by Stephen Walker

I was asked by a teacher at my old school, St. Mary’s in Batley, West Yorkshire, to talk to some of 9 year old children about the 1960’s era. 

The teacher informed me that the history project they were studying was about the Beatles and especially John Lennon & Yoko Ono.

The children were very interested in John & Yoko and the 60’s era and were quite clued up.

They sent in some questions to Yoko via the IMAGINE PEACE website, which she very kindly answered.

Andrew and I went down to give them a talk for half an hour or so and we ended up well over an hour with lots of questions.

I took some 60s clothing and artifacts and Andrew took his guitar and we played some Beatles music (including Johns ‘ Imagine’) and all the kids sang along with us. 

Great Fun.

Thanks so much for helping to make a fantastic day for the children.

Best wishes
Stephen Walker

Questionnaire from the pupils of St. Mary’s School, 
Batley, West Yorkshire for YOKO ONO 

Dear Yoko Ono
I would like to ask you a couple of questions for my history topic about John Lennon.
Thanks for your time Owen Nagy

Did John Lennon sing and play guitar every day?
Yes, almost every day. I say “almost” because, naturally, there were some days he just couldn’t. 

• What sort of political views did he have, including giving money away to charities or political parties?
Imagine his political views by listening to his song, IMAGINE. It is also a historical record that he had done some concerts for good cause. 

• What is your favourite band at the moment or what genre of music do you like?
I like all types of music. I am especially into indie music, now. In terms of bands, I like bands like Coldplay, Radiohead and Green Day who are not afraid to experiment.

• Where did you and John meet and get married?
We met in London, and got married in Gibraltar

• What is your favourite song and album by the Beatles and did they write any songs about you? Or was it only John on his own that wrote songs about you?
I love so many songs and albums by the Beatles, it’s hard to list them all here. The Ballad of John and Yoko was about us.


Dear Yoko Ono
I have a few questions I would like to ask you please could you try and answer them.
by Elena Class Ten 

• What was John Lennon’s favourite food?
Sweets and Chocolate

• How did you meet John Lennon?
He dropped into the gallery in London where I was doing my art show in 1966.

• What was John’s favourite music?
He loved all sorts of music, not just Rock.

• Did John enjoy playing in the Beatles?
He did. 

• Who was John Lennon’s favourite band mate?

He loved all of them very much. Each of them in different ways, not in different degrees.

John Lennon Questionnaire 
from Ben Ormsby

• Did you like being famous?
Is this a question for me or for John? 
Both of us felt that it was a fact we must deal with, 
and deal with it well.

• What happened to John’s Rolls Royce?
Was donated to a museum in Washington D.C. 

• Where was John buried?
I can’t tell you. He wanted it to be private

• Did you think The Beatles would be so famous?

John said he always knew they would be big. 
I don’t know if he had imagined how big they would be though. 
As for me, I knew the Beatles were famous. 
They already were when I met them.

• What was John’s first song?
Hello Little Girl.