VFPThe south central Michigan chapter of Veterans For Peace decided last spring to have a fund raiser for their Peace Studies Scholarship Fund. Bob Krzewinski, the Chapter Secretary, proposed a music concert with John Lennon as the theme. It would be on or near John Lennon’s birth date. 

Bob asked for volunteers and he and Bill Shea began to turn the concept into reality. Bob contacted the agent for Yoko and asked permission to use John’s name for the concert. Approval was received. Weeks passed and the coordination continued. 

Then, in early September, without fanfare, a nondescript envelope was delivered to Bob. It contained a $10,000.00 check from Yoko Ono. Bob, a commercial airline pilot, said “I admit I have not had very many “Oh my God!” surprise moments lately, but I had one that morning”.

One of the missions of Veterans For Peace is to abolish war as an instrument of national policy. Several years ago the local Chapter decided that one way to accomplish this mission is via education and the establishment of a scholarship program. The US has many military colleges and war colleges, but few incentives to study peace.  Bill Shea, Ph.D., put together an application process and contacted colleges and universities in the state. Since 2005, the Chapter has awarded 7 scholarships. Bill said, “With the donation from Yoko we can help more students focus on nonviolent conflict resolution and help bring John Lennon’s vision -“Imagine all the people living life in peace”- into reality.”

“Imagine – A John Lennon Birthday Benefit Concert” will be held Friday, Oct. 10th, at 8 PM at the Corner Brewery Inn.  Admission is $10.00. All funds will be used for the peace scholarships. Many local musicians have volunteered their time to make this event a magnificent happening for peace. 

For more information on the concert and to donate to the Peace Scholarship Fund see VFP93.org and/or contact Arnold Stieber, Chapter Coordinator, at 734-475-0740.