Dear Yoko, 

These photos (taken by Miguel Parra) have been made this evening 17:00 (Spanish timetable) with my colleagues at work. 
I was a little scary of making this proposition to them at work, but I got all the permissions for taking the photos inside the building and for hanging IMAGINE PEACE posters all over the place and that have given me some confidence.

Everybody has followed enthusiastically, we have had a really good time, and these photos will be a nice memory of this day.

I hope it will be of some help for the Peace World. 
A big hug from this group of working people from Madrid to everybody:

Jorge Artajo, Isabel Izquierdo, Miguel Parra, Gonzalo Cabrera, Patxi Lorente, Alberto del Valle, Inmaculada de Blas, Jose Clemente, Esther Vergara, Patricia Mediavilla, Ruth Gonzalez, Montserrat Jerez, Julia Guasch, Coté Lopez Freire, Xiomara García, Carlos Javier Garcia, Marta Bedoya, Manuel, Pino Palazón, Sara Duque, Susana Dominguez, and probably some others that I don’t remember their names.