Yoko Ono: Blueprint For A Sunrise

Release Date: November 09, 2001
Label: Capitol
Length: 46:59

Guitars – Timo Ellis, Sean Lennon, Chris Maxwell
Keyboards – Sean Lennon
Bass – Timo Ellis, Erik Sanko
Percussion – Hearn Gadbois, Sam Koppelman
Drums – Timo Ellis, Phil Hernandez, Sam Koppelman

Track Listing
1 I Want You To Remember Me “A”
2 I Want You To Remember Me “B”
3 “Is This What We Do?”
4 Wouldnit “swing”
5 Soul Got Out Of The Box
6 Rising II
7 It’s Time For Action!
8 I’m Not Getting Enough
9 Mulberry
10 I Remember Everything
11 Are You Looking For Me?


by Yoko Ono, 2001

During World War II, St. Petersburg was surrounded by the German Army and cut off from other parts of
Russia for months. Finally, there was no food. No heat. Just the sound of the German bombings. But the
people of St. Petersburg did not surrender. They were determined not to give up their city. The radio DJ
tried to cheer people up by playing music, talking and cracking jokes. Finally, he became lethargic as well.
Nevertheless, he felt he could still do something to help people survive. He let a metronome tick live on the
radio. People lay down and just listened and held on to that sound of the metronome ticking through day
and night. That’s how 8t. Petersburg managed not to fall.

During the same war but in Japan, my brother and I were stranded at a farm in the country we had been
evacuated to. We were starving. One day, I saw my brother looking extremely tired and sad. It pained me to
see him like that. Usually, he was an active, jolly 1itt1e boy who laughed at the drop of a hat. But now, he
looked as helpless and confused as the rest of us. Suddenly, a good idea came to me. I explained to my
brother that we were going to think of a dream menu. “Think of the dinner you want to eat.” He started slowly.
“I want ice cream.” “But that’s a dessert. We should start with soup, of course.” We created an elaborate meal
in the air. My brother’s face started to light up. Finally, he gave me the sweet chuckle I loved so much.

I recently did an art show – Herstory – in Berlin. A young woman journalist started an interview by saying that
she thought it was interesting that I would bring back such an old theme in 2001. “Feminism is an old issue
now, isn’t it? Women do not have to wave flags anymore. That was the sixties.” But I know women who are
intelligent, powerful members of their communities who still live in fear because of the position they are put
in as women in our society. To some extent, all of us women are living in fear, quietly exercising a caution
known only to us, ali the time, pretending to be sprightly and strong.

Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night hearing thousands of women screaming. Other times just one
woman seems to try to talk through me.

As for me, I wish you would read about the last Chinese Empress who became the first “Dragon Lady,” a
name specially coined for her by the British Press at the time, fueling Britain’s then colonialism.
She died disgraced and brokenhearted.
Every day I tell myself,
I’ll survive.
Yeah, I will.

Art is a way of survival.
With this album,
I present to you my metronome,
my menu,
my blueprint for a sunrise.

y.o. ’01