Barack Obama on Election Night

Dear Friends

How I reacted the night Obama became president:

Just crying…like most people on the streets of N.Y, or in the world
that night, from joy…and other complex emotions which had to do with
the work we all did for the longest years trusting in miracles.

I had a strong urge for John to be here, physically, to give me a hug.
I got over that urge a long time ago, since I knew that John was with
me in spirit, and working with me all this time. But this night was
different. I felt John and I needed to hug each other physically.
I cried hardest when everybody started chanting WE CAN DO IT!

Then I retreated to a long, long silence – In the end I saw a little
candle lit in my heart.

We are not abandoned – if you even had the smallest doubt.
Miracles do happen.
It keeps on happening. Daily.
We are the miracle.
This time it was spelled out to us in a big way.
To even the dimmest, the most cynical – to all of us, to the world.


We still have a lot of work to do. The next year or so, we will be busy
re-wiring the computer in our brains to meet the New Age.
Yes! It’s all just brain work.
And Yes! We are really standing at the beginning of a New Age together!
We were for the longest time, but did we believe it?
I must confess, there were some dark days, too, for my heart.

I recommend some books, again, to feed our brains.

The books I recommended in the past (here) are pretty important, too, if
you haven’t gotten around to reading them.

Get this right. That it’s all brainwork. Change the computer in your
brain. Rewire it. And keep on doing all the important things you do for
yourself and your loved ones (including your world family) for you and
their mental and physical health.

Keep spreading the message, keep dancing. Keep loving and having fun!
That’s all it is. Life.



by Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler

This was first printed in 1935. It was reprinted in 2003.
(read some here)


by Teruo Higa

(translated into English)


by Walter Lowenfels

This title alone gets you in your stomach!
I listed because of that.
But the book was published in 1973.
I just got it from a friend. I don’t think it’s sold anymore.


HOW WE MAKE DECISIONS – Your Brain Is (Almost) Perfect
by Read Montague.

There are many other books on rewiring your brains for the New Age.
I say it again. It’s all brainwork.
Know that, and you will bump into the right books for your brain.
They will jump at you, when you scan the shelves in your local book shops.


Lots of love, yoko