Serpentine Gallery Manifesto by Yoko Ono
18 Oct 2008

Friends, I would like to congratulate all of us for wiping the dust from our eyes, and seeing things clearly again.

In that sense, these last few days have been a historically significant time in our society.

We have been given a challenge, a challenge we will meet and deal with. And through it, we will lead ourselves to the survival of our race and our planet. We were about to make the wrong turn. A serious wrong turn which would have led us to disaster of a grand proportion.

I have been told by a wise woman of India, that in the Mayan calendar, this particular October 9th that has just passed, was a day in which we were to, and have, conquered the devils after many, many battles. And, that we have all of what we need. We just don’t have enough for some people’s greed.

So let’s congratulate ourselves for having rescued us just in time, with the acute sense that we are standing at the threshold of the New Age, together.

There’s a lot of work to do, but let’s do it dancing and loving it.

And especially to my friends who have survived on this planet for over half a century; don’t die on me or on us. We don’t want to lose you. We need you to take good care of your body and mind.
All of you are so precious to us.

The world would not be here at this time of the celebration of having won the battle with the evil in us, if it weren’t for your creativity in the form of your constant rebellion against the arrogant indulgence of our society.

Your body is finely weathered. Your mind is the mind of a being who has collected a staggering amount of data of our history and of our reality, and is tuned, powerfully to direct our race to the new dawn.

We need your wisdom, we need your resilience, we need your clear imaging and intelligent prayer for the survival of us, the human race, and the planet. The Universe is with me in this concern.

If you want to know what your thought processes were like in the past, just examine your body now.

And if you want to know what your body will look like in the future, examine your thought processes now.

Your body is the scar of your mind.

I love you! yoko

yoko ono
Serpentine Gallery Manifesto
October 18th, 2008


Yoko Ono: Onochord (2004)

Serpentine Gallery

location  Serpentine Gallery
address  Kensington Gardens, London W2 3XA
starts  2008-10-18
ends  2008-10-19
price  £35 (2 days), £20 (1 day)
tel  08700 600100 (Ticket Web)

Park Nights: Manifesto Marathon: Manifestos for the 21st Century
Sat 18 Oct & Sun 19 Oct 2008

Manifesto Marathon Day 1: Sat 18 Oct: 12 noon – 9.40pm

Vivienne Westwood | Pier Vittorio Aureli | Hilary Koob-Sassen  | Ingo Niermann and Zak Kyes | Elaine Sturtevant  | Rasheed Araeen | Peter Cook | Taryn Simon  | Richard Wentworth | Gilbert & George | Ben Vautier | Jonas Mekas | Jean-Jacques Lebel  | Tom McCarthy | Mark Wallinger | Yoko Ono | Barbara Steveni | Ekaterina Degot | Raqs Media Collective | Nathaniel Mellors | Lee Scrivner | Andrea Branzi | Henry Flynt | Marina Abramović | Agnès Varda | Raqs media collective | Gilbert & George | Ben Vautier | Jonas Mekas | Jean-Jacques Lebel  | Tom McCarthy | Mark Wallinger | Yoko Ono 

Remote Participants:
Christian Boltanski | Paul Chan | Yona Friedman | John Giorno | David Hockney | John Latham | Gustav Metzger | Yvonne Rainer | Jalal Toufic

Manifesto Marathon Day 2: Sun 19 Oct: 10am – 7pm
Manifesto Club | Susan Hefuna | Stephen Willats  | Falke Pisano | Adam Pendleton | Claude Parent | Jimmie Durham | Nicolas Bourriaud | PLATFORM  | The Otolith Group | Tino Sehgal and Hans Ulrich Obrist | Karl Holmqvist | Nick Laessing | Terence Koh | Stewart Home | Mark Titchner | K8 Hardy | Rem Koolhaas | Fritz Haeg  | Charles Jencks | Eric Hobsbawm and Hans Ulrich Obrist | Athanasios Argianas | Silvia Kolbowski | SpRoUt | Brian Eno | Mark Aerial Waller and Giles Round

Two day ticket £35
One day ticket £20 full price £15 concessions

Please note that the Manifesto Marathon takes place inside the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion so access to the interior of the Pavilion will be restricted for visitors not attending the event.

Manifesto Marathon, the third in the Serpentine Gallery’s acclaimed series of Marathon events, takes place in the closing weekend of the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2008, designed by Frank Gehry. Manifesto Marathon comes at a time when artists are working less in formal groups and defined artistic movements. The Marathon showcases a new generation of artists alongside practitioners from the worlds of literature, design, science, philosophy, music and film who are returning to the historical notion of the manifesto. The Manifesto Marathon draws on the Serpentine Gallery’s close proximity to Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, which has been used as a platform by Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, George Orwell and William Morris, among many others.

Avant-garde pioneer Yoko Ono, Gilbert & George, who famously proclaimed ‘Art for All’, Ben Vautier, key protagonist of the Fluxus movement, and legendary artist Elaine Sturtevant will join a new generation of artists such as Terence Koh, Hilary Koob-Sassen and Athanasios Argianas to present their manifestos for the 21st century in this two-day ‘futurological congress’ in the park. The Marathon will also feature architects, including Andrea Branzi, Peter Cook, Charles Jencks, Claude Parent and Rem Koolhaas; scientists, writers and historians including the eminent Eric Hobsbawm; film directors including the legendary Agnès Varda; and philosophers, designers, and musicians including musical revolutionary Brian Eno. Vivienne Westwood’s manifesto Active Resistance to Propaganda will be presented by 26 performers and Marina Abramović will be accompanied by 14 performers.

This year’s Manifesto Marathon is the third in a series of Marathon events conceived by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Serpentine Gallery Co-director of Exhibitions and Programmes and Director of International Projects and follows the 2006 24-Hour Interview Marathon, created with Rem Koolhaas, and the 2007Experiment Marathon, created with Olafur Eliasson. For more information about past Marathons click here.

Tickets available from: Ticket Web 08700 600100 or the Gallery lobby desk.

Please note:

– The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion is an open structure, so please dress accordingly.
– Due to the unique architecture some tickets may have a restricted sightline.
– The Manifesto Marathon takes place inside the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion so access to the interior of the Pavilion will be restricted for visitors not attending the Manifesto Marathon.