Imagine The Art of John LennonA collection of John Lennon’s art, including a new work selected by Yoko Ono for world premiere, will be exhibited at Ferner Galleries Parnell next month, the only venue in New Zealand to host the exhibition.


Lennon is remembered for his music but he began drawing long before he had a guitar. He attended Liverpool Art School between 1957 and 1960, before his sessions with The Beatles became a full-time occupation. Lennon would always maintain “Art came first.”

‘Imagine the Art of John Lennon’ includes limited edition fine art prints consisting of lithographs, serigraphs and copper etchings hand reproduced from his original drawings, as well as handwritten song lyrics. It reveals Lennon’s view of emotional and philosophical milestones, his appeal for world peace and his love for his son Sean, who he raised during a five-year break from music.

AND by visiting this show and making a gold coin donation you can support the Peace Foundation of New Zealand – a not-for-profit organisation actively involved in creating a more peaceful society and promoting peaceful relationships among people of all ages, at all levels, through education, research and action.

Full exhibition list on request.

Tickets to the official preview are limited.
Contact Helene Phillips, Director Ferner Galleries. 
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from Dec 6 -Dec 14

Listen to the Yoko Ono Lennon interview with Paul Holmes this morning: