Facebook, Friday 2 November 2018

Dennis J Shaffner

Why is in everything. We’re still an unprogressive race, still thinking that we are not.

Johann Heyss
Brazil has just elected a fascist president, an openly racist, homophobic, violent man who believes that 5 year old kids must have guns and says that if he had a gay son he would spank him until he went straight. Violence against gays and blacks has increased, and often the aggressors mention the elected president’s name. If you have any words for us Brazilians right now, it would be very much appreciated. Love, Johann

You have to wait. We all have to wait. That’s one of the things that we do. And we will love each other because of that.

Mari Mcnamee
Hi Yoko, your song, “Mrs. Lennon,” is one of my favorites. I picture John asking you the questions in your song. That my projection. Do you recall where you were when you wrote “Mrs. Lennon” and under what circumstances? Love, Mari

In London. If you’re thinking it was written because of some quarrel John and I had, it wasn’t like that. I just felt sad that the female species are considered less important.

Madeline Bocaro
What is your earliest childhood memory?

It was in my mothers womb. The size of the womb kept changing and it scared me.

Andrew Mantha
Yoko, Do you see the world moving towards or away from Peace?

It is obviously moving towards peace.

Tim Sinnott
Hello! You are a great inspiration to me as an Art teacher and John was to me as a young man ! Thank you both ! Do you have a message to the young people using Art as a means to express how they feel and how that truth can change the way we see our world?

I definitely think that both John and I had something to do with changing the world, but you can say that about anyone. Let’s think that we are making a difference, if we don’t think that we’ll kill each other.

Fēïñî Fûñg
What’s your favourite thing?


Emmanuel Pedicino
What do you think when your hear the word “Argentina”? Love you Yoko.

I always think of Argentina as a very romantic place.

Beatrice Schmidt
Hello Yoko from Berlin Germany. I am coming to the opening of your Exhibition in Leipzig on saturday 1.12. I would like to meet you. 😊 My question Is….have you ever destroyed one of your installations and art pieces because your opinion about it had changed or do you think that every peace of your art is timeless? Greetings Beatrice

No, it never changed and I liked all the works that I put together because conceptually they were all interesting.

Anna Peterson
What question would you hope someone would ask you?

I would hope that someone would ask me a question that is being kind to me

Twitter, Friday 2 November 2018

Jaxon @Tomthesizzler6
What do you most likely love in a human being?

I love all human beings. The suffering that each one of us is going through is incredible.

John Bostock @jpbostock69
I can’t stop singing ‘Oh Yoko!’ and playing it on my guitar ..how did you feel when John first sang it to you?

It was nice of him to write the song

Pete @Petesareeno
Yoko, is the word under the magnifying glass still ‘YES’? The world is a darker place now; if it still says ‘YES’ why do you think so? And for what it’s worth, thank you: without you, John wouldn’t have been John.

Yes it is. Yes, because we are human beings and we are all progressing together.

Joe Smith @monsvenera
What words would you use to inspire, encourage and give hope to women fighting for women’s rights?

I have given encouragement and hope to women, but I realized that’s not the way that we can come together.

Andrew @modernancientAB
Do you have any opinions on how it is best to document dreams?

I have no idea what would be a good effective way to do that

Marçal Cuberta Juncà @marcalcuberta
What book have you enjoyed recently? Thanks! X

I feel it’s very important that we can communicate with each other and have a laugh too. We are not at that point yet.

verdi678 @verdi678
Is it true that no matter what we go through we never really understand how much others actually put up with?

Yes that is very true and very sad

Jonas @Jo3Kolpe
Which season do you prefer the most and why?

Say I am a poet. All poets love all seasons.

Mike Thomas @Shireboy1959
With you just releasing your album can we expect more releases in the future?

Yes of course you can expect more from me because I’m a workaholic!

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