Facebook, 9 August 2018

Dana Hartwick
Yoko, I am loving the new songs! Now or Never is one of the most hopeful and inspiring songs I have heard in a long time. Together, we can make this a world of love and peace.

Great, thank you!

Ian Cole
Why did you decide to record a new album revisiting your old songs, and what inspired you to select the songs to include on the album?

There were more songs, but I stopped at 13 because that was just right. The thing about this is, I did Warzone with Thomas Bartlett, who’s incredibly sensitive, and animals, because we are animals too and we are not being good to our fellow animals.

Jorge Artajo Muruzabal
I love your drawings in the new raw mixes of “Warzone” and “Hell in Paradise” videos. Some people pointed out that your Fraklin Summer drawings made them think in those starlings flying together in a whirling ever-changing pattern. For me, your drawings, they were just automatic stipling drawings to free the mind, kind of mushin meditation, then I started seeing many connections between your work and thoughts, and those birds creating beautiful images in the sky by turning in unison. ¿Why did you started those series of drawings and where did you get the inspiration?

It was a beautiful summer and I just started doing these drawings and I’m glad I did.

Johann Heyss
I noticed that half of the songs from your new album “Warzone” are originally from “Starpeace”. What have you learned from the Cold War period that can be of use now? Lots of love from Brazil.

I think that when I put out Starpeace it sold very poorly and therefore very many people have not heard the songs, and I thought that these songs have to be shared.

Robert G Narraway
Hi Yoko 🙂 I remember John saying that now he was a ‘zen pagan’…i was hoping to hear him elaborate about this…could you say a little about what he meant by this…thanks

Well, I wish he could say something to you about it, but he’s not talking.

Mari Mcnamee
Hi Yoko, four years ago I wrote you my first question. Your answer was spot on. I always remained a psychologist and I now paint, mainly portraits. My question is about intuition. I appreciate your intuition and was it always there or did it develop? How do you know when to trust your intuition?

I was always trusted my intuition and it comes to me when I’m not thinking. And it’s usually very precious information.

Diane Diamond
Yoko, I appreciate your work. You don’t need words to express what you are saying. It comes through loud and clear. And I agree with you. People need to really listen to understand. Thank you. The world needs this now. I am so happy and proud of you for giving and delivering it to us. Peace and Love to you.

There’s no questions to answer

Jack Buckby
Hi Yoko. I am one of your conservative fans! I share your desire for peace & I’ve been to lots of your gigs. – I was wondering what you thought about Trump’s actions in Korea. Isn’t what they are doing a really good step for peace? I know he is a flawed man – we all are – but isn’t it good that he’s trying diplomacy instead of war? I hope you are well, and thank you for all your amazing work. Love and best wishes, Jack

I am also happy with how the South and North Koreans are being very intelligent now.

Neil Whitehead
Hi Yoko. My question is about music, a thing that is enabling and powerful for so many of us. Is there a piece of music that will stop you in your tracks so you have to listen to to the whole thing before you can continue with your day?


Twitter, 9 August 2018

Rod Nevitt @RodNevitt
In histories of the Beatles, one always reads that the Apple Records logo was based on Magritte’s apple painting that McCartney owned. But did you and John maybe also associate it with your famous Apple that was shown at the Indica gallery?

Yes, we did.

Diego Dell’Orso @elegodedios
Yoko when You & John made iMAGiNE you knew you where talking about another dimension ? A dimension where only Love rules everything? You were trying to wake us up! right? Why are we still creating this sufferment World for? Are We still sleeped by others? I wanna wake up Yoko! But each time i feel like I’m awakening, suddenlly I start to fall in this matrix again? How can i wake up & help others to do it ? And keep on awake?

Make sure to read your favorite newspaper everyday and pretty soon you will see what’s happening in our world

Frankie Mildly Perturbed @Frankie_Mil_Per
Hi Yoko, as next year is the 50th anniversary of the release of Give Peace A Chance do you have any special plans?

My plan is to just think about it

David Bushell @D_WilburBushell
Hello Yoko. Which is the best way to start practising Meditation? I am a complete beginner.

You should not make a point of meditating. Whenever you have time, just go into meditation in your brain. And the time should be when you are alive, for instance when you are about to eat your lunch, when you are reading a book that says something to you, when you are walking in the city, when you are looking at the sun or the moon, all of that is a good time.

A Y @atsuyatsu
Do you feel frustrated by the sluggish progress of women’s rights in Japan? Why do many talented and ambitious women need to leave Japan to thrive?

That has to change and I’m sure it will.

Melanie Columbo @MelanieColumbo
How do you do all that you do, how do you stay strong yet honest with your art practice. I really like your latest song release and art in the video.

It’s simpler when you do things very simply, and if you’re honest about something someday you might forget what you said in honesty. So it’s better to stay honest.

Robert Mack @RobVMack
Is it true that you met Paul McCartney before you met John?


Joel @kronos7777
Hello I have a question about dealing with powerful people. How can I have an honest conversation with someone who refuses to be truthful?

There must be a reason that he or she cannot be truthful, so you should think about that… why. But just move on.

Michael Smilonich @msmilonich
When you’ve pushed out all the creative energy you have into what ever project you’re working on, and you know it’s not “finished” or you’re not satisfied, how do you get yourself past this? (Others might not see this, but you do.)

What I did that I was not particularly happy with, I change it.

Rafael Ollarves @RafaelOllarves
What is your favorite word in japanese that has not equivalent translation to English?


Audrey @Audreyidkk
What advice can you give to young peace activists and artists? how can we make more of a difference and encourage people to love more? love, a young peace activist and artist.

Each person has a different way of doing it, but I must say they have to do it in a way that’s not dangerous for them.

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