Facebook, 16 August 2018

Andy Tubb
Yoko, you’ve been campaigning for love, peace and the environment for 50 years or so. In the 60s people were optimistic that they really could make a difference and improve the world. With so many bad things still happening it’s difficult to remain so optimistic. Do you feel any different now compared to then?

It’s not ice cream, where 2 minutes later it’s all melted.

Brian McAfee
With all of the chaos going on in the world today what is the biggest change in society from your prospective as to why things seems to be getting worse violence wise and why as human beings some of us can’t seem to get along and be more understanding as human beings? Thank you Yoko for bringing back your Q&A. Have a great weekend.

I think that this is a good sign, that people who couldn’t say anything, stood up for their land.

Reiko Lee Gardner
Reading the news online has caused me so much stress, so I’ve gone on a news fast. Maybe I’ve just been reading from bad sources that put out too many shockingly negative stories. A friend suggested I just read NPR. Is there a news source you can recommend?

I think that newspapers are competing with each other to tell the truth. It’s a good sign.

Ian Cole
Thank you Yoko for responding to my question last week I’m enjoying the new versions of your songs you’re releasing each week. Were you pleased to be granted co-writing credit for Imagine? John said in many interviews that he should have credited you, but was afraid to because of macho bullshit. It was obvious he was inspired by your many “imagine” pieces in Grapefruit. He even put one on the back of the album sleeve.

I was very pleased.

Zoe Elizabeth
Do you think the Space Force (and America’s “dominance” in space) will hurt or help humanity?

No one country should dominate space.

Allex Romero
Greeting from Mexico! Why do you think it seems things are getting worse in the world rather than better? Want can a simple citizen of the world, like me, do about it?

The people who didn’t know anything are starting to see how bad it was, and that is a good sign.

Gerard Daley
Do you write songs – or do they write you?

Music always comes from life.

Oliver Witt
Dear Yoko, of all the albums you made, which one (or which song) is your favourite and why? Greetings from Cologne from Oliver P.S. I think “Looking Over From My Hotel Window” would have been a great inclusion on your new album.

I wouldn’t say I have one favorite, but I love Winter Friend.

Madeline Bocaro
Hi Yoko! Please tell us the healing power of water and why it is much more valuable than gold. i ii iii ☁️

Of course it’s much more valuable than gold, people emphasize the important of gold for so long, and now I think that’s fading.

Albert Murrian
Andy Warhol would have turned 90 a few days ago. I read that you once told Mr. Lennon that Mr. Warhol was “the most sensitive person” you’d ever met. I love that description. Everything I know about him seems to confirm what you said. Do you have a favorite memory of Mr. Warhol, or a favorite artwork of his? I know you were close.

I liked his personality the most

Twitter, 16 August 2018

Madeline @madelinex
Many women have become militant, like the Rosies in your song ‘Catman’. Your essay The Feminization of Society, expected nurturing female instincts to heal the world. Women are lashing out at men for years of repression & abuse. What is your advice to angry women?

They’re not going to be angry forever. It’s bad for their health.

David Gibson @Meikle_Seggie
Today Madonna is 60 years of age and Aretha Franklin R.I.P. left us a legacy of great work. Did you ever meet Madonna and Aretha? What do they mean to you artist to artist, woman to woman?

Yes. They’re very strong people, but we shouldn’t forget that most women are really very strong.

cecilia gc @cegcampo
Hi Yoko. I admire you and your convictions a lot. Do you think that you could still have the same convictions/beliefs if you were a poor person in terms of money?

I was very very poor when I was starting out as an artist, and when I made the artwork called YES PAINTING, things started to change in my life very quickly.

Victor Hugo @ViaVictorHugo
Did you help John with the writing process? I noticed he holds some of his notes similar to yours.

We were living together, so it’s alright to be influenced

Mike Thomas @Shireboy1959
I visited the Double Fantasy exhibition in Liverpool and thought it was great, did it bring good Karma to you seeing all those memories in one place?

It was great to see it, because the Liverpool show was done in a very truthful way.

Sam Allison @thesallison
I was inspired by John and yourself to write and film my own peace documentary in the Middle East next year. Do you have any words of wisdom or advice before I embark?

Make sure that you will trust yourself

liz0210_jp @WasNotBornYest1
I’ve got 2 babies who are not twins. They cannot do anything but crying for what they want. They are so adorable and I love them, I can be patient enough, but how can I raise and make them learn how the society works? Do you think love is good enough for raising kids?

Yes, I’m sure that one day when they fly away into the college or university, you will miss them and remember how cute they were crying

[email protected] @risingskypeace
Even as a child I have wondered what life is. Why do you think we are here? Is there life beyond our brief time here? What’s it all about? Peace be with you Yoko. Thank you.

It’s to learn things, and enjoy things.

Albert Murrian @AlbertBMurrian
I like to meditate. It gives me peace. You tweeted about the importance of having a mantra the other day. I don’t have a mantra, but I want one. How do I find the right one for me? Shouldn’t everyone have their own mantra?

One day, you will find the one that is made for you.

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