Facebook, 2 August 2018

Mari Mcnamee
Hi Yoko! Missed you so much. I have a million questions as always, but I will start with this one, hello, glad you are here and how are things going? Love, Mari
I think that I’m just doing the best that I can do. Thank you, thank you!

Ian Cole
Why did you decide to record a new album revisiting your old songs, and what inspired you to select the songs to include on the album?
Well I thought that it would be a much better line-up than to try and create new songs right now. These are songs that maybe you know, but if you do, you will see that they are really very new.

Michael Gabriele
Hi Yoko. It seems to me that most of the human race has been distracted and immobilized by the maniacs who rule the world in order to further their own agendas of domination and the accumulation of wealth. Why do you think the billions of citizens of the world allow this to happen and how can we all connect and come together in order to make these rulers become obsolete? Do you think it is even possible?
I think that we are trying to do that. And many people, even so called officials, are using their intelligence and minds to stop a dangerous situation. It’s most important that everybody will try to do their best.

Jamie Hunter
Do you believe John would have recognised Palestine’s struggle, Thankyou for your time✌️❤️
Of course he would, but it’s not just Palestinians, it’s all of us… in so many ways.

Graham Bingham
Hello Yoko , We spoke on the phone one day when l was in the Museum in Saitama. We chatted about Sean then and l can see the wonderful loving relationship that you have for each other, l would like to hear what surprises you about Sean.
He is a beautiful boy . <3
He’s the only son that John and I have, so it’s very interesting that he’s getting energy from John and from me as well, and the mixture of that is quite something, because he is also his own person.

Sonia R. Vinluan
Hello Yoko, I am gonna ask when you were expecting Sean, what was the first time you knew you were pregnant and what was John’s reaction when he saw you having pregnancy symptoms?? And most of all , what foods did you craved during pregnancy with Sean and why??
John said, “Whoopee!” Before I became pregnant, John and I were already into good food, so not really. But I must say one night before Sean was born, John and I had an ice cream festival between us.

Albert Murrian
We are coming up on the anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. I wish those things had never happened. Nuclear weapons shouldn’t even exist. I’m the first male in four generations of my family not to go to war, and the big reason for that is you and Mr. Lennon. Your music shaped the way I think about war and peace. I just wanted you to know I hear you, Yoko!
Thank you for giving us your experience. I hope all of us will not only wish, but make a world that has no more soldiers.

Nick J Morfitt
Hi Yoko, would you consider doing an album with Ringo and Klaus again as the rhythm section? And Sean on guitar? A pure rock based album like your debut with no digital instruments?
One day maybe we will do that. But we all have individual dreams and what we want to do at this point.

Twitter, 2 August 2018

Jan Evans @LadyMaryRising
Your new song “Warzone” doesn’t only make think of war as we know it but with the cries of elephants, it’s like a cry against Trophy Hunting. Which is criminal. Am I interpreting this wrong or is it your simply as it is sadly in this World, becoming a “Warzone”?
I’m talking about Warzone in the sense of every animal, including ourselves, are suffering. In the case of human beings, they are mainly interested in getting money, and for other animals the main interest is to hide from the human race. I did not use the animals in the sense of the effect of the music, I feel that their existence is just as important as ours. The human race is not the only one that’s suffering.

Albert Murrian @AlbertBMurrian
Your new music is very powerful. The production is amazing, the words are spot on, and it has never been so good to hear your voice. How do you keep it sounding so good? Those amazing screams of yours sound better than ever! Do you have a vocal routine before you sing?
No, I don’t do anything. I wanted to wait until 2019 when my voice should be really good, but then every morning when I checked the newspaper, my blood was starting to boil, so I thought we really need to say it now… And thank you!

skylar @charmingjdb
What is the message you want listeners to take from your new album?
Just like all the albums that I made, there was a good reason to do it. And this does too. We are going to do it, we can do it, and we will. In not too long, I see that we will all be striving together, make a deal, that no country would have war or violence. And we will just admire each other for being intelligent and having survived.

Elliott Marx @elliottmarx
Hello Yoko! The Rising Tour was phenemonal. The more recent Plastic One Band Tour was incredible. Will you ever release these great performances on DVD? I would love to relive them. Thanks for all that you’ve contributed to my life.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. You will probably see some videos of the performances that you have never seen before.

Melanie Columbo @MelanieColumbo
How do you do all that you do, how do you stay strong yet honest with your art practice. I really like your latest song release and art in the video.
Because that’s the simplest thing to do. And important thing to do.

SandyM @SandyMascola
I often think of John Lennon during these turbulent and divisive times…especially his classic Imagine. What do you think he’d be writing today?
He would be writing so many things that I could not even list them.

THE MrsCarter~* @HRDoll
Hello Yoko What do you think John would say about the authoritarian tones from president of United States & referring to the press as “the enemy of the people”? And what would he *do* faced with that?
I don’t think the press is the enemy of the people, and I’m sure John would not either.

Rod Nevitt @RodNevitt
White is such an important color for you. Did you and/or John understand Richard Hamilton’s design for the White Album as an homage to your work? Do you remember any discussions you had with Hamilton or with John or the other Beatles about the design of the album?
I knew what it was, and he was a very good friend of mine, but I just thanked him in my mind.

Hi dear Yoko what’s your message for today’s World as we see that is full of troubles and war ??
It’s a world where all of us will have to be survivalists.

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