He is trying to create Department of Peace in the US government. I joined him on this campaign (The Peace Alliance) and now I am trying to create Ministry of Peace in Japan with many people who want to create a new way of solving problems. We now have a group called JUMP, Japan United for Ministry of Peace.
I hope you and John (from the heaven) will support our campaign, too!There is a growing movement now worldwide to create Ministries andDepartments of Peace.
30 countries have joined the movement and it is growing. We hosted the 3rd Global Summit for Ministries and Departments of Peace this September and we (Global Alliance) are aiming to have ministries and departments of peace in all countries on earth and to end all wars one day.Yes, War is over if you want it!I printed your art work and put it to my window. We live in the 200 years old farm house and growing most of what we eat organically. I live close to Tokiko Kato. Her house is 10 minutes drive from us we do events together sometimes. I hope to see you and spend time with you one day. Come and visit us and eat my organic dishes, they are delicious!I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the message you and John are sharing today.
It gives me hope and keeps me going.Thank you. Arigato gozaimasu.
deepest love and peace,
Yumi Kikuchi
Chiba, Japan
Global Peace Campaign (English)
Yumi’s English Blog

Yoko, You and John’s work for PEACE never ceases to inspire me. I grew up listening to John. I am 57 years old and have never stopped believing that we NEED and MUST give PEACE a CHANCE.
Om Mani Padme Hume.

On dec 8th this year I had planned what I though was going to be my huge Birthday celebration
Instead I was called away to ATl on a business trip for the magazine I work for.
I am sitting in a cafe worried about how my supporters feel about me abruptly cancelling my own birthday party not realizing that my vision was about to be seen and heard by the very people who could make it happen
any way I was asked to sing at this very cozy place called Kats cafe in ATL
and whe I look at the art work who is on the wall but my Guardian Angel – John Lennon with the lyrics to Imagine beside his face
I smiled and realized that God has really allowed me to know someone who I look up to but physically cannot see or touch
John Lennon has been my role mode for Peace ever since I realized I had a voice to share with the universe
I promised John and God in my DREAMS that I would use my voice to continue the ImaginePeace campaign before I even knew it exsisted
Now that I have found a physical connection to him I will do everything in my power to bring awareness of his efforts to those who are too young to remember or those who have lost hope in these perilous time on earth
I am the Founder of Project BUILDPEACE
a chapter of Musicians and Artists for World Peace
I will forever have Strawberry Daydreams of all the great PEACE Keepers coming together through our unity for one GRAND SHOW to broadcast Across the Universe
Kimia Collins
Chyna Doll

I’d just like to share a wonderful moment. On dec 8 2007 I happened to be in Central Park at strawberry fields and spent 2 glorious hours singing John’s songs with hundreds of like minded people. The energy and love was contagious… everybody walking by had glowing smiling faces. We all felt John’s presence…

Dear Yoko, Sean, Julian,
On December 8th I did play the song Imagine and lit my peace candle and had a moment of meditation on peace and love for all beings who inhabit this earth. I did feel connected to all others who may have practiced something similar that day. What a wonderful feeling to experience such good vibrations through the universe on what was such a horrible day. Thank you for continuing the message and opening your thoughts to us.
Marijo, Boise Idaho

Dear Yoko Ono,
You ask what I did (as well as millions of other people) on Dec. 8. I was home alone as the members of my family were busy with their activities.
I decorated The Christmas tree and house. I was able to take the time to reflect on the changes in my life. I too lost a 17 year old daughter just over 3 years ago to a senseless accident. No more hopes and dreams for her, I was shattered.
As I was placing the special ornaments on the tree, that I had annually given to my 3 children, I noticed that I had usually given Heather an angel ornament. Little did I know then that she would become an angel to me and my family. Life is so different for me now and I have found that my soul is in need of creating a better life. I so applaud your ability to do what you are doing. Without a doubt I know that John is with you every step of the way as I know my Heather is with me guiding the direction that I too must follow.
I often ask why we must have the tragedy in order to create something good. Then I remember, we are the lucky ones given the gift from our special loved ones to inspire and help the world become what it is destined to become, Peace On Earth as it is in Heaven. Thank you for your being, Yoko Ono.
Love and Light from Loretta

Dear Yoko Ono
On Dec 8th I painted this picture of my home and then created all my Christmas cards ready to send ‘Imagine Peace’ to all my friends and family, I’m sending this one to you, as you inspired me to ‘Imagine Peace’.
The message is a reminder that Peace starts at home in fact it really starts from within and then fills your home and then extends from there… .on and on… ..and so here is my Peace to you sent from Fullerville Church, Flinders Ranges South Australia. Fullerville has a population of 13, consisting of one church and four houses, not exactly very close together, but one can see the neighbours buildings if you stand outside.
I’m hoping to open a Gallery of my work next year, you never know someone may even come and visit !!?
If you ever think of visiting South Australia I would feel privileged to welcome you.
Peace & Love
Bev Edwards

‘We can all make a difference – one by one’
— Both Sides Of The Gun
Fonda Feingold

Hi there .
I am a danish girl who in last month was on a trip to Iceland where I saw Yoko’s Peace Tower . One evening I sat outside just to watch and enjoy her beautyfull peace of art , and it almost made me cry to realize how much John and Yoko have done and are still doing to this world we live in . So now we can just each and every person try to change this world and make it a better place to live in .
R.I.P. John Lennon , we owe you everything .
In Loving Memory of John Lennon .
/Heidi Majdecki , Denmark

Hi Yoko,
Would like to share my story of what I did on December 8th, 2007 with you and all of the fellow dreamers. Every year, whether I have friends over or just myself. This year, it was just myself for all my friends have joined John prematurely.
I have a video tape with live events of the tragic night and sat now and cried watching two hours of when the news broke to the world. I did play Imagine afterwards and felt uplifted. I also went through all of my scrapbooks, 6 in all and remembered what life was and how we had great hope for change. To this day, Yoko, I mourn your loss and wish I could be with you to give you a hug for being so strong and so loyal to John. You are an inspiration to us dreamers!
I have attached a few clips of my video to show you myself and to show the walk you made with John through Central Park days before the murder. I would like to share the whole video with you and if you wish to have one, please email me for it is history captured in real time. I also reflected on the memorial I held in my home town of Bristol, Pa with a crowd of 500 and know if I was in my hometown we would have had a get together again. We personally met a few times at the Dakotas both you and John. I always was there for John and Sean’s birthday and always admired how you would come out and greet the visitors and give us cake or a token card with Imagine on it. I have these items secure in my scrapbooks. I was invited in to your apartment by Andy Warhol one year along with Harry Nielson but I did not go in for I felt it was improper to accept the invitation unless it came by you directly. I sometimes regret that I did not take advantage of this invitation for I would have loved to be in the home that was filled with love and dreams.
Please let me know when you will be doing another tour of John’s lithographs, I own one and always admire your shows. I live in the boon docks in Erwin, TN but would travel to wherever you may be. Can not afford Iceland but then the memorial is no longer lit till next year but would one day love to see all of the tokens left by dreamers.
Sean has grown to be a man and I hope you see John in his eyes, his actions and his inspirations. I know he is his own person but his inner being reflects both you and John!
God bless you Yoko and keep safe, healthy and wise!

Thank you, Brother John, for all that you gave us. You lived more like a saint than anyone
who became well-known in my lifetime, and you left us all able to imagine, as difficult as it is now.—Ann Garrison
Below you can find a picture that Bob Gruen took of me in central park, i met him a little after John died, and i think i helped distract him with my friendship,
And we are still friends:
i was in a taxi cab on the way to rehearse with drummer Walter Garces who is now a top L.A drummer, and Billy Kong guitarist,
I had asked the tai driver to stop, so i could so i could go to the bathroom. At that moment, the radio said singer songwriter John Lennon has ( blah blah blah i rather not say,,,, i suddenly felt my heart very heavy… … ..maybe because as a piano player guitarist,/ writer i had felt very connected to Johns music, in alot of ways,
i said to the driver ‘i cant believe it this is terrible’
I then went into the restaurant to use the bathroom. But before i could go in i had to call my mom on the payphone, and tell her what happened, i guess i needed to share my pain at the moment, because i was feeling so hurt,
And then as i was shaking and tearing up, proceeded to reheasal, told my band members what happend, and they let me take my time to get over the emotion of it, then i cries they comforted me, and billy king the guitarist, said,
Ok enough crying lets play,
I till this day still feel somehow connected to john lennon, as i am sure alot of musicians do in thier own way i believe he visits us all at his convience,
peace and thanks for offering me to share my story,

John, my favorite Beatle and an inspiration to us all.
I was in my boyfriends kitchen when a girlfriend called to give me the sad news.
Not he was shot, not he’s dying, but that he was dead.
I know I cried immediately and grieved for days on end. I could not console my heart well enough but I took my love for him and soaked up his message of peace and love and equality.
I still feel that ache inside but it’s warmed with the hope John left in me.
I miss you John… … always will.
me in strawberry fields last summer… …

Dear Yoko:
It’s hard to imagine John has been gone so long from us in the physical sense. I miss him more today than I did when he was taken from all of us so cruelly. God bless you and Sean and may time give you the strength and wisdom to heal from your grief. I hope we will always celebrate John’s life and all the good things he stood for. John has always been my personal hero and his music still speaks to me in ways I never thought possible.
My best memory of Dec. 8th 1980 was that I was making love to my wife when John passed. I will always be grateful that when John was taken from us, I was engaged in an act of love and happiness. I was so excited when I heard ‘Double Fantasy’ and was so proud of you and John for the excellent music you made together. I was looking forward to John perhaps performing live again, and enjoyed hearing him in radio interviews during that time.
May you and Sean have a wonderful holiday season together, and may you be truly blessed with love, peace, understanding, and contentment.
kind regards:
Doug Robb a true fan of John Lennon
PS: I will be with you tomorrow night at 10:15 PM, Central Standard Time, when John was taken from me here in Austin, Tx. Peace be with you!

There is not a moment passes in my life, when I don’t think of John Lennon and what he and Yoko stood for. The art of being and living in a torn society, which really hasn’t changed much in 27 years, but has been bearable, knowing what I believe to be true logic, that is PEACE!
Bless everyone that shares our views.
Peace, love and good karma, from Paul 🙂 xx

thank you, yoko.
i was sitting on the floor of my college apartment when i heard the news. it knocked me right over onto my back in tears. i admire your continuing to fight the good fight. love to you and your family on this anniversary.
in peace.

Yes – his memory and beautiful achievements will always be here, inside –
That fateful weekend, in Cleveland, WMMS-FM had (national?) Moment of silence at 2 p.m. –
I walked down to the rocky river, and realized then, that he had been the most influential musician/poet of our times
Be well – thank you for holding his & your message so high – Randall, & Beth

In Australia, because if time zones it was December 9, lunchtime. I was living in Melbourne at the time, driving down Mt Alexander Road Essendon when the 12 o’clock news came over the radio. That would have been 8pm the evening before in NY. I remember the moment as clear as I remember the death of JFK, I was only 10 then. It hit me very hard, I had grown up with the Beatles, before TV, crowding around the radio at night listening to this new wave of music and Beatlemania overtaking the world. If only Peace could work like this.
Years later I was fortunate to have a Beatle friend of my own, when I came it meet George. I have met many high powered and people who have influenced the world, but this loving simple living quiet thinking man was the highlight of my life. He too met violence in his own house.
Thank you Yoko for continuing with John’s dream and I hope the bed stays warm on the other side forever.
Give Peace a Chance
Pete Barter

Dear Yoko,
I was so depressed and dissociated at that time in my life, when I heard what had just happened to John, I shut down completely and went into complete denial and pretended it never happened. I was an anti-war activist and loved John, the Beatles and the music and what you both were doing. I was visiting with my mother 9 blocks away at 63rd and CPW. I look back now and cannot believe how I responded. I grieve now and I am 60 years old January 11th, 2008. I share your work and beliefs. I do it in my own way. Bless you for what you are putting out into the world. Hold the Light, dear sister. You are not alone. We are not alone.
Please look at our meditation website. My husband, Greg, and I have created a sanctuary and refuge for meditators. Everything is free. We have our own dedicated zendo in our home and give free one-day silent retreats and meditation classes twice a week that always happen. No need to call. We have made a monastery for the community as a respite for PEACE.We have created a Buddha-Field. It is our effort at peace… learning how to BE PEACE through meditation (in the Vipassana tradition). Learning how to stop the war within ourselves and with ourselves. Make peace with ourselves.
You are welcome here in Santa Barbara at our home anytime to meditate and donate your silence and stillness; the inner Light you carry. I love your Light project in Iceland. It is so moving and real. Thank you, precious heart for peace.
Many blessings and Big Love,
Judith Smith

Thank you for keeping John alive within us through you. I wrote
to you several years ago about my first husband passing away the
very year John did, by the exact same means. I have a special
shirt that I wear for John’s Birthday and is dated with his
birthdate and day of passing.
Thank you & God Bless.
Karen S Augustsson
With LOVE all things are possible, then there are no problems… ..only solutions.

John & Yoko
My connection to John & Yoko deserves the attention of a full chapter in ‘The Stories of Starry Night.’
Like most young people of the 60s I knew John & Yoko as media icons.
After moving to NYC in 1971, little threads of our lives crisscrossed as does anyone who is a member of the Manhattan Artworld. Someone knows someone, who knows someone. I worked for the SoHo Weekly News for 8 years, so that happens.
The first thread was when Phyllis Chesler and I were living together in the Village. Chesler had just published ‘Women & Madness.’ She received a note from Yoko. Yoko invited her to their home. Chesler snapped, ‘We don’t associate with people like that.’ Chesler was 30 and I was 20. She won. I didn’t get to meet one of my poet heroes. I had written a small book entitled, ‘The Game.’ It had been inspired by John’s ‘I Sat Belonely.’
From the SoHo News I knew Allen Tannenbaum. ‘BooBoo’ Tannenbaum was friends with John & Yoko. He did the last portrait of John & Yoko. John’s last portrait appeared on the cover of the Soho News.
The week after John was killed (long story here) we had a meeting at the newspaper. The editors wanted to run with another story. They said the Lennon story was over-saturated. They called me in and asked me my opinion. I was the newstand distributor for SoHo, Chelsea and the Village. I told them that they had to take a leadership position. I said, ‘Are you guys leaders or followers?’ ‘If you are in the business of selling newspapers to the artworld, then you will put Yoko on the cover!’ The guy who was running the show was some English dude that had been sent over to run the paper. He and I had a nice connection. He said, ‘We are going to run it with Yoko.’
Like most of the artworld I went to Central Park to pay my respects to John when his photo was displayed at the bandshell.
What I will always remember is being stuck in northbound traffic on the Westside Highway. I was sitting there in my blue Chevy van. A long limo inched up next to me on the driver’s side. I looked in and saw Yoko with her mother in the backseat. John had his back to me. I smiled at Yoko. She smiled back. John turned around. And we smiled at each other.
That is how I met John Lennon. That is how I remember John & Yoko.

John Lennon’s death, Dec. 8, 1980, was toughest of all…
Copyright (c) 2007 by Don Williams, All Rights Reserved
Of all the public deaths that haunt our world, the one that hit
me hardest was the murder of John Lennon. Youth was over.
Idealism lay slain. I’d been too young to fully appreciate
the loss in earlier assassinations. Not so by December, 1980. I’d
graduated college, married, become a father and planted my feet
in a serious job. Like Lennon, I’d settled down.
His memory always comes to mind this time of year, even without
the help of media visuals such as “Across the Universe,” maybe
the best movie ever made about “hippies,” and one that features
more than two dozen songs by Lennon / McCartney. I watched much
of the film with a lump in my throat. Go see it if you ever rode
a magic bus, fought in Vietnam, fell in love, protested a war,
aspired to create art, or quarreled across the Generation Gap –
that earlier front in our so-called Culture Wars.
John Lennon, of course, was a player in that cultural divide and
his memory remains a lightning rod for public passions. Wednesday
night I watched a TV repeat of the 1994 film, “Backbeat,” about
the Beatles’ early years working German nightclubs. The
laddies mostly wore leather jackets and slicked-back hair. The
idealism and seminal anger that fueled Lennon’s art, music and
fame are well portrayed.
In the end, fame killed the young composer, poet, prophet,
provocateur. On Dec. 8, 1980, a former fan named Mark David
Chapman drew a gun and shot John Lennon dead in front of his New
York apartment. I remember how much older the world got that
night, that week, that winter.
As I wrote in a column that ran in the News-Sentinel (Dec., 1990)
winter solstice came early in 1980, as the shadow of Lennon’s
death fell across the land.
He had only recently returned to the living, it seemed. His first
album in years, “Double Fantasy,” was the work of an artist who
had come to terms with demons. This was Lennon at home with wife
and child, content to watch the world roll by without leading the
I was talking to some friends about the Beatles just this past
Tuesday in Knoxville’s Preservation Pub, when a friend asked me
when I’d first heard the Beatles. I tried throwing my mind back
to those times. I was a youngster of about 8 or 9. The country
still mourned the murder of another charismatic leader named John
Kennedy, and the Beatles made things new and fun again for a lot
of us. The energy seemed to burst from the TV into my parents’
living room when they lit into “All My Loving” on The Ed Sullivan
The song sounds quaint now, but it’s still strong, and at the
time it was electrifying. It started us dancing and singing along
that night. The Beatles never let us stop. They were pied pipers
of the dawn. A flood of music became anthems for an age of
vibrant experimentation in new ways of looking at the world.
Little did we suspect, as burr haircuts and bouffants made way
for shaggier looks, all the changes to come the next six years.
Six years. Could all those classics have been the work of six or
seven years? Even their titles hint at the richness of the
offering. “Here, There and Everywhere,” “Eleanor Rigby,”
“Strawberry Fields Forever,” “Norwegian Wood,” “A Day in the
Life,” “Penny Lane,” “Let It Be,” “In My Life,” “Yesterday,”
“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” “Across the Universe,” ‘All You
Need Is Love… .’
The late scholar Joseph Campbell once called Lennon an archetypal
hero on a vision quest to experience ultimate reality and bring
back a gift that would enrich the tribe, and so he was. His tribe
was the world, which still rings with Beatles tunes. Lennon
brought back more than that though. He brought a vision of how
the world could be made better. It’s most clearly stated in his
song, “Imagine.”
How strange to hear that musical vision waft through the
marketplace like so much Muzak these days. For beneath the beauty
of the melody and power of the vocal performance lies a radical
prescription for utopia. Lennon’s song calls for an end to
private property, an end to organized religion and more. Needless
to say, his utopia is not one the world is likely to embrace
Never mind. Lennon’s life and death serve as reminders that the
world is both transcendently beautiful and unspeakably tragic.
It’s to his credit that he sought to reconcile this Whole Earth
to itself. His Christmas-season death tolls with two bells, as I
wrote in 1990. One rings with life and hope. The one that speaks
death and despair can never blow that one away.

13 years old I was, when John Lennon was taken from us, in a cold New York City, right outside where he lived, The Dakota directly opposite Central Park. People still gather in central park, to a shrine dedicated to the man that changed the way we think, but it is still not enough, because we STILL have wars, we STILL have poverty and we STILL have hunger in our world. He meant so much to me, fighting OUR battles with the men in shirts and ties, who told lye after lye, and comfortabley watched as people suffered and died.
Peace, love and good karma, from Paul xxx

Dear Yoko,
There isn’t a day that goes by that I do not think of the time I was in Central Park after John’s death. It was a rainy day and I was there to jump inside of the IMAGINE circle to make my wish for PEACE and there you were, walking with Sean. I looked directly at you and you at me. Your smile was all I needed to tearfully realize what a significant role you and John have played in my life and that of my children and my grand children, how very much you shone the light on WORLDWIDE PEACE for me and for the WORLD. Thank you for your unrelenting and selfless journey that we all have with you, hand in hand to bring about PEACE to the WORLD. I will be with you and all of the others tomorrow at 11:15. My thought today when I received your message was, How could it be 27 years since we all fell to our knees. John was my leader, my President of Peace and you Yoko my first lady.
Happy Christmas,
Gloria Tait

December 8th, 1980 was the first birthday of my sister that ocurred after her death, so it was already a heavy day for me. She, as I, was a huge Beatles fan. As the news of John’s death spread across the airwaves and I observed millions of people turning into their shock and grief, I painted a peace sign and wrote ‘Imagine’ on it. I placed this in the front window of my home and lit a candle beneath it. I then shivered and wept through that long night with so many others, listenening to my John Lennon music and ready to carry the banner for peace that John had stirred in me in his name for the rest of my life.
Since then, when I picture my sister in ‘heaven,’ I picture her having John (and now George) over to her afterlife house for some good acoustic jammin’ and know that she’s okay and he is, too. I imagine them at peace.
-diane kerner

Dear Yoko;
I would humbly submit this story for review by yourself and others in celebration of your husband John’s, life. I an honored and priveledged to be included in any work memorializing such a great man. I am sending you and yours, Peace, Love and Light
Niall Nicholson

Niall Nicholson, Transformational Trainer
‘Where there is hatred, let me sow love;’
~Saint Francis of Assisi~
Before John Lennon imagined a world of no possessions, there existed a consciousness of war in the United States of America.
This consciousness was ignited at 11:00 am pst, on December 7th, 1941 by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
Both John and I were born into a world that new only of war, and the thinking that revolved around war. We were baby boomers, born to a generation of parents that had survived the ‘Great One’.
The twentieth century was a century filled with war. World War I, World War II, The Korean ‘Conflict’, The Indo-Chinese War, The Cold War, The Vietnam War, The War in El Salvador, etc.
Where wasn’t there a war? Can anyone find a time when there was peace?
For a time, I was an anti-war activist in the early seventies in Boulder Colorado. The tactics that we used to protest the war we at times war-like.
What did that generate, but more war!
Frustrated with my inability to wage peace, I went into the United States Navy looking for a career as an aviator, only to find myself thinking and waging war! The Cold War.
Why, because even though I had been opposing the war in Vietnam, my mindset was still programmed to war! And there could be no result other than to be a part of another war, even if it was a cold one.
Then eventually, I moved on into a career with Pan American World Airways as a pilot based in Berlin Germany.
On 9 November, 1989 something miraculous happened. The icon of the Cold War, The Berlin Wall, came down. How do I know, because I was on it that fateful night. I was living in Berlin as a pilot for Pan Am’s Inter-German Service (IGS) and was on my duty rotation that week when the unthinkable happened.
And for a time, there was a glimpse of what John had Imagine‘d not so long ago, a vision of a world at peace. You could feel it, in the hearts and faces of the throngs of people standing on the wall that fateful November night.
In the teeming masses of people yearning for their freedom as they rushed across the border over the coming months to a party that had been 45 years in the making.
The Freedom Party!
The freedom of millions of Eastern Europeans who had struggled under the yoke of communist oppression for so long, finally tasting the free air of the West!
A part of me transformed forever that day. And looking back, I realized that my life was inexorably altered as a result of that fateful time in history. Now, instead of seeing a world and asking why, I dream of a world and ask why not!
As we mourn the passing of a saint, I am struck with a thought.
What if, (and I would assert that this is the case) it was no accident that John was martyred on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.
In order for us to take this opportunity to stop the madness, to get off the merry-go-round of war, and to choose peace!
And to Imagine the possibilities of a world at peace.
A possibility that a saint gave his life for, so that others may experience something other than war. .So let us all hold each other close, and remember what it was like on that fateful night in November, 1989; when world peace were heard around the planet earth.
And choose to remember December the 7th as a day when we CHOOSE PEACE OVER WAR!

Peace, Love and Light
Niall Nicholson
Transformational Trainer / Author / Coach

Dear Yoko,
I just can remember the fatidic day of Dec 8th 1980 when I heard this terrible news. I had just move six months ago from France and was leaving in Calgary, Canada. I was expecting my first baby and was gently preparing dinner for my husband. What a choc to learn on the radio that John had been shot… so fast, so foolishly. I could feel a huge amount of sadness filling up my heart and I can barely imagine how painful it must have been for you. Since I have been praticing Buddhism, I chanted for you and John every day for many years.
The anniversary of his death still arouse a feeling of emptiness. All my life I will miss to see both of you together putting love and peace in reality through you daily actions.
Thank you for your beautiful soul. I feel I love you deeply, Yoko, and today must be the best day to let you know.
Peace in Eternity to John
The best to you in this present life.

With all of my love to Yoko and all of you at Imagine Peace. You can check out my tribute
Regards from the Silicon Valley.
Javier Lishner

I was 20 years-old and was going to my College, where I was studying Biology. That day I had an important examination and I had to take a ferryboat too early in the morning. My mother hid the newspapers from me and I leave home without knowing anything. At lunchtime I read and heard rhe news.Friends called me and it was one of the saddest days in my life.
And the world became a little bit unhappier.

Dear Yoko Ono
I was born in 1973 and so still a boy when your husband was killed
but I remember his eyes and glasses gazing out from an album jacket
leaning against my Father’s walnut loudspeakers and your voices that were such a familiar sound in our apartment.
And already Twenty Five years later today and I’ll play your songs today and I’ll pause
and remember my mom crying
and my Dad smoking
and you beloved strangers and the start of a cold grey decade.

I remember the night John Lennon died. We were living in a cottage that was more like a house, except that it was not heated except for a fireplace. It was a normally cold Canadian winter with snow on the ground. My husband and I were seated close to the fireplace to keep warm, the TV on. We were, I suppose, what was assumed to be ‘hippies’ in those days. But we did not dress that way. All our clothes were donated however.
The news was such a shock. It blared out of our TV. We were staying at this cottage to save money to travel to India to work for our Guru. We had left the monastery in Upstate New York where we had donated our labour for four years, now we were working for three months to save up the money to travel to Sikkim India to help with the monastery there. We were to be guests, once there, of the monastery and again donate our labour for free. Our parents friends were helping us. We were staying at their cottage for free, and leaving for India for the first time in early January 1988.
It was surreal. Even though we had to work in the morning we stayed up most of the night. As I reflected back on my life up to that time, I realized that John Lennon was my first Guru, my first teacher, and the most important influence of my young life.
Thank you John for opening up the idea of a spiritual life to so many of us. Thank you John for getting us to truly ‘Imagine Peace’. And thank you Yoko for being the wonderful spiritual friend and partner you were to John. To leading him to a higher level for us all.
Thank you for changing us in our youth from a path of deispair and destruction to a path of love for not only others but also self.
Thank you John and Oko.
Tashi/Mary Jane now age 61

Thoughts are with you today Yoko.
I just remember waking up and listening to Andy Peebles, who had only been out interviewing you a couple of days before. Shock, anger, sadness were the overriding feelings. RIP.
Maur, Switzerland

I have loved John all of my life. From the first time I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show way back when, he’s always been ‘the one’.
That horrible night back in 1980, I was watching Monday Night Football and Howard Cosell broke in with the announcement. At first I thought I had heard wrong, then I thought it must be a different John Lennon. I was in denial. It couldn’t be MY John. No way… … … .
Then my phone started ringing… . Friends, family members calling to see if I had heard the news. Everyone knew how much John meant to me. I had loved him for so long that it was like losing a close friend or family member. I felt like I knew him.
I was shocked, devastated, too numb to even cry at that point. Then my sadness turned to anger. Anger at a man who I didn’t know, anger that someone could do this to such a wonderful man. I hated a man I had never met for killing the best friend I had never met. I felt every emotion there was to feel that night. Sleep was out of the question after that. I stayed up all night and listened to the news and listened to John’s music.
I also attended the Memorial in Central Park and joined thousands of other fans in remembering a wonderful man and his beautiful music.
This is a poem that I wrote in honor of John.
He came to me upon a song
With words of love and words of sorrow
He made me feel like I belonged
I’ll love him until the last tomorrow.
His songs filled my head and heart
Like no other had or has ever done
I knew I loved him right from the start
I knew he’d be the only one.
I grew up with his music and words
No one ever took his place
The years went by, to the end towards
Even now, at the end, I still can see his face.
His music became my life’s soundtrack
From the first time that I heard him sing
From that day on, I never looked back
And he became my everything.
A lunatic silenced the voice but not the man
He lives forever in my heart and soul
His songs grabbed ahold of me by the hand
They made me happy and made me whole.
His name and music will never die
They will not leave me, ever
I will never, ever say goodbye
Because I will love him forever.

Here I am in Toronto in my apartment listening to Double Fantasy on December 8th 1980
I am sorry to say that I cannot accept what I heard that night when a drummer friend who was over phoned me on his way home to say John has been shot, I threw the telephone across the room and awoke later to the awful beeping of the off the hook telephone, and recorded the following day of horror from the radio.
I still want to wake up from the nightmare and know it was just a bad dream .
I hear John talk to me every day in my head encouraging me to play and sing and sometimes laughing at me when I am rehearsing or telling me that I did good that day, John is ever present with me.
I Love You Hankster Cat xo0xo0

I was a 30 year-old teacher with a wife and baby. I was stunned by the death of John. the entire week I walked around and cried intermittently. I remember seeing pictures of John, Yoko and Sean at the circus at Madison Square Garden. They looked so serene and happy I recall. John was just another Dad taking his kid to the circus. There was a picture of John,sitting up in bed playing his guitar. On his nightstand was a bottle of vitamins. they were the same vitamins I took! Could you imagine that! John and I took the same vitamins! When we lost him, it was like I lost a dear brother. A funny, wise-ass brother who at times could be annoying, but alway’s told the truth. Man do I miss him. We loved him so. PEACE. -Richard Davis

Dear Yoko and friends of peace,
Thank you for you lovely message and video. I have been a Beatlesfan and especially a John Lennonfan since the early days. The day that John was murdered, was a day of deep grief and sorrow We all know that he is not really dead as long as we listen to his music, talk about him, remember him, but we would have loved to keep him in our midst for many more years.
His message of love and peace, his message for a better world for all of us, is eternal and will never leave us.
We have just come home from the funeral of my wife’s cousin, who died after being ill for three years. So, this has been a day of reflection.
It is hard to say goodbye, and I can understand you perfectly well when you explain in your letter how sudden you, Sean and the people around you had to take leave of John.
Keep on spreading your message of love, we will never forget what John
Lennon has meant in our lives.
Kind regards,

Frozen Moment
Midtown Manhattan was freezing cold December 8, 1980,
as I walked that evening with co-workers a few blocks to Rockefeller
Center for the first and only time I had ever gone to the Christmas
Tree Lighting Ceremony. In wall to wall crowds, seven of us linked
hands and snaked through the joyful, festive
dazzle that is pure New York. The lights and color and laughter
and cold made for an exquisite frozen moment of serene beauty
as I snuggled into bed a few blocks away in Tudor City
that night.
The next morning, while readying for work, instead of WNEW Radio’s
daily ‘Morning Bruce Juice,’ people were calling in to the station,
talking about John Lennon in the past tense. Caller after caller.
What had happened? Wherewas John? I had sometimes seen John
& Yoko strolling in the Village… and around town. This morning,
‘John was… .’
Nothing prepared me for the shock of learning that John was
ripped off just a crosstown bus away from my night of celebration.
Nothing has consoled me since. John was my hope. John made
me laugh. John made me believe. John made me think. John was
my working class hero. I still can’t bring myself to attend a
Christmas tree lighting. Anywhere. So, you say this is Christmas,
may we live and think and breathe and act and love
in peace on Earth. War is Over if you want it. Now.
Oceans & planets of peace, love and aloha

In December of 1980, I was delivering papers. Normally, I didn’t look at headlines in the freezing cold. But ‘John Lennon, former Beatle, slain’ caught my eye, and I ran back home. ‘Mama! Mama! John’s gone!. Someone killed him!’
She said, ‘Yes, Howard Cosell announced it last night. I didn’t want to wake you up.’
‘But Mama! You know how much he meant to me. You know that he helped me to survive.’
I was a lonely person. I didn’t have alot of friends. I preferred to be alone, for the most part, but I loved music and books. And I got a kick out of John. He was the smartest of the Beatles, and never failed to make me laugh. Laughter is good. It’s healthy.
I did not understand at the time, and do not understand to this day why anyone would want to hurt him. He didn’t hurt anyone in his lifetime.
He pulled the best work out of Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo by being John.
Look, they wouldn’t have tried as hard as they did without being challenged!
I miss him. I never had the opportunity to talk to him personally. If I had, I would have just hugged him, and said, ‘Thank you.’
Thank you, John. I hope you hooked up with Bob Marley up there. I think you two would get on well.

My brother and I were making the two hour drive to the beach
here in Northern California. It was my idea to do a high quality
recording of the ocean waves, and give cassette copies to
people as Christmas gifts (which is what I did). We camped on
the beach that night, and when I returned to my home town
and stopped at the little organic food co-op the chalkboard said
‘John Lennon. May your rising spirit find relief’. I asked the
person in line what that might mean, she said, ‘Oh, haven’t
you heard?’ Of course it was unbelievable at first. When I
got back to my remote mountain cabin, because I had no
TV, I channel-surfed the AM band with a little transister radio,
recording the stunned announcers, the grief on the street, the
endless stream of Beatles and John Lennon songs from all over
the country. At last, I cried. I don’t remember what day it was,
but I wrote a song with snippets from John songs. The last line
was ‘May your rising spirit find relief’.
Corry Hanna

My last baby was born on October 17, 1980. She was a fussy one and I had my hands full keeping her happy. On the night of December 8th I was sitting in front of TV trying to please the baby with cooing and jingling toys and tempting her with nursing, she was having none of it … . fussing all the time. When the news flash came on about John it was a if the world stopped. I slide to the floor, I could not hold myself together … the baby stopped crying, became quite calm, she knew there was a shift in our universe. I will be forever thankful that I had her there in my arms, proof that life goes on.
I loved John for the Beatle music that delighted my soul, loved him for the man he became and the causes he stood up for … . I love you Yoko and Sean for carrying it on and bringing your own flavor to the cause of humankind.
Sue Swanson Stallcup

My Story
On that Dec 8th, just a few minutes after 11 p.m.,
I was walking home from work and had just past the
Dakotas (the apartment buildings where John and
Yoko Ono lived) when I heard the shot. I turned
around to see what had occurred, but I was too far
down the street to see what had happened. Even so,
I paused to reflect on what could have occurred,
then proceeded home. It was not until the next
morning that I learned what had happened. I know I
will never ever forget that moment on Dec 8th.
We are all ONE, we all want PEACE, we all need to
realize that we affect each other, so let’s do it.
Let’s Imagine Peace, let’s Manifest Peace NOW.
Blessings and Love and Peace to You, to the World,

December 8, 1990
Eighth of December. Snow slanting down on yards.
This morning I wept for John Lennon, murdered
ten years ago, and heard again his voice pressed
green among the black revolutions, his hawk-like
desire to hover up near the blinding face of truth.
A door in this music opens to a place he called
“Strawberry Fields.” My generation followed
him over that threshold of irresistible sound,
left houses our parents feared to abandon,
threw back taunts that stung medicinally as we went.
I am driving again in evening on County Road F,
crawling through the blizzard in my black and white
LeMans, radio harvesting crystals of shock sown
by the assassin. In town, the glitter under street lamps
cannot heal the wounded air, torn open again and again.
Bullets have ploughed the singer under drifts
of that winter, but not his song. John, we broke our
hearts trying, and the war still isn’t over.
Christmastime near . . . The snow crust smoothed by wind
shelters one fallen nettle as if it were a friend.
Thomas R. Smith
(from WAKING BEFORE DAWN, Red Dragonfly Press, 2007)

There are moments that hit us like a brick wall, but over time we eventually find a bridge to get us past those moments.
By Robert Rouse
Left of Centrist
‘There are places I remember, all my life, though some have changed. Some forever, not for better.’ Yesterday was the 64th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. For many Americans this is an event that is indelibly etched into their psyche. It was a turning point in the lives of so many souls around the world. For me, it is a sad, but unmemorable event. It is simply another date in history, much like Feb. 15 (the sinking of the battleship Maine) and March 6 (the day the Alamo fell). In my life there are two dates that both hit me in the gut and struck me as surreal – Sept. 11 and Dec. 8. And while the attacks of Sept. 11 culminated in perhaps the single worst day in modern American history, Dec. 8 and the assassination of John Lennon was the event that hit me most on a personal level.
‘Shoot me, shoot me,’ whispered John as the first words on the last Beatles’ album. Perhaps the sick animal who took Lennon’s life mistook the lyrics as a literal request but the refrain of that song took on an almost mythical precognition. In the days that followed the diabolical actions of ‘he who shall not be named’, many of us around the world came together over John. We stumbled around in shock listening to the music that had changed the world. We couldn’t let go of the dream. Until that fateful day we held out a faint hope that our favorite band would reunite and regale us with more of the magic we had come to love. In one tragic moment, that dream was lost forever.
‘All my little plans and schemes, lost like some forgotten dream, seems like all I really was doing, was waiting for you.’ John was the best friend I never had. Like so many other people who were born during the birth of Rock’n’Roll, I grew up with the Beatles. I turned nine the day before they landed in New York City for the first time and although they would only be together for another six short years, they were the years of my life when summers – and winters – seemed to go on forever. I became a musician because of these guys. I was sure to grow up and someday be a rock star – perhaps even record a record with one of the boys. But dreams die hard when you grow up and they die even harder when you’re hit with the news of the sort that was delivered to me by Howard Cosell.
‘Nobody told me they’d be days like these.’ You’re sitting comfortably, watching a football game when you’re informed that the world’s best known pacifist has been gunned down. From that point and for many days afterward, life became a haze. I had to talk to someone else who would understand the emotions swirling through my head, so I hopped in my car and drove to the campus radio station. A friend at the station named Jim Stafford was spinning records when I arrived. I told him I had a breaking story and went to the news booth. When the song was over he cued me and I related the bits and pieces I knew. Jim looked at me like I was playing some kind of cruel joke. He had this half smile on his face waiting for me to deliver the punch line. It never came. We put on the ABC news feed, went to the conference room and proceeded to get plastered on cheap beer and a few joints. We even considered driving to New York City, but realized we were way too intoxicated long before the Ohio state line. Stupidity begat tragedy begat more stupidity.
‘Pools of sorrow, waves of joy, are drifting through my open mind. Possessing and caressing me.’ The one consolation I’ve had since Dec. 8, 1980 is the music. It brings us peace . . . it brings us joy . . . it can open the recesses of our imagination. Imagine there’s a Heaven that will allow us to someday meet John face to face and tell him personally what his life’s work meant to each of us. There are people all over the world who still hold on to the messages we gleamed from sixteen years of Lennon’s work. We work for peace, love and understanding. Three noble causes that have been with us in the twenty-seven years since John spoke his last words.
‘When I was younger, so much younger than today.’ Over a quarter of a century. It seems unreal that it has been that long since John was with us. It is a tribute to his spirit and artistry that his life and work still mean as much to millions today as it did at the pinnacle of his success. John and his music have moved into the pantheon of immortality that houses the great works of Shakespeare, Michelangelo, da Vinci, and Beethoven. I ask that everyone who loved John set aside a moment of silence this evening at 10:51pm EST. It was at that time that John shuffled off his mortal coil and entered the realm of the immortals.
‘You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.’I still imagine the state of the world if Lennon was still with us. He would be at the forefront of the peace movement. Music would be a far different form than it currently manifests. When Lennon released ‘Double Fantasy’, the face of music had changed from Rock to punk and dance driven tunes, yet Lennon was able to make his vision a viable commodity. David Geffen had stopped by Hit City recording studio in the early evening of Dec. 8 to inform John and Yoko that the album had gone Gold. Lennon was happy. I can’t think of a better way for a man to go out than on top – even if the rest of us continue to mourn the ‘what if’.Dear Yoko and All .
1980 was a hard year for me too . My husband was shot in the back by a charter Arms handgun (same kind of shells ) feb 29 by a so called friend . My heart was so boken . I was 23 and pregnant . I would listen to the album Watching the Wheels because it make me feel better and forget my sadness for a while . I was always a fan of John and Yoko . I was so sad when John was murderd in dec of that year . My husband whose name was John and John Lennon had both been shot down in cold blood . I’m for hand gun control . And I’m still dreaming of PEACE some day . Warmest thoughts,

I was eight months pregnant with my oldest son when John Lennon was killed. The news was devastating.My son is now 27 years old and bears a striking resemblance to John Lennon. My younger sister was in high school and missed three days of school because she was so upset about John’s death.It was as if a family member had passed away. His music was and is a part of my life and even my grandchildren sing John Lennon’s songs.
Love and peace,
Margaret Bragdon

Hello Imaginepeace:
To Yoko and all of the Beatles/John Lennon fans for which I have been from the moment of Ed Sullivan in 1964.
John is and always will be a big part of my life. I love them all more than anyone other humans on earth. Today I mourn his loss and have been in pain since that tragic day. 27 years seems to have flew by, but it would have been a lot easier to fathom if our John was still with us… Oddly enough yesterday at work I spoke to some of my friends and colleagues at work and asked them it they had a chance to go back in time only once, what would you have changed. One response was to stop World War II , and Hitler was the other. I responded that the first and only thing that I would change is going back to December 8th 1980 to prevent that sicko from destroying a life and keep us from being in so much pain because of this one act of foolishness.
Peace to everyone and Love to Yoko, Sean, family and friends.
John will always be remembered and cherished.

I was about 12 when John died and I remember it vividly.
I was raised with the Beatles music playing in my house. Even though they broke up the year I was born, they were a central part in who I became, what I listened to and my views on the world and the people in it. I loved all the Beatles but felt drawn to John–I think it was because we had similar pasts and rough childhoods.
John’s music, stories and poetry pulled me through some very rough times growing up. And I continued my love for his music and respect for his ideals after I had children of my own.
I have three children of my own: Jaimie (almost 5), Jordhan (3) and baby Xander (1). Jaimie was born with a neurological disorder called Sensory Integration Dysfunction (also known as Sensory Processing Disorder). It’s not a life-threatening disorder by any means but it affects how Jaimie interacts with her environment and the people in it. What happens is sensory messages are taken into her brain but they get ‘jumbled’. Her brain doesn’t know how to process the sensory messages so they are perceived as a threat and it causes Jaimie tremendous discomfort. Sounds, smells, visions that can be so beautiful to the rest of us can trigger fear in Jaimie. My heart breaks for her as this disorder can be very isolating.
But, in her young 5 years, she found some comfort in Beatles music and has also been drawn to John. We have a book called, ‘LennonLegend: An Illustrated Life of John Lennon’ that has little items you can pull out and look at. We look at it every day and she can tell you things about John others may not even notice. She loves that he was an artist (she finds comfort in drawing and crafting); she is impressed with his efforts to make the world a better place (she tells everyone: ‘John and Yoko want peace. You should too.’); and she told me today, on the anniversary of his death, he has ‘nice eyes.’ and that ‘I wished I talked to him, Mama. I knowed how he feeled inside.’
That’s my story of how John has brought joy, peace and happiness in my life. Aside from my own gratitude, he’ll always have a fan in my little girl’s life.
Thank you, John. I hope you are looking down and seeing what a difference you still make down here.
Always a fan,
Chynna T. Laird

Dear Yoko, I remember this day so well, as I was getting ready for work and heard the news of John’s death. I wish you and Sean on this day, beautiful memories and peace of mind and heart. I hope your peace tower will stand forever in John’s name. Sincerely, Patricia Poersch
East Boston, Ma.

I was working in a record store in Palo Alto California and the day seemed weird all day. I had been enjoying Double Fantasy for several weeks and was playing it on my college radio show.My best friend at the times dad was president of Geffen Records so I had gotten an advance copy of the Starting Over single. That night we had the TV on in the Palo Alto apartment I shared with my now ex wife. We were watching Monday Night Football , though we don’t enjoy football at all. My phone rang it was my good friend ,his father had called him from New York City to tell him that John had been shot and was on his way to the hospital. I thought it was a mugger and that John would be okay, but then about 15 minutes later Howard Cossell anounced it on Monday Night Football.John was dead. We cried and cried and then my phone starting ringing wildly, people I had not heard from for years were calling me. People starting coming over too. I just wanted to be left alone, but evryone knew me as the biggest John and Yoko fan around Palo Alto , so people just kept coming over. A girl wanted to here ‘Remember ‘off Plastic Ono Band and I just couldn’t play it for her. I wanted to here Double Fantasy and remember life a few weeks before. My friend’s dad had told us John and Yoko were going to tour in early 1981 and we would have front row seats and backstage passes when John played in San Francisco.It would have been a dream come true as I had never seen John perform live. So I wanted to remember those weeks in late November and early December when the dream was so alive in my mind. Luckily my boss at the record store let me have a few days off. I didn’t want to sell Lennon and Beatles records to people who were just buying them after the fact. We attended a candlelight vigil in San Francisco at Crissy Field and it was a religious experience, hearing John’s music blasting out of thousands of boomboxes all at once. Later in life I did a 21 hour John and Yoko radio Special on my college station and had it simultaneosly broadcast on a college station in Berkeley and In San Francisco. Ten years later I opened a store in Santa Cruz California called’ Imagine ‘ as a tribute to John and presented 2 Lennon musical tributes at a club in Santa Cruz and donated the profits to peace organizations. Seven years later I closed the Imagine store , Jerry Garcia had died and the type of people coming to Santa Cruz was changing. I wish I still had the store but musical times had changed and it was hard to pay all the bills to run a specialty shop like that. Everyone was into all sorts of different things so shortly after Beatles Anthology 3 came out I called it quits. But my love of John’s music and message has never diminished. He will always be my favorite artist off all time. Let’s hope for peace soon , the children of the world deserve it. With all my love to Yoko and Sean, MH

I like many others was and still is a fan of John Lennon. The day after my friend and I stayed home from work to cry, grieve, and honor his memory by listening to his wonderful music and message of peace and love. My wife and I named our first born after him and we have hanging in our bedroom the Rollingstone cover of a nude John hugging Yoko. Needless to say he has been a hero of ours for many years. A true man of peace. He still continues to teach others that message in his music .
Yoko we hold you in light and love. May you be well,happy and peaceful.
Dean Muesing

‘what’s so bad about peace, love and understanding?’ . . .
i read Yoko’s message about ‘War Is Over’ . . . and remembering John at 11:15 PM tonight on December 8, 2007 . . . 27 years since the light that was John Lennon scattered into and among the myriad countless sparkling stars . . . where he still shines down . . .
i remember that night well . . . and it is hard to ‘imagine’ that it was twenty-seven years ago now . . . December 8th in the ‘Catholic observance’ was and is a Holy Day . . . a feast day commemorating the Blessed Virgin Mary (The Queen Of Peace), under the title ‘The Immaculate Conception’ . . . i recall that after religious services that night, turning on the television to watch the late news . . . but what news there came interrupting the programing i never expected to hear: that John Lennon had been shot . . . and killed . . . today when i think about that night’s news the voice of John singing that line from that Sgt. Pepper album: ‘i read the news today, oh boy!’ . . .
the bullets that hit and killed John Lennon pierced all of those who knew John if even only through his music . . . his lyrics . . . his writings . . . his humor and wit . . . his ‘presence’ through the various media which brought him into our lives.
John left us (or was taken from us) in a very real way . . . but also in a very real way John remains with us . . . he didn’t move farther away from us but actually moved closer . . . where there was a distance before, now that distance has been telescoped and collapsed . . . John now lives in the minds and hearts and spirits of those who hear his voice and songs . . . who remember or learn of his writings and thoughts about peace, love and understanding . . . about justice and truth . . . ‘just gimme some truth’ . . .
and then he reminded us to ‘Imagine’ . . . i remember hearing his last radio interview where he spoke of how we project and create our futures by what we imagine . . . he used the movie title ‘Star Wars’ as an example of how we might be projecting ‘war’ into the future of space (and i recall Yoko’s great album titled ‘Starpeace’ as projecting ‘peace’ into that same future by imaging peace not war’). Imagine!
thanks for reading these thoughts about John Lennon on this date . . .
michael g. batcho

Dear Yoko,
I remember the day that your husband, John Lennon, was taken from you and your son. I remember the joy that he gave to me with his music, and his vision. I am very sorry that you and Sean had to live 27 years without the one that you loved so much. If there was anything that I could have done at the time, I would have done it, but it was not to be. John Lennon gave more to this world than most people give in a lifetime. He has been an inspiration to me as I have attempted to awaken the minds of others to the prospect of peace. I want no more war, and no one should die by another’s hand. It is time for peace on earth. We need to imagine, just like he said, imagine. Thank you for your time and efforts. I promise you that I will do my best to promote peace. Thank you for everything.
Donald L. Buresh

Dear Yoko,
I was one of the many sad people who came to your apartment building that day. I was living on West 56th St. and I heard about the tragedy on the radio. I had to go to 72nd St. I brought a bouquet of daisies and placed them at the gates/door. I was beside myself with such a sense of loss. It was as though I had lost a family member.
I was seen on the local news that night and I was interviewed and then quoted in an article by Beth Fallon in the Daily News the next day. Surprisingly, my own father died on the same day in 1995. This day holds a very special place in my heart and will continue to until the day that I pass on from this place. I send you and all my brothers and sisters a message of love and peace. Thank you for the contribution that you and John are. Love, Priscilla Mariani, Cape Cod

I remember where I was and what I was doing in 1980. I remember the memorial we did at the local radio station.
Watching this video took me back to those times and I realize anew how the same message is still needed today.
Reading your message to John and how you remember all the little moments of that day before he was taken touches my heart and weep with you.
Will we ever have peace when they keep silencing the voices of the prophets of peace?
Happy Christmas Yoko Ono and John, we will never forget you!
It takes a Community to Rehabilitate . . .

I can’t tell you what I did THIS December 8th, but I will tell you what I did on December 9th back in 1980. I was six years old, living in an apartment with my mother, who had recently divorced my father and was in a new relationship. This new man in her life would become my step-father, a wonderful man, who passed away in 2001. Of the many memories over the years, one my mother specifically remembers was that I woke up December 9th and watched the morning news program reporting the tragic death of John Lennon. She remembers me going to the phone and calling my step-father to tell him about it, because I knew he was a big Beatles fan and he would want to know.
John’s messages of love and peace were blessings, but they are also a link to a man I lost too early as well, and I won’t forget it as long as I live.
Carry Wichtendahl

Even though I have lived here for two decades, I was born in Liverpool and John was my inspiration to become a political activist. I have been now active politically in America anyway for the 22 years I have lived here. I was here on an earlier trip on December 8 when he was shot. I thought the bottom had fallen out of my world. I cannot imagine what Yoko, Sean and Julian must have felt.
So today I did what I always do and play Imagine. And weep. He was right. He was so right. I will never forget him till I die.
Candace Laws
South Boston, MA

I was recently in Iceland and I came to know about the memorial in Reykjavik. I could not think of a more fitting tribute than to have a memorial in a such beautiful place .
Its amazing at how quickly time flies. At the time he was killed I was 14 and I recall that day quite vividly. I remember being very confused as to how and why such a thing could happen. When the assassination of Reagan occurred I was able to understand from a historical perspective as to why someone might want to do something like that to a politician. But for that to happen to someone like John Lennon? I just couldn’t understand it. Even today I have a hard time trying to understand why.
It’s become cliche almost to say that his music will live on but that’s the reality. I wish more people were able to open their hearts and minds to his message.
Chris Yoblonski
ps If I may, I would like to send this photo along. Both of these men were ahead of their time.

Dear Yoko, Family, & Friends:
On Dec. 9, 1980, I awoke early in the morning to the stunned, saddened voice of my mother telling me John Lennon had been assassinated in New York City. I was 24 years old, a college student living at home, and was just a few weeks into a one-year news internship at WCCO Television in Minneapolis. I remember waking up to those fateful words, my heart pounding and my eyes filling with tears.
My morning ritual took on perfunctory tones: I have no memory of dressing, eating breakfast, driving downtown to the TV station. My head was swimming with questions– who? why?!– and the shock and incredulity which comes from unspeakable, inexplicable acts of violence.
Growing up in the 1960s, I was almost too young to be swept up in the Beatles hysteria that figured so prominently during that pivotal decade. But with two older sisters, I most definitely was well aware of the Fab Four. One of my sisters organized a neighborhood Beatles fan club which (unfairly!) barred younger siblings from participation. I couldn’t imagine why a 12-year-old wouldn’t want a 9-year old hanging out with her and her friends!
I was four years old when John Kennedy was elected president and seven years old when he died at the hands of an assassin. I was the ripe old age of 12 when a similar, senseless fate befell both Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy. I remember the civil rights movement and the anti-war movement and the upheaval that was the time. What followed didn’t offer much solace: the Nixon white house, Watergate, a presidential pardon.
But there was consolation to be found in the cultural awakening of a whole generation through the works of artists such as John Lennon. I was so taken with the lyrics to Imagine that I bought the record and tediously hand wrote then typed the words. These were good words; these were important words! ‘Imagine no possessions… .no countries… no religion’ and ‘nothing to kill or die for.’ This was heady stuff for an impressionable teenager concerned about humanity.
Having survived the tumultuous 60s and the somber 70s, we arrived at 1980 and what promised to be a saner, more peaceful coexistence. But the election that fall of Ronald Reagan to the presidency didn’t auger well for a budding journalist steeped in the dogma of the peace movement and schooled in the politics of Watergate. The lessons of the recent past seemed lost as we turned our attention away from The Great Society and toward the greed, power and corruption which would influence the political landscape into the new millennium.
I’ve often thought I began my journalism career at a most inopportune time: under Reagan, requests for data under the Freedom of Information Act languished; and the advent of the ‘Teflon Presidency’ was underway. Solid news reporting gave way to entertainment blather, coalescing and evolving over the next 25 years as to make one almost indistinguishable from the other.
John’s untimely passing that fall seems in retrospect a sign of the times that were to come. In the years that followed, so many voices went unheard or unheeded or both. I have to confess I wonder what nightmares the future holds.
If John were here, surely he’d have much to say about the sorry state of affairs these days. He’d express scorn and disdain and outrage. He’d tease and ridicule and mock. He’d be both subtle and outrageous, witty and sobering. And he’d be brilliant. And right.
I awakened on Dec. 9, 1980 to the news that another dream had died. It happened suddenly, incomprehensibly. In the deafening sounds of a bullet, another voice of reason, and eloquence, and virtue fell silent.
Linda Tilsen
Jackson, MO

At 5:00 am on Dec. 9, 1980, I was on the road driving to an early, distant business meeting when I cut off ‘Double Fantasy’ and turned on the radio to catch the news. That meeting never happened. My world changed forever on that day, and not for better. But I remain thankful for the large part of himself John gave of himself, and left for us to cherish. I will honor and love the man for his humor, music, and insight until I follow him to the other side.
‘D.’ Crews
Southport, NC

I to truely miss John. I turned 30 the day he brutely taken from us all. His message will live on forever in my heart. Peace, peace, peace … As long as we keep peace in our hearts and actions John is alive.

Here, in Great Britain, John’s life ebbed away on 9th December. My birthday. I was hardly likely to forget him – or what he stood for – and yet, for me, it made it even more poignant.
Today, as always, I have lit a beautiful candle and as I do so, I say “I light this candle in Love and Peace for the world and every living being in it”. It just feels right to say those words.
Over the last twenty seven years the world appears to have changed enormously. I have certainly changed. Worry is no longer a fear-based emotion in my life – nor judgement, nor anger, nor resentment. I dissolve fear with love. I have learnt to observe a problem, recognise it and then turn my attention away from it and focus only on the solution. Every thought counts. I have learnt that the Universe does not respond to my reality – only to my perception of reality and, therefore, it does not serve me to have thoughts of anything less than Love, Peace and Joy.
I wish Yoyo Ono and her son Sean love and forgiveness in their hearts and peace and joy in their lives. I send the same wishes to Julian Lennon. I am certain John’s work on Earth continues in ‘heaven’ and he is helping others to see the futility of ‘war’ and how to easily find peace.
With love
Melanie, Cornwall, UK.

Dearest Yoko
I experienced a very sad synchronistic moment that night of John’s passing.
As that very tragic moment was unfolding in New York I was in my apartment in Columbus Ohio playing the piano… a sort of slow mournful improvisation… when there was a loud explosion which sounded like a shot. I got up and looked out the window to discover it was a car whose engine had backfired.
I sat back down and continued to play that same bit of music and approximately 15-20 minutes later, a friend knocked on my apartment door and asked if I had heard John Lennon had been shot.
I immediately recalled the moment of the car backfiring and the music I was playing… sitting at the piano… as John often did.
John was my ‘favorite’ Beatle… the one I most identified with. John was all about the unity of it all and that night back in December of 1980 I experienced that collective bond in a beautifully sad way.
I love you Yoko!
Thanks for letting me finally share that story with you.
I miss John a lot and you and I both know he’d have a lot to say about what’s going on in our world these days.
If John were here..he’d be a very busy man!
Peace & Happiness
Timothy L. Murray
Columbus Ohio

As a student living in the dorm at the Berklee Collge of Music in Boston, I heard the news from Howard Cosell on Monday Night Football. He said something like, ‘we’ve decided we can not hold this news and we must read it to you’ … then he said it. After a seemingly long pause… I think it was Frank Gifford that said something like, after hearing that news, it makes the event we’re covering pretty insignificant… it’s just a football game.
The next morning was an impropmtu holiday and day of mourning. Throughout the building at this – America’s most important School of Contemporary Music, pickup bands set up and played marathon sets of Beatles music throughout the building. It was a celebration of the music of Lennon and the Beatles. It went all day and into the night. I’ll never forget it. It was a really special place to have endured this loss, with some of the people who were most affected, music students.

Dr. William Yelverton
Professor of Music
Director of Guitar Studies
Middle Tennessee State University

How I reacted to the news that John was dead, I was 10 at the time.
Blessings to you and yours

Dear nice friends,
The day John was killed, I was in art lesson at school. I was in the 9. class and I didn`t understand it at the first time. Some days later I understood, that a world broke and that the person of pop music, which was a hero, never sing ahain. It sounds stupid, but we were in a worse situation. The Beatles couldn`t be together without John. John was the one!
Have a nice time,
Andreas Weigel

I was in 8th grade when John Lennon was killed. I remember getting on the school bus to go home, and I think the bus driver told us. It was in Olcott Beach NY, a town very close to Niagara Falls.
I had grown up in a world post-Beatles, where my memories of him were mostly of the animated movies (like ‘Yellow Submarine’) or appearances on The Mike Douglas Show (which was on everyday after school). John was my favorite Beatle, and I remember being very sad about his passing because it was such a violent thing to happen to such a colorful, funny, easy going everyman. He was so good hearted, as so many victims of violence are. My generation didn’t have a chance to understand idealism. All the heroes had been murdered before we were born, and then a Beatle was shot down in cold blood while we were still school children. It was no wonder so many people in that era were apathetic.
My older brother and sisters, who could grasp the enormity of his death had been devastated. They were all much older than me – by as much as 7-20 years. They were hippies and John Lennon was one of the kings of them all. We talked about this murder for days, absolutely incredulous that it could happen. Here was this rock star, who I came to know through cartoons and sing-alongs, who was robbed of his life in cold blood. It was a lesson not lost on me – a lesson about irony, and how the man who wrote one of the most peaceful songs in the history of ever was gunned down by a madman. I was convinced, from that moment forward, to never be complacent about peace – that the desire for it must be urgent. For every minute we do not strive for peace, a life is lost.
I try. I march and rally and advocate gun control… still, it’s never quite enough. Now more than ever, we must not be discouraged by violence – especially in a time of war. If a man as good hearted as John Lennon can be killed, surely there is something wrong with this world that we should try and make right? It is the simplest, most courageous and common sense thing we can do, to imagine peace.
My condolences to the family and friends of John Lennon. Thank you for sharing his legacy with us all.
Warm Regards,
MJ Parlier

John and Yoko,
We were in New York the day John made his transition to spirit.
I am October 9, 1945.
5 planets in Libra.
John has always been a part of me, me of him.
I am an artist and activist.
I am now 62.
December 8 this year I am in Arizona in the desert. I live here. Not far from where Linda made her transition in Tucson.
Sunday December 9 today we went to Tucson.
On the way the mountains were full of clouds and mists and wind and sun.
On the way through Picacho Pass over the Picacho Mountains a rainbow glittered over the whole landscape.
It felt like God hugging us all.
We had just made a decision to stay in our home and transform it to a working studio.
The Rainbow was like God winking, the Clouds were John.
I forgot December 8 was a sad day.
Now I feel John’s Spirit is everything, everywhere. I was just thinking, “They thought they killed John”. They did NOT. John did not die, he just made the transition to spirit. John was the Rainbow over the Picacho Mountains. John IS Everywhere.
Om Sai Ram, Barbara Bright Porter

I was a 25 year old Canadian living in Santa Barbara, On Dec.8th, 1980,I had just purchased the December issue of Playboy and read it all that same day. That night I was heading out to do some Christmas shopping as I was heading home to Canada the next day. I gave the magazine to my father to read while I was out, he knew I was a huge Lennon fan, he had given me Beatles tickets in 1964 for my 9th birthday.
When I came back from shopping, he told me John Lennon was dead. I told him to F*ck- off as I thought that he was telling me a terribly bad joke.
The t.v. was on and on the bottom of the screen of Monday Night Football there it was… Beatle John Lennon Slain.
I went upstairs and immediately began breaking out in a rash all over my body. I was in shock. I cried like I had never cried in my life, before or since.
The next day, I headed home through LAX ,the airport was ominously quiet ,except for quiet sobbing coming from all corners of the waiting area. I landed in San Francisco and again as I waited for my next flight, the same silence and the sounds of people crying.
Everywhere that day were moist eyes.
I will never forget those dark days in December.
Today I am a 52 year old Father of two young girls. Johns’ influence is ever present through our household, both in art and music.
I will also add that my wife and I chose to marry , Oct 9th. A most fitting date to me to acknowledge our love.
Geordie Harrower-Roberts Creek,B.C.

I remember that day 27 years ago so clearly. I would have been 14. My
dad used to bring my two brothers and I a cup of tea to our rooms before
we got up for school. My room was above my older brother Sean’s. I can
vividly remember my dad opening Sean’s door, with the tea and saying
‘John Lennon’s been shot.’
We were devastated. Even though we were all born in the 60s, Sean in
’63, me in ’66, and my other brother Chris in ’69, we worshipped The
Beatles and their music. Still do.
I can remember being excited to think that he was making a comeback and was recording a new album. The BBC1 Radio 1 DJ Mike Read used to talk about it often on his evening show in the autumn of 1980. I used to
listen doing homework!
That day at school, I painted a picture of John, based on the photo of
him from the inner sleeve of The White Album. I listened to Andy
Peebles’ classic interview when it was serialised and the loss felt even
How I would have loved to have met him, and even better in my current
job to have interviewed him. This year we have made a film about The
Quarrymen and I met and interviewed Yoko at Alder Hey Hospital in
Liverpool. So I guess I have been lucky.

Thank You for keeping John’s memory alive. I am from The Bronx, NYC and I was 25 years old when John was taken from you and the rest of us. I still can’t make sense of it.
Your special love for John and all of us- helps me remember that the world is basically good.
I think that a great way to remember John is a quote by Benjamin Disraeli that I have underneath a picture of John. It says’ The spirit of the age is the very thing that a great person changes’
We Love you, John and Sean and pray for World Peace everyday!
All You Need is Love!
Merry Christmas Yoko,

I remember the TV had the Monday Night Football Game of the Week on as my teammates & I left to stop and get something to eat, and then go home.
It must have been around 11:30 P.M. when we left the alleys.
A normal Monday night.
Once we got home, the phone rang and it was my buddy Joe Lizella calling me and my roommate, Charlie Wade, to tell us the ‘news I never wanted to hear… John Lennon was shot to death by a deranged fan.
After turning on the television to find it was true, I found a picture of John when he was in the early stages of being a Beatle, the typical mop top look, and then I started playing old 1964 Beatle songs at 1:30 in the morning.
Charlie and I were both in a state of shock!
It was hell then and it is still hell today, 27 years later, knowing…
1) A Beatle was gunned down the same way President Kennedy was, seventeen years earlier. (I was 9 years old in 1963 and 26 in 1980.) The emergence of The Beatles in January 1964 eased some of the pain of JFK’s assassination.
2) This came on the heels of another favorite rock star’s death, Pete Ham of Badfinger, five years earlier. (April 27th, 1975)
To this day, I cannot believe this was The Beatles’ fate, when you think how close they could have gotten injured during the hey days of touring.
From the time they broke up, I always had hoped they would reunite, but this made it completely impossible, forever.
Why Mark @#%^ David @#$$%^ Chapman is still alive today makes me cringe.
As last week’s rampage in Omaha proves, there are more of these lowlifes out there waiting to do it again and again.
If they want to give up on life and don’t want to seek help, then they should kill themselves, but don’t take helpless victims.
I don’t remember John having a weapon in his hands to defend himself.
All John & Yoko cared about was peace on earth and producing great music.
But, no, as Elton John’s classic “Empty Garden” states, “It’s funny how one insect can damage so much grain!” just so they can become infamous.
I feel it is time for John’s killer to have his life end.
He doesn’t deserve to remain alive.
And trust me, I don’t wish people to die.
I feel if you kill, then you should be killed the same way.
He probably is still gloating in his cell.
Anyway, to be positive during this holiday season, I want to wish the best to Yoko, Sean & Julian, and to Paul & Ringo as well, and all members of their families.
This includes Sir George Martin.
And let me make a silent prayer to John & George.
Thank you all for making life a little more pleasant!
God bless,
Paul Herman

Hello Yoko and friends:
Thank you for taking the time to inform us about John’s passing away
anniversary. I will remeber that day for the rest of my life. John died that
day by the hands of a maniac, and a close fiend of mine died the same day when he fell off a room trying to collect a ball for some kids.
Life is strange, but it is worth living every second of it.
Regards to you Yoko, Peace and lots of love…
Sincerely, Robert.

I was in my senior year of high school. My morning routine – getting my carton of milk for my cereal. My brother tells me what happened to John Lennon. ( I went to bed around 10pm, so I didn’t know). I started shaking & I just couldn’t believe it. I told my mom I wasn’t going to school that day. She said, why not this time? I said, ‘because of John’. She said, ‘you’re not going to school because of John’ (boyfriend at the time). I said, ‘no, John Lennon’. Well, she marched me off to school with another Beatles/Lennon fan, high school buddy, Margaret, who was also devastated. In retrospect, mom was right to send me to school, for you have to move on as quickly as you can. While walking to school, some girl says, ‘who the hell was John Lennon anyway’. Well, I had to convince my friend Margaret not to hit her. Needless to say, it was a day of hell for anyone who loved love, peace, friendship, and of course, great meaningful lyrics/music. It will be forever etched in my mind.
Alison Holmes

On dec 8th this year I had planned what I though was going to be my huge Birthday celebration
Instead I was called away to ATl on a business trip for the magazine I work for.
I am sitting in a cafe worried about how my supporters feel about me abruptly cancelling my own birthday party not realizing that my vision was about to be seen and heard by the very people who could make it happen
any way I was asked to sing at this very cozy place called Kats cafe in ATL
and whe I look at the art work who is on the wall but my Guardian Angel – John Lennon with the lyrics to Imagine beside his face
I smiled and realized that God has really allowed me to know someone who I look up to but physically cannot see or touch
John Lennon has been my role mode for Peace ever since I realized I had a voice to share with the universe
I promised John and God in my DREAMS that I would use my voice to continue the ImaginePeace campaign before I even knew it exsisted
Now that I have found a physical connection to him I will do everything in my power to bring awareness of his efforts to those who are too young to remember or those who have lost hope in these perilous time on earth
I am the Founder of Project BUILDPEACE
a chapter of Musicians and Artists for World Peace
I will forever have Strawberry Daydreams of all the great PEACE Keepers coming together through our unity for one GRAND SHOW to broadcast Across the Universe
Kimia Collins
Chyna Doll
[email protected]
I remember being four years old about to celebrate my birthday on the 10th
Dont laugh but as an only child I had an imaginary friend (Winston)who i blamed for all the things like crushing my moms cigarettes because i had read about lung
anyway I heard my mother crying over the news of John Lennon
We were a very different type of family who spent most of our time doing arts and crafts sewing singing and listening to music that none of my friends ever heard of
we are uh african american family living in the inner city blasting all the PEACE and LUV music
any way I remember weeping with my mom because somebody had killed my favorite yellow submarine guy
it devistated me
but ever since that sad day i have always had an uncontrllable desire to be like John in my heart and soul
I must have sang Imagine hundreds of time at school
especially after tracey spencer remade it
I really got my sing on… lol
I always have had his spirit with me not in a spooky way but just knowing that he has influenced my whole life has really become evident since I have just experienced that same spiritual connection with my mother who passed away Dec 2006
I know I am not just Imagining things anymore
Imagine Peace has always been in my dreams
I even feel like I was at Woodstock
in a past life or something
I have three sons now and Project BUILDPEACE is all I have to contribute to their future a Legacy of Peace & Love given to me in my Dreams
Oh by the way my Dads name is John too coincidence… never
I luv to Imagine PEACE and Love Across the Universe
I am honored to be of service if ever I can be of assistance
dont hesitate to call on me
will give you some insight to what I am doing these days
I hope you recieve a butterfly kiss today for healing in memeory of John and all of us who are affected and effected by his life… and
May GOD bless you and keep you in PEACELUV
— Kimia Collins 443 414 1572
Chyna Doll
The Dutchess of Charm City

My birthday, December 8th, is the day that John was killed. Every birthday I toast John, and remember him in peace and love. He lives on inside of me and many others. If he had to go I am honored that it is on my birthday.

Dear Yoko,
27 yrs ago I was a very young mother expecting her
second baby near christmas. I would play War is Over
… over and over as I wanted my children to live in a
world of peace.
Dec. 8, 1980… My husband was working and as I was
putting my 3 yr old to bed… myself being 9 mos
pregnant… the T.V. played the dreaded news of John’s
death. I remember falling to my knees crying and
crying. My 3 yr old came over and asked what was the
matter and I told him a very special man had been shot
and killed. Since he didn’t know him, it was hard for
him to understand why I was so upset over someone I
didn’t know.
That 3 yr old is now 30 yrs old and although he didn’t
live during a time that John’s music was being
made… he totally understands now as John’s music has
influenced his life as well.
thanks for keeping the memory and mission alive.
With respect
Sherrie St. Clair

on december 8th, life as we knew it changed. it changed for a son. it changed for a wife. it changed for music. it changed for the many who without personally knowing john, felt we knew him somehow. it changed life itself, and it changed my life.
on december 8th, i heard the news from my father, who ran to my room when he heard, and overwhelmed didnt know what to do but share the news with someone who cared just as much.
and then spent the next day bluer than blue. and someone who was just as sad for john, and i had been at odds with since forever, suddenly just sat beside me and we hugged and silently made peace. she’s been my sister ever since.
so last december 8th, i started the day sharing a moment with her, talking about how without personally knowing john, he gave us peace, and he forever changed our lives.

Hi Yoko
If you like, you can use this photo of the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER in Iceland in any way you like.
Best Wishes and PEACE
Thomas Mau

Dear Yoko Ono,
I would like, if I may, to share this poem called ‘Imagine’ on your magnificent website .
I would also like to commend you on your continued and persistent efforts to spread the much needed peace in this world. This poem reflects on John’s inspirational song. It is one of the many inspired poem writings found in a book entitled ‘From A Gun To A Flower’.
Imagine this if you can:
Imagine man helping man,
Imagine the world full of people with a smile,
Imagine people living the natural style,
Imagine people breathing good clean air
To imagine this would you dare?
Or do you even care?
Imagine enough food for everyone
You do not have to imagine that there is none,
Imagine people no longer living in fear
Fear in their front and fear in their rear
Nowadays fear is all it is that you hear.
Imagine what would happen if you gave up fighting,
I don’t believe you have to argue if it’s the right thing.
People are innocently being killed every day,
Imagine, all you people do is sit around and pray.
That is good, do not get me wrong,
But imagine, to receive an answer it would take so long,
Imagine if you could stand up and help,
Imagine this, would it not be a great step?
Imagine you, standing up for your right to live,
Imagine how much of yourself to the world you could give.
Imagine all your love pouring out to the world
Imagine all the parentless children that your love can hold.
Can you imagine all this that to you has been told?
Imagine the times that you were young and now that you’re old
And you can feel the warmth instead of the cold.
Now before you go, imagine the people united as one, in one world
Imagine the people believing in themselves instead of their gold.
Can you imagine the soul of a person not being sold?
If you can imagine then you are truly bold.
Is it not sad that all of this you have to imagine?
Were you not created to live in this fashion?
Were you not created by one God as one nation?
Then why is there so much hatred and aggravation?
Doing good and being good is something that comes naturally
But being bad is created by you intentionally.
You all have a choice to listen to the right voice,
Why is it that most people always choose
The voice that makes them lose.
The voice of the drugs and the booze,
And the voice of lust that causes the tears from their eyes to ooze.
People! You do not have to lose,
If it’s the right voice that you choose
The voice that creates wisdom and honesty
Along with loving sincerity
You do not have to imagine all of this, it should come naturally,
Just be nice to your people, love your kids and everyone will live happily.
If interested to read more of the poems in the book ‘From A Gun To A Flower’, go to Click on ‘contents’ and choose from the poems.
Best Wishes and continued success in your endeavor.
Sam Kreitem