Facebook, 13 September 2018

Count-Klassy OG
If John was still with us today, which contemporary artist do you feel he would have loved? How about yourself?


Mari Mcnamee
Hi Yoko, really loved the Lennon Bus, Join the Sleep Club event. Fun to see Ringo and Jeff Bridges too. Did you ever imagine that the “Bed-in” would become a cultural event? And knowing that it did become so monumental, would you have changed or added anything?

One of the reasons we did it then was because it was very appropriate for then, so no.

Erin Roberts
Hi Yoko, sending love to you from Australia! Here’s my question! Do you think that there is a way to come to terms with one’s past mistakes and learn to live with our personal flaws?

We all have flaws so I hope you will get it over with.

Sonia R. Vinluan
Do you remember the actual birth weight of Sean when he was born, and how small he was as a newborn baby?? And How you and John react when both of you saw and hold him for the first time..

John wanted to hold the baby first, so I let him. I was so amazed to see John get so much into a baby.

Adam James
Do you have a favourite pair of sunglasses? I just got a pair or wrap around shades and I feel very protected wearing them. Did you get this feeling?

I have many sunglasses, as you can imagine, and depending on the day I love one.

James Ciminera
In your landmark feminist performance piece “Cut Piece” in 1965 were you frightened with so many strangers approaching you with a pair of scissors? Makes me nervous just watching it!

Yes, I felt rather nervous

Madeline Bocaro
You are very wise and intuitive. We probably all have a 6th sense that we are not using.
Do you think that maybe you have a 7th sense?

I definitely think I have a 7th sense, but I don’t think I’m the only one.

Allison Kirstukas
What new art are you making? And will any of your work be shown in NYC soon? (Please say yes.)

I’m making artwork whenever it comes to me, and that’s everyday

Ronald Ferrell Jr
How can I help to get more involved in the movement . I have a lot to share ✌️😎

Movement is something that’s a surprisingly private thing. You have to have love for it otherwise it won’t work.

Bobby Taylor
Dear Yoko: Do you think humanity will ever grow up into maturity? Thanks, Bobby.

I definitely think that we are very progressed since the time of being Neanderthals

Twitter, 13 September 2018

🎸((°]°)) ✌️ @A13j4ndr0x
Hello Yoko, You and John imagined all the people sharing all the world. What do you think about Internet and Social Networks? What would John say today? What are we missing to fulfill that dream? ✌️

Internet and social media are really good, it’s one step forward.

Kana @Kanaoor163
I’m a single mother and rasing three kids. Is there any particular words or phrases that you always told to Sean when he had a problem or trouble?

I’m trying to think now… we never had a real fierce fight and I never told him how to deal with the world because the world keeps changing.

Mukesh Kumar – Artist @khsekum
Yoko, how would you change the way we think about ourselves in this world, with the usage and the power of art, music and words, especially in achieving peace in these socially aware modern times?

If you love yourself, that’s the first thing. With the love for yourself, you will come back with an answer

Rod Nevitt @RodNevitt
When you did Four Spoons (actually 3 spoons) and Four Keys to Open the Skies, were you playing with the number four because, in part, you were thinking of John & the other Beatles? & John’s piece Four Spoons! All these pieces seem to be in dialog with each other.

But I was not thinking about the Beatles

Jake_LB @JakeLB3
Do you think Voting matters?

John and I thought voting was very important and we wanted to tell people to vote. And we did. But now I think about it, in this society, voting doesn’t count so much. We must restore the voting system so we can really believe in the votes.

Mike Thomas @Shireboy1959
Nicky Hopkins has tragically passed away recently you must have some really great memories of him and his contributions he made.

I think that together with the other musicians, I had a deep respect for him, and it’s too bad that he’s not here.

Jonas @Jo3Kolpe
Hey Yoko! Today I want to ask if you have any activity you would recommend somebody who wants to feel better and needs some positve energy? Thank you

Table tennis

Albert Murrian @AlbertBMurrian
I look forward to your Q&As every week. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule. It really means a lot to your fans. Is there a Q&A question no one has asked that you have been waiting to hear? I would love to know your answer to it, Yoko.

I do get a lot of questions and I try answer each one of them with my true feelings.

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