Facebook, 26 July 2018

Melba Sharp 
Yoko, I’ve worried over your health. How are you doing. Glad to see you are taking questions again. Love you.

I think that my health is getting better and better, so I’m not worried, and you can relax too.

Michael Gabriele 
Hi Yoko. It seems to me that most of the human race has been distracted and immobilized by the maniacs who rule the world in order to further their own agendas of domination and the accumulation of wealth. Why do you think the billions of citizens of the world allow this to happen and how can we all connect and come together in order to make these rulers become obsolete? Do you think it is even possible?

Yes it’s not only very possible, but we are already doing it. Each one of us are doing are best.

Jokie X Wilson 
How can we make life funny these days?

Life is not funny. Life is very difficult and painful as well. But we are getting better and better because we are understanding the situation more and more.

Winston Lennon 
Hi Yoko!. How did it feel compiling all the photo material for the upcoming ‘Imagine‘ book? I guess it was very emotional but did it bring back any new memories from that period?

I’m hoping that these photographs will give you an idea of what we were doing, and even it will help you to remember what you were doing. According to what you see, in this book, you will know that we were pretty understanding people, and you know that you are too.

Pete Griffin 
Hi Yoko, back here in England a lot of the talk at the moment is about Brexit and the impending withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, can I ask what do you think of this and also how do you think John would have reacted?

Instead of thinking so much about Brexit, I think you should do exactly what you can do to make the world a better place. That’s what I’m doing and so many of our friends.

Katharina Riedl 
Hello Yoko, you have been through so many troubling times, saw many politicians come and go. I am very worried now about the world at the moment. How did you always stay so positive and optimistic?

Because I know that what is true will win in the end.

Monica Petrie 
Yoko, when in your life did you know you were/are an artist? And what was the impetus for you and John Lennon to become peace activists? From an artist and peace activist.

I think I knew it from the beginning, but I know you do too about yourself… We loved the idea and we went for it.

Mary Hyland 
Hi Yoko, this is more a comment than question: I just wanted to thank you for the posting of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, lest folks forget, as well as the most awesome song you’ve introduced to us, Warzone. It is sadly art imitating life but it’s spectacular. You will recall so many types of art that have echoed violence through the decades. I wish it would stop. Peace and love.❤

Woman Power!

Xanthia Dean 
Hello Mrs Ono, I’m a fan because of my late mother. My question is what human trait is your favorite to see in your fellow man? Mine is Vulnerability as it makes me want to sing when I see someone free enough to show their most delicate side.

I think the power that they have they should keep for themselves, and use it in the way they like. But the vulnerability is something we can understand, because it’s something we all have, and it’s good to show it.

Jorge Artajo Muruzabal 
I really enjoyed your web events: 100 ACORNS (1996/2008) and ONE WOMAN SHOW (1996/1997). I wonder if you will create some more playful and joyful online participative works like these in the near future. ¡ ¡¡ ¡¡¡

I’m already doing it now if you tune into my social media, there one that needs you to bring crayon or paint to add something.


Twitter, 26 July 2018

When you start working on a new project, where do your first ideas come from and how do you start developing them?

The idea comes to me. That’s it. I’m very lucky that way

What should each of us do to improve the world when it seems to be a time of such turmoil around the world!

To call for action, I made an album which is to give energy to people to wake up.

When world politics wear you down, is it better for you to seek escape from it in your work or to push back through your work?  Both are positive, but is one BETTER in your experience?

I was always being truthful about what it going on, but I would say that I was not that forward in saying things. Now, this album says it all

When is the US presidency nightmare going to end?

When we decide

You’re my biggest inspiration, thank you for daring to do what others don’t, so my question… It was 1971 when you first released Now or Never, are we still on time to change the times to the Century of Hope? i ii iii

Yes, century of creating a peaceful world

What is the most important thing we can do to promote peace in our world?

Each person has a different way of doing things, and they should follow their instinct. Peace is power!

Dear Yoko, do you believe in some metaphysical theory? What would be the idea of God for you? Some religion, philosophy inspired you? Are we more than physical materials?

I think that each one of us are gods, and when all the gods wake up to the fact we will get what we want.

Yoko, what is the last book you read?

There’s so many I can’t even keep track

If u could have one, just one wish, what would it be and why??

For the world to be peaceful, no war, no fighting

Which direction do I turn to to promote peace and alleviate suffering? What’s the best thing a young person, undecided about life and careers, can do to contribute?

The young people who are the next generation, we know how intelligent they are. Their intelligence will keep us going.

I love the concept for your new record! I look forward to hearing a new song every Tuesday. That’s a really good idea! It’s so lovely to hear your voice again. And you’re right, Yoko … We’re living in a WARZONE! Love, Albert

Thank you for understanding.  Love, Yoko


Find out more about Warzone at www.yokoonowarzone.com

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