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Yoko Ono Is @yokoono But Isn’t Dear Abby

by Benjy Eisen, Spinner
With Kanye WestBen GibbardTom Waits and other famous musicians telling the world that Twitter accounts attributed to their highnesses are actually by imposters, @yokoono is not only the real deal, but she’s actually using the platform to reach out to fans personally while spreading her message of (surprise, surprise) peace and love. “Yes, I’m doing it, I’m doing it!” Yoko Ono tells Spinner of her Twitter account. 

Ono not only writes her own tweets, she also responds to people and direct messages. “I don’t do it for everybody, just the interesting ones. When I say interesting ones, what I mean is I read it and I say, ‘Oh my god, I feel like I want to say something.’ But I don’t want to become like ‘Dear Abby’ you know?”

Ono maintains that she is a fan of social networking at large, but something about Twitter, specifically, really appeals to her. “You can do something very short and it’s like haiku or something,” she says.

Yoko Ono is currently enjoying success on the club charts with remixes of her dance track, ‘Not Getting Enough,’ while her Plastic Ono Band prepares an EP (‘Don’t Stop Me!’) for digital release on June 9 in anticipation of a full-length (‘Between My Head and the Sky’) due in September.