by Yoko Ono

The sad news today was that La Fortuna was closing.
I see the winter sky of N.Y. today from my window: sleet and snow.
It reminds me of those hurried days of Double Fantasy.
John and I would grab the little time we had and stop by La Fortuna to ruminate over what we did or would do that day at the studio.
That’s the way we were.
Sometimes we were in an up mood.
Sometimes we were just pensive, waiting for another round of coffee.
But we were always feeling like we were one person, one mind, one heart.
La Fortuna was a haven for us N.Y. intellectuals – warm, quiet and lovely.
When you have a good thing, you don’t know.
You realize it when you lose it. That’s La Fortuna.
Another sweet memory, a lovely piece of the puzzle has left us.
I miss it now. I know we all do.