////Yoko Ono: Season Of Glass

Yoko Ono: Season Of Glass



spring passes
and one remembers one’s innocence
summer passes
and one remembers one’s exuberance
autumn passes
and one remembers one’s reverence
winter passes
and one remembers one’s perseverance
there is a season that never passes
and that is the season of glass

© Yoko Ono ‘81


Track Listing

Goodbye Sadness
Even When You’re Far Away
Nobody Sees Me Like You Do
Turn Of The Wheel
Silver Horse
I Don’t Know Why
No, No, No
Will You Touch Me
She Gets Down On Her Knees
Mother Of The Universe

Extra Tracks on CD:

Walking On Thin Ice
I Don’t Know Why



Yoko Ono: solo & background vocals
Hugh McCracken: guitar, jew’s harp (Dogtown)
Earl Slick: guitar
Anthony Davillo: guitar (No, No, No & Toyboat)
George Small: keyboards
Anthony Davillo: keyboards
Tony Levin: bass
John Siegler (Mindweaver & Mother Of The Universe)
Andrew Newmark: drums
David Friedman: vibraphone & percussion
Arthur Jenkins, Jr.: percussion
George ‘Young’ Opalisky: soprano & alto saxophone
Michael Brecker: tenor saxophone (appears courtesy of Arista Records)
Ronnie Cuber: baritone saxophone
Howard Johnson: tuba
Sean Ono Lennon: a little story

Words and music: Yoko Ono
Producers: Yoko Ono & Phil Spector
Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Hit Factory, N.Y.C
Engineer: Ed Sprigg
Assistant Engineer: Jon Smith
Music scores: Yoko Ono
Conductor: Anthony Davillo
Production assistants: Frederic Seaman, Jerry Caron
Cover photography and original album design by Yoko Ono
Artwork: Christopher Whorf/Art Hotel
Additional photography by Bob Gruen/Starfile.

Bonus Tracks

Walking On Thin Ice 6:56 (Single version)
Yoko Ono: vocal.
John Lennon: guitar, keyboards.
Hugh McCracken: rhythm guitar.
Earl Slick: rhythm guitar.
Tony Levin: bass.
Andrew Newmark: drums.
Jack Douglas: percussion.

I Don’t Know Why 2:11 (Previously unreleased version)
Yoko Ono: vocal.
Recorded at home on cassette, December 9th, 1980.

Original album release date:
  June 08, 1981
Label: Geffen
Length: 51:05

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