Facebook, 6 September 2018

Helene Sewell
Aside from Sean looking like his Dad do you notice any other traits he inherited from John?

Everything from John… wait! He did get a few things from me too.

Albert Murrian
My favorite song on The White Album is “Revolution 9”, because it’s so far out. What kind of language did you and John use when you were recording that? It’s obvious you two had a deep telepathic soul connection, I’m just wondering how in the world you communicated clear ideas about something so abstract and got such a good result.

I think we were on the same track

Madeline Bocaro
In your film Freedom (1970) you are struggling to rip open your bra. This implies that freedom for women was still not a reality, and the slow motion represents how long it would take to happen. Is that right? Or were you unable to rip the bra apart? I love you!

I think that it’s wrong to think that we can’t do certain things because now we are free. Freedom means freedom, and that happened to be at the time that I was not free, trying to open the bra. But if I did it, so what.

Jill Já
Yoko Ono, I love the “a dream you dream” quote of yours that is often mistaken for a John Lennon quote..I’ve read that he borrowed the quote from you from a book you had written much earlier, in the 60s. Can you please expound on what you meant by the quote, did you mean for it to apply to a couple or a group..or both? And do you see things differently now? Would you say the idea is something that you still believe in? Thank you for all you do. Love you!!!! <3

There are no additional words to add.

Twitter, 6 September 2018

Reiko Lee Gardner
Is there a book you think everyone should read?

How Not To Die by Michael Greger

John Dear
Hi Yoko–How do you define nonviolence?

When you don’t hurt a person.

Diane DeVoss Panzica
Do you believe in a hereafter???

I do in a way, because I get a lot of messages from people who died.

Linda Lampo
Are you going to be at the ceremony this month for the new lennon stamp ? i have to get some for myself

I was

David Ness @Host_for_Peace
Was it heartbreaking when you monitored the Imagine album’s new remaster from hearing John’s voice? If not, how did it feel to be listening to it so many years later?

I had two emotions about it. It was nice to listen to his voice, and the other was just terrible that he’s not here now.

Carolyn Nickell @caro_lovin_it
what are your dreams like these days? what do you dream of while you sleep?

Very abstract

Mike Thomas @Shireboy1959
What is your favourite time for music, is it the 60’s when the world was first introduced to you and your art or later?

I like some 30s music too you know. The music then was expressing romanticism.

OneandOnlyMoldy @MoldyWarp
What music do you play on the piano to relax?

I play the harmony from the bottom to the top.

Lori Daily @Waldowife
Do you have any advice for speaking truthfully to someone who you are fearful of?

I probably would not hesitate to ask the truth, and all of us are like that.

OK Kay? @kaypros
Do you think your parents would be proud of you? Or did you live a different life from what they knew.

In a way it was different, but not really that different. They were not proud of me at all until I was far away from them in New York.

Diegol Arreola @MalditoDiegol
Have you seen the horizon lately?

I must say that I do see the outside of my apartment everyday because it’s so beautiful. That is the horizon for me now.

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