Facebook, 23 August 2018

Cisne Blanco
Yoko , in your opinion what is the first step for forgiveness?

I don’t know about the first step. I think that it takes more than a first step to finally forgive.

Fábio Catelli
What kind of music do you like to hear?

I like all music. I love the old Indian music, to which I keep listening and forget about what I should forget.

Madeline Bocaro
For the soundtrack to your film Fly, how did you get inside the mind of the flies to make the sounds that they would make while crawling on a naked woman’s body? I think you did a great job! xxx

Thank you! What I did in that situation is that I was feeling like I was a fly

Ella Scotman
What do you think about the reactions you get from your music and art?

Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad, that’s how it is, isn’t it?

Tim Sinnott
Hello Yoko I am an art teacher and I use your work to inspire my students ! We create unique Installation environments based on a personal experience ! I love your half a room piece and this has been the basis of study in recent weeks with one student recreating the idea of half glass full or empty? Thankyou ! Who inspired you the most in your early learning days ? This was a question my students asked ? So I ask you !

I was always fighting with myself and surviving, that’s all I did.

Christie Kim
Dear Yoko. What are the top three most important/valuable lessons you have learned (from your life experience)?

To be myself. That’s three.

Mark Mcconnell
Did you want to be Shirley Temple’s twin when you were little

No, my mother and mother’s friends thought I could be a Shirley Temple

Gerard Daley
My 6 year old daughter loves reading about you in the ‘Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls’ book. Are you aware of your influence being felt by younger generations?

I never think about who I am affecting because it’s impossible to know.

Sven Saluzzi
Teenagers and people all over the USA are protesting against gun violence and the NRA. Do you believe that this movement will change things for the better?

I think it’s a great idea that they’re protesting. The first word that came to my mind is, Hurray!

David Vela
Is earth the land of broken souls that need to be healed? Is telepathy the way up? Have you ever met an angel disguised as an old person?

1. Broken soul or not, we have to heal the earth. 2. Telepathy is getting more and more active, I just know that a lot of people understand what the next person is thinking. 3. I think that it’s limiting that the angel is in the sky. I’ve met many angels, and I’m sure you have too.

Josh Kenney
Where can I find the strength in dealing with life’s hard lessons ?

I’m asking that questions too. But somehow we all survive, don’t we? I thank everything around me that I’m still alive and well.

Patrick Potter
No question. Just “thank you, thank you, thank you” for your contribution to world peace, to your unyielding desire to spread love, and for keeping John’s memory alive. You’re a special person. Thank you.

Thank you!!!

Twitter, 23 August 2018

Madeline @madelinex
You have done many things to a canvas; cut a hole, burned, hammered nails, stepped on… but besides calligraphy or Franklin Summer drawings, have you ever done a painting using actual paint? Love, Madeline xxx

Yes, many times in fact.

Le’a Green @lealeanna
Yoko, what is your solution to God’s & our beautiful children being separated from their parents at the Mexican-American border? What can we DO? #yokoqanda ❤🙏

We have to come together and say this is not ok, they are people too.

Josh Fitz 🐰 🦄 @joshsfitz61885
Yoko, you have accomplished so much as an artist throughout your life. What inspires you to keep challenging yourself artistically and to continue sharing your vision with the world?

I am not challenging myself, when I get an idea I make the work and I share it with you.

Jakub Barat @JakubBarat
Hi Yoko, what do you think is the best way to win over depression? Do you think there’s a corelation between the epidemic of depression in the world and the global decline in empathy for other human beings?

When you’re depressed, talk to somebody about it. And just by talking about it, you suddenly notice the sky is still blue.

Lucy @TheBeatlesrfab
Hey Yoko, I’m Lucy and this is my question. How do you stay so positive in a world where there’s a lot of pressure, hate, war, violence? And how much would it mean to you if there was Peace and Love by Christmas? Peace and Love Yoko ✌️❤️

I think that I always thank the fact that my life is going on. That’s the luxury I was given.

Melissa__Borror @Melissa_Borror
Hi there! I’m Melissa and here is my question… What inspires you to wake up everyday knowing that life will throw you curve balls yet, you keep it moving anyway?

If you don’t move then you might get killed! It’s better to move, move, move

mj @4am4am
What was the last book you read?

How Not To Die by Michael Greger.

Jaeme Grosvenor @koyamishishi
Were you involved in anti-war activism before you met John?


Francis Allenby @francisallenby
Dear Yoko. Following the example of you and John, I would like a world without pollution, without wars, without hunger, with dignity for all human beings. But I know I am the ant facing the giant: how can the tiny ant change the world, when this ant is alone and weak?

An ant is pretty strong, and you just have to remember that.

Nigel Rathbone @NigelRathbone
Dear Yoko, in your opinion, what will it take for the young to rise up in a global peace/eco movement like our generation did? Peace and love to you and Sean.

We just have to keep saying how important it is for THEM.

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