by Yoko Ono

It is a giddy feeling
like being on a mountain
looking down
many little houses
many little streets
I was once in them
how little they were!
The cars are driving
like soldiers
like cockroaches
like dots

I look up
there are many trees
leading me to…
is that the top of the mountain?
I see that I have
much more to go

Then I see
that I am still in my kitchen
In one of the little apartment buildings
which looked like a pebble from the mountain!
making my morning coffee
sitting at my computer
looking over the park

Seventy five
and I’m alive

My body is filled with
many people
many cities,
many countries
many laughters,
many loves
many, many spaces and
oh, many, many times…

Is that what it is
to be omnipresent?
to experience all your
senses and feelings
of all times and space at once?
With no limitations
of the human world
Freed from time
Freed from space?
Are we all getting there?

I am full of thankfulness
for being alive
I am full of love
for knowing you
knowing life

Your beauty
Life’s amazements
still unfolding
it’s mystery

Thank you, thank you, thank you
For a very rich experience

Yes. I’m seventy five!
I’m alive
still dancing
in love with life.

Now, I’m suddenly
at the top of the mountain
Seeing the other side –
The Future!

It’s so magical
I’m speechless.
It’s so beautiful
We’re smiling!
You are there
We are there

Yes. we are all there!
We are all there.
Still dancing
In love with life…..

For February 18th, 2008
yoko ono