Yoko Ono

Hi, my friends!

Now, I’m in Tokyo for the annual Dream Power Concert. The top Japanese rockers play and sing John’s songs each year. All the proceeds of the concert go to building schools in Africa and Asia. Mainly in Africa. This is the eighth year of this concert, and, in seven years, we have built 75 schools for the children. I am aiming for 100 by the 10th year! The concert is done in Budokan, where the Beatles once performed. And The Dream Power Concert is getting bigger and bigger every year. I’m amazed and thankful.
One more thing I’m doing for this Xmas: While I’m making Xmas packages for my friends, I’m adding packages to go to Walter Reed Hospital as well, for the veterans. I hope you will do the same. They need all the love they can get. Just getting your Xmas card will mean so much to them.

Details on where to send cards, gifts, text messages, donations and volunteer work for Walter Reed Hospital can be found here:

Yes. I must say, I’ve been rather busy this year.
And what a year!

I hope you have a great holiday. And let’s all have a fabulous 2009! 
I’ll be thinking of you!

lots of love,

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