Facebook, Friday 19 October 2018

Jennifer Halpern
Hello Yoko – My partner and I are in Liverpool this week and we went to your Double Fantasy exhibit yesterday. Beautiful and amazing. Will you be presenting Double Fantasy in the US? We live in San Francisco.

That’d be great.

Ian Cole
Hi Yoko. A few years ago I heard Cilla Black’s version of Oh My Love, and I realised it sounded more like an Ono song than a Lennon song. Did you compose the song that then you and John finished for Imagine?

That was John’s song.

David Liljemark
A line in your recent interview with Loud and Quiet hinted that you have another new album in the pipeline already (!), which is great news! Can you tell us something more about it?

Yes, it might become an operetta.

Frits Jan Smit
I have some footage shot of the Dalai Lama with your Three Mounds in Amsterdam. He was told about your art (it is on camera). Have you ever met the Dalai Lama?

It’s very nice that he did, I’m honored.

Ziggy Stefdust
I love your albums with the new Plastic Ono Band. How does electronic music feel different for you to make & experience, as opposed to rock music?

For me, there’s no difference between music and noise. Some noises are beautiful, and some music should not be called music, in my opinion.

Daniel Long
I was wondering if you are having any new exhibitions soon in NYC, also what is the meaning behind the song Cambridge 1969?

It was a very ad lib thing. I got a call from Cambridge and they said please come. Happens to be that John was right next to me at the time and he kept nudging me and whispered to me that we have to go to this one. So I did and they said, are you gonna bring a band? And just when I was going to say I’m not going to bring a band, John whispered to me, say you’re going to bring a band! So I did, and a band turns out to be John. We had a very exciting time.

Penny Williams
Is there a museum that has your art work on permanent display?

I’m not sure.

Melba Sharp
Do you have a favorite Television show or Movie?

No, but off and on I find a very interesting television show or movie. There’s always one series that’s very good.

Albert Murrian
Taylor Swift just came out in favor of her fans becoming more political. As a result, thousands of them registered to vote. Do you think more artists/performers should get political if it is going to increase turnout on election day?


Brian McAfee
Hi Yoko. I was wondering if you and John had dogs as pets throughout the years? I love all animals but I enjoy the companionship of my dog. All the best to you and Sean.

We used to have cats, and then we used to have dogs. We liked both cats and dogs.

Twitter, Friday 19 October 2018

Natasha Reid @cupcakesbrookly
How are you doing?

Fine, thank you.

Rose of Bearwood @roseofbearwood
Much love & peace to you Yoko! What are your thought on music therapy?

Everything can be a therapy if it is used well.

Nesha Zumbrum ❤️ @Zumbrummy
Dear Yoko, We all strive for inner peace. What one thing do you do during your day that cultivates such peace?

I’m pretty peaceful.

Andravis @trulyandy
Changing the world is very important to me. Now that I’m an adult I don’t know where to start. Sometimes it’s like screaming into an empty void. What was the first moment of transformation from acceptance to activism for you? What did you decide to do first?

I didn’t do anything special, I only do something when I think that my effort is very important at the time.

Madeline @madelinex
If you could visit any place and time in the future, where and when would it be? i ii iii

Anytime that I have the time to.

Kristin Beasley @artsynchantress
I love you. Thank you for keeping the movement alive. Where do you find yourself most creative? In what state, or surroundings?💋

I find myself creative at all times.

Misti Velvet @roxixmas
Hi Yoko. I was drawn to my first husband partly because his birthday is October 8th and mine is February 17th. I’ve always romanticized you and John as the ideal couple. How early on in the courtship did you study your synastry?

The chemistry was obviously there, we didn’t have to find out.

Terry Edwards @TerryEdwardsEsq
I loved playing in the band for Double Fantasy at Meltdown. Did you enjoy hearing those songs again, played by a very different group of musicians?

I enjoy listening to Double Fantasy anytime, but this one was really great.

enj @technicolor1916
hi yoko. thank you for all the beautiful art you’ve shared with us for so many years. everything you do continues to inspire me to step out of the box more + more. do you have any tips for finding beauty and art everywhere? ps- i named our friendly local stray cat yoko

I don’t have tips for it, but I seem to pick up beauty in everything around me.

Zahangel @DNZLX
what’s the greatest lesson you’ve learnt to date?

It could be a lesson, but I did not ever call it a lesson. When I find something that is giving me a strong signal, that’s when I work

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