WAR IS OVER!: Watch the film.

Between 6 Jan – 2 Feb 2009, look out for the IMAGINE PEACE / WAR IS OVER! billboards 
in Times Square, New York (W46th St & Broadway – to the left of Virgin Records
and Washington DC (901 6th St & K St NW at the Hampton Inn).


To my friends: I’d like to share this wisdom with you.
It is from a Xmas card I received this year!

Watch your thoughts for they become words.
Choose your words for they become actions.
Understand your actions for they become habits.
Study your habits for they become your character
Develop your character for it will become your destiny.

Wishing you a joyful new year,
big kiss!

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WAR IS OVER! poster
Download the poster from here.

Print & display in your window, school, workplace, car & elsewhere over the holiday season.

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WAR IS OVER! (If You Want It).
War is over NOW.





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26 Responses to Happy Xmas WAR IS OVER! (If You Want It)

  1. Wow, wonderful article. I would love to share my own experience to help you all out. One of my daughters spent a year with another agency doing little to nothing in the way of bookings or even castings. Within a month of switching to mystarkid, they had her booked for a spring print ad campaign for a major national retailer. You can

  2. petrowsky says:

    cuantas versiones en español conocen de la cancion de john lennon
    merry christmas war is over’?

  3. They would turn in their resting place if our ancestors knew that we went to Iraq for Oil…

  4. derek says:

    after a few years and now i discover this 🙁 i wish i knew earlyer and john whas a hero my idol thanks to his music and way of life i had a new perspective 🙂 i wish i could of had the chance to rock out in a session with him but iwhas born to late :/ god bless all humanity

  5. Good theory. I love it. Many thanks for posting

  6. Daniel Hartnett says:

    Yoko, no one can truly understand what you have been through… Thank you for staying strong and keeping the message alive… we love you!

  7. Dave says:

    Peace, Love, and Aloha!

    Mele Kalikimaka a me Hauoli Makahiki Hou!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  8. danielchan says:

    christmas in heaven. peace and love to johnandyoko and you too.

  9. Doktah Jay says:

    We all shine on. Happy Christmas, Yoko

  10. fan says:

    Happy Xmas Yoko! Keep on, I’ve seen you in Berlin, Germany, it was great

  11. Thank you John and Yoko. Today I send your message of positive energy into the World by a video that is about ending War and gathering in Brazil for Earth Day 2011. “War is Over!” and “Change We must” – Today we are all connected.

    Earth Day Brazil 2011 – Change We Must

    I choose love. 8O)

  12. Muy buen artículo. Muy interesante lo que dices, te agradezco!

  13. Gracias por los comentarios. Me encanta tu sitio, sigue así!

  14. Me encantó leer el artículo y las opiniones de los demás. Suerte!

  15. Some interesting information on here. Slightly off topic but I am so excited !. I saw Cats The Musical for the first time and the music plus the dancing is unbelievable. It is an emotional journey that all the audience gets involved with !. ‘Cats’ will make you laugh and smile and touch certain places inside your heart. Everybody left the theater singing, happy and uplifted. If you get a opportunity to go and see ‘Cats’ I really recommend it.

  16. Love Xmas says:

    Incredible this page coupled with composing rocks ! continue the good work. I agree with you 100%, I had a similar difficulties. Continue the good work I may come back shortly.

  17. ctessa99 says:

    I cut this ad out of the newspaper and hung it on my wall as a young girl. I still believe it. ALL you need is love, B.

  18. -DEV- says:


  19. jorge says:

    Yes WAR IS OVER if you want it:
    Amnesty International Spain has started a Cyber action for stopping the killings on Gaza. They are sending a letter to Ehud Barak Minister of Defence that you can find in the internet address I have pasted below and they are asking us to sign it. I haven’t found a similar action in other Amnesty International sites, so I’m going to translate it to you, so you can sign:


    Ehud Barak
    Defence Ministry

    Mr. Minister of Defence,
    I am writing to you to express my deepest concern and rejection to the attacks over the civil population in Gaza Strip. I am asking you to stop these attacks, immediately.

    I also condemn the fired rockets towards Israel, but I don’t think it justifies the use of extreme violence by your Government, that is illegal and may spread violence all over the zone.

    I am also asking you for ending the blockade, allowing the free pass to Gaza of Humanitarian help, oil, electricity, and other basic need items. All persons needing medical treatment not available in Gaza should be allowed to leave the zone guaranteeing their returning after the medical treatment.

    Finally I’d like to ask you to guarantee the access to journalists, humanitarian workers, and human rights watchers; many of them have no access permission since the beginning of November.

    Sincerely yours,

    This is what you have to fill when entering the site:
    Nombre = Name
    Primer Apellido = Surname
    Segundo Apellido = Middle Name
    Correo electrónico = e-mail address
    País = Country
    Provincia = Province (Solo para España =Only for Spain)
    Teléfono = Telephone (Sólo 9 dígitos, sin espacios = 9 digits with no blank spaces)
    Tipo Documento = Type of identification (NIF sólo para España = NIF only for Spain)

    Número = Number (números y letra. Sin puntos, espacios ni guiones para el NIF = Only numbers and letters without dots, blank spaces or dashes for the NIF )


    Don’t forget to mark the little box in
    Acepto la política de privacidad (por favor léela antes de enviar tus datos). (I accept the privacy policy (please read it before sending it)

    I WISH YOU A WONDERFUL 2009, malgré tout.

  20. jorge says:

    Maruja Torres, a Spanish journalist, wrote last week something similar:
    Speaking makes you to understand
    Understanding makes you to react
    Reacting makes you to mobilize
    Mobilizing makes you to change the world.

    I’ve just stamped IMAGINE PEACE over Gaza and Israel in the map on my wall.
    In my mind, I can’t stop stamping IMAGINE PEACE into Israelis and Palestinians’ heads.

  21. Maor says:

    As an Israeli citizen, it’s hard to imagine peace arriving soon, but still we all need to remember the simple truth of John & Yoko’s mantra in the 70’s : war is over IF YOU WANT IT.
    The minute we will all want it – war will end, for sure.
    Have a wonderful year everybody! let’s hope it’s a good one, without any tears 🙂
    And Yoko – thank you for everything, I love you !!!

  22. Terri says:

    Happy Christmas Yoko! Keep on with your incredible work!

  23. there is no better mantra to repeat every day, especially on this particular day of celebration in 2008. let’s keep hope alive. war is over! think of the possibilities…

  24. We still need to send the message!

    Merry Christmas Yoko!

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