yokoonofashion_250After years of walking red carpets, appearing in photo shoots or before millions of people on screen or on stage — all the while fortunate enough to enlist the services of the world’s premier stylists — celebrities know clothing like few outside the fashion industry. So give us just five minutes with any fabulous celeb, and we’ll come back with a career’s worth of expert fashion tips that you can incorporate into your own wardrobe

You’re such a style icon.

Really? Well, the thing is I decided that I don’t want to look bad. I didn’t want to look bad with age, so people would say “Poor darling, she’s looking like a bag lady.” I didn’t want that. I wanted to be able to keep my chin up and look good for myself and other people who want to give up because they’re high in number. I wanted to say, “No, do not give up.”

Which designers are your favorites?

I don’t have a particular designer. I just pick things that I like. I can’t pick it all, so I concoct it. I think pants from so-and-so and a jacket from so-and-so looks better than a whole suit.

You’ve so long been associated with eyewear and headwear. Why are sunglasses and hats such important accessories?

Two things I love are eyeglasses and hats, two very strange things. Sometimes my haircut is looking so good, and I think that it’s such a pity that I can’t show it under my hat. But the reason why is that whenever I wear hats I feel comfortable. I recently saw a video of me from when I was 3 years old and visiting my father in San Francisco. I was wearing a hat, and I always remember my mother saying that you have to make sure your hat and shoes go together. It was very important that I dressed right. In this film, I’m always wearing a hat, so it started then.

What are you seeing on the streets now that you particularly admire?

I like the fact that each person is doing her or his own thing. They’re also showing different styles, not this year it has to be this. But even within the year’s fashion, everyone has their own way of dealing with it. I like the independence of it.

What is the No. 1 trend that you appreciate in fashion right now?

That’s the thing I love about now: People put signs and words on everything. Sometimes even on the back of jackets. It’s almost combining songs and lyrics.

What’s your favorite look for a man in particular?

It depends on the guy. If it’s creative, then I like it. Even with Brooks Brothers, it can be creative. They don’t have to always wear things that are “downtown.” Sometimes it’s OK to be Brooks Brothers, if the tie’s different.

by Josh Rotter, Gay.com