Facebook, 20 August 2018

Mari Mcnamee
Hi Yoko, did you ever expect things to get this crazy in Washington? Now those in office are predicting very negative outcomes should they be removed. What are some of your thoughts regarding dealing with verbal threats? Love you.

It was never this crazy I don’t think, and this is the opposite of what our ancestors did to get independence!

Carol Harrington
What do you fear most, then love most, about the way the world is headed, especially the United States of America? Love to you Yoko, and thank you.

Compared to the infinitely large universe, our solar system is very small. So we are all brothers and sisters

Anna Mantovani
My question is about your artistic relationship with Sean. Have you always made art and music with him as he was growing up? Do you feel completely free to express yourself as an artist while you are collaborating with him? Thank you for your attention. Lots of love from Italy

Sean is a very independent artist. We probably communicate more in music. I like his work and I hope he likes mine too.

Brian McAfee
Hi Yoko. I was wondering if there is a region of the United States that you find particularly beautiful or inspiring to you other than the New York area? Thank you Yoko for all you do for world peace.

This is not the right time to talk about what I love about America probably, but I still love it and every state has an independent soul and pride of their own beauty.

Terry Ward
You and I both have visual art on exhibit at the Strasburg Biennial (’til December). your interactive sculpture with the broken teacups and a hope for repair feels so poetic. is it a metaphor for the human condition –a sort of PEACE piece?

While I’m mending, I always think about the world and the universe, hoping that we will appreciate the beauty of the solar system.

Jokie X Wilson
Do you think it would be a good idea to have conceptual artists work with the medical industry to develop solutions to health problems? <3

I think that they are already doing that. There are two kinds of scientists. One, just thinking about what is in front of him, and two, a person who is thinking about science connected to the world.

Rafael Pallenberg
Hello, Dear Yoko, what advice would you give to someone suffering with panic disorder and severe anxiety all day long and fear of dying and suddenly you get scared because you even don’t know why you’re scared and you feel you’re alone in the world. Since I’m just 27 and I’m a man, just a guy, and you, the WOMAN, the source of strength, I’m asking you. I always loved you and your work, hope you’re well. i ii iii, Thanks.

I think that by loving everything around you, and appreciating the beauty around you will make you better.

Sven Saluzzi
Teenagers and people all over the USA are protesting against gun violence and the NRA. Do you believe that this movement will change things for the better?

Of course it will change the map of the world. Remember, the map of the world is what we create.

Twitter, 20 August 2018

Carrie Rae NyuChan Wright @CarrieRaeNyu
When do you think is the best time to visit the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER? Like, what is your favorite month, season, etc.

I like all seasons there. When it’s winter and very cold and icy, that’s one thing. Spring is very beautiful, the summer is much better than anywhere else, and autumn is when your head is so clear that you want use the time to think.

Robin Aldan @RobinAldan
Do you have a sense, or feeling, about how, and from where, your inspiration manifests itself?

I don’t know

Bradley Smith @semiosmith
Is spontaneity a source of joy?

I think spontaneity is very important. Without that I would probably not make any artwork.

🌤annie @waybluejay
When you married John, where did you get your wedding outfit from? Were they pieces from your closet or did you purchase them especially for the wedding? If so where did you buy them/who designed them? thankyou

John and I went to Paris and while we were walking there was a nice shop and we went in and that’s how we got it.

Curteous II @curtisgrimsley
What were you and John planning to do career-wise after the release of Double Fantasy and even Milk and Honey?

We were always thinking about making songs and music.

Mike Thomas @Shireboy1959
As far as books go, the anticipation of an autobiography by yourself would be incredible. Are there any plans for such an iconic book, Yoko?

I’m always creating just a small story in my mind, maybe one day I will share it with you.

Fran @Fran10019
Thank you for this chance to ask you… I’m afraid maybe you don’t like the question, but I’d really like to know what you think about masturbation? Some religious people say it’s a sin or something like that. Do you think it is bad in some way?

Nobody thinks it’s bad.

一柳鈴子 @1yngszq
Hello!! What’s the movie you watched for the first time and the recently?

I watched the film about our solar system and it’s connection with other solar systems. I loved it.

❄ Charlie @CharlieRice
I’m curious about what art projects you may have coming up.

I’m busy doing it now, and the first one you will probably hear about is in Leipzig.

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