Facebook, 20 September 2018

Mari Mcnamee
Yoko, in the last Q & A you recommended Table Tennis as an enjoyable activity. That might be my best sport so I was happy you liked it too. Do you play very often? I’m picturing a table set up in the Dakota? ❤️mari

I was a very good table tennis player, but I have to go back to how I was, and that’s what I’m trying to do now. Table tennis is a very delicate game and also you need a kind of energy that you don’t need probably for tennis.

Frank Creighton
Not a question, but a THANK YOU to you and your husband for supporting the Glasgow shipyard workers in 1971. your generous donation of £5000 (and the red roses) made such a difference to so many people at that time. Love from Scotland. X

I’m so glad.

David Butcher
I’m coming to New York in November on holiday for a couple of weeks and bringing my guitar, hoping the big apple will inspire some new songs. Apart from Central Park, anywhere you can recommend?

The riverside is beautiful.

Pekio Vergotis
Love you Yoko. One of my favorite things that I’ve ever seen you do is when you and John and Merv Griffin went through the phone book and made random love calls to people (on the Mike Douglas TV Show in 1972). Do you ever still do that?

No, without John it doesn’t work.

Madeline Bocaro
In your song “Warzone” you are asking, “Please help us!” You are pleading wirh something other than human. Who or what is it? i ii iii

I thought that now we know this is not the only planet, so I don’t mind asking anybody from any planet.

Vita Cofano
Hi Yoko, I saw Imagine on Tuesday at the cinema. What is the best memory you have of those recordings? Best, Vita

When John and I were sitting together seeing the beautiful garden.

Gerard Daley
I cannot Imagine a world without Imagine – can you?

That’s very nice of you to say.

David Liljemark
Children Power is incredibly catchy and the new version is so sweet. Can you tell us something more about the song?

All of us are going to end up in a world that those children are going to make.

Eduardo Flores Cisternas
Hi Yoko! I hope you are doing fine. I want to paint the front of my house with something cheerful. Can you suggest me any motif?

In Florida the houses are pink, so you can go that way, or white which is very spiritual. But pink is nice too.

Sean Hagemeister
Hi Yoko. Where must peace start?

It has to first be in your heart, and then let your heart find a place. That place will be yours.

Twitter, 20 September 2018

Alice 🙃N 🐇Wunderland 🌎 @WunderlandN
Hello Yoko. Do you “believe” in a soul that travels through many lifetimes, evolving towards a higher consciousness as it transitions through each one? Or not…? 🙂
Love Alice x

It’s like breathing, take it in, take it out, and many times I had to take it out, but just as many times I took beautiful air into my heart.

Michael Gates @michael_gates
What is your favorite form of meditation?

I am meditating when I wake up, I’m meditating when I’m having my breakfast, I’m meditating when I do anything. Look at the sky, full of stars, that’s when I mediate the most.

Alain Ayers @AyersAlain
Hi Yoko, do you have a few artists/artworks you like to return to, to look at?

Everyday, just once or twice, I got around the house and feel so good about the most beautiful paintings by other people.

🦄 ☠️Dysfunctional 🍭Doll 👽 🎀 @_shannonfields
How will we ever attain world peace when we as Americans can’t even get along? 🌷💫

We should remember even the family will not be always there, so be kind to each other, and when one person in the family dies, we will remember the good days.

SexiestLyingWit @LyingWit
What are your recollections of being at the last photoshoot of all four Beatles?

I don’t remember.

tipota @tipotato
How do you do your drawings with tiny marks collectively making figures/shapes – what inspires you when you create them, and do you use different kinds of drawing tools?

I only use my hand and a pen. I don’t know what inspires me, it just happens.

promkingkiller aka THAT BITCH @Gage98748512
How do you stay so creative and motivated? What are some things you do to relax and get over that artistic block we all get sometimes, with this energy sucking void that is life sometimes?💓 -Gage B

Maybe because I have several things that I do in art, I never get blocked.

∀X∀ @ArtystX
I’ve been particularly moved by your work Yoko; Half a Room, Cut Piece, Smoke Painting, Pieces of Sky, as well as your films, No 4, Family Album, and your recent paintings too. Now it’s CLEAR who’s been influenced by you, but who are your influences? Duchamp, and …

Sometimes people tell me they were influenced by me, but unless somebody tells me that I wouldn’t know.

Yajo @yajairaohmp
How you stay in the love/lovelyness light part of you, and stay seeing love in world and others??? How you maintain you in that state of peace or mind??!!?! How can you do that!!??

I’m not always peaceful, but I can say that peace is very important in my life because it brings me many many inspirations.

BaMan @IAmTheBaMan
What is the single biggest piece of wisdom you’ve learned from your life so far? Thank you

We are all human and that’s my excuse for getting very upset sometimes.

Mick O’Toole @shaydeadly
Hi Yoko. Thank you for this opportunity. When was the last time you saw John and Paul together?

When Paul came to our apartment at the Dakota.

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