Facebook, Thursday 4th October 2018

Mari Mcnamee
Dear Yoko, my question this week is about women’s rights and human rights. You and John had many powerful things to say early on about Women’s rights. I especially appreciated your comments in the 1980 Playboy Interview and the subsequent book. Clearly you were both way ahead of your time in understanding and thought. While you acknowledged progress made, you both noted there was a ways to go. Where do you feel men and women are at this point in time regarding human rights? And what needs to happen to create positive change? Love, mari

We are like two people who are quickly trying to put all that we had in a little suitcase to go to the next step

Matthew Stevens
I just want to say thank you so much. In early October of 2012 my mom passed away. She and I shared our love for you and your art. Sometime later, I wrote something about it here on your Q&A. You gave me a very beautiful and kind reply. Soon after I had a beautiful dream that i attended an art exhibition given by you and the spirit of John Lennon where all visitors to the exhibition put their hand in a box of white sand and each put in a little bit of hope. When it was my turn the sand fell away revealing a beautiful white city. And you said, “we were collecting our hopes to give it to you. It is time to have hope again.” After that day, I stopped having sad dreams and nightmares and I started having beautiful dreams again. Thank you for your kindness. My mother would thank you too. You really helped me start down the path of healing. Now it’s my turn. I’m writing a book so hopefully I can offer hope and healing to someone when they need it.

I hope you will not give up writing this book, I know that it will be very good for me to read it.

Gaby Molinar
Yoko 💗 I love your album Approximately Infinite Universe, it’s a masterpiece. Have you heard it recently? What is the song on the album that has the most meaning for you?

Looking Over from My Hotel Window. I remember that some people thought that the title was too long.

Jokie X Wilson
Which philosopher’s writings are most relevant to the issues we currently face in society? Could you recommend a book of theirs?

Philosophers are not particularly interested in that subject. I prefer that we ask each other what we can do.

Madeline Bocaro
Is the title of your song O’Oh” (from A Story) an homage to John Cage’s piece 0’00” which he dedicated to you in 1962?
i ii iii


Laurie Kaye
Greetings dear Yoko, it’s been a very long time – 38 years on this coming Dec. 8, to be exact. I was part of the RKO interview team with you and John that day at the Dakota, and of course I have thought of you so often since then – I know our bond was temporary, but you have always been a shining example to me of the kind of person I would like to be in this world…and the question I’d like to ask is, what was the key that unlocked your understanding of the need for peace on our planet? Yours always, Laurie Kaye

The direct thought came from second world war in which I was in

Bee Bee
What are your favorite clouds?

I love every cloud that comes across to me

Twitter, Thursday 4th October 2018

AYearOutdoors @AYearOutdoors
How are you?

Well, I don’t know

Adrian Sexton @adrian_sexton
Hi Yoko! What makes you giggle?

I giggle when I’m embarrassed

Mαяι Ʋαѕѕ @marivass
Do you believe that we have the same amount of shadow as we have in light?

It depends on where you’re standing or sitting, or dreaming

Michela Carissimi @Iloveuk1977
Can you write anything to beat depression?

That is a very difficult one. I think of animals who are suffering like crazy and we don’t particularly care about it.

Tam Tam Baker @tamz2105
Do you got any advice for artists that are just starting out or who are unknown? How do you overcome writer’s block, when you want to write a song? Any advice or suggestions?

I know it may sound crazy to you, but I never had a block

Theda @thedawaves
What is your favorite sound in the morning?


Victoria Caudle 🏳️‍🌈 @nureonjongi
Do you have a favorite memory of Nam June Paik? Or any creative experiences with him?

He was a very sweet friend. Despite the beautiful work that he has done, he was always torturing himself.

Billy Sheards @BillySheards
What´s the message to the new generations ? Is peace a destiny or a way of life ?

It will become a way of life very soon. I think PEACE is POWER.

annaleighcross @annaleighcross
Do you have a favorite poem or poet? Peace, Yoko ❤️

Several Japanese poems you cannot translate.

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