Message from Yoko Ono

Dear Friends
I’m very pleased to be back with you, doing our weekly Q&A together.
If you would like to join in, ask me a question on Thursday (either by tagging your question #yokoqanda on Twitter, or Commenting in the Q&A post on Facebook) and I’ll answer a selection on the following Monday.
Peace is Power!

Facebook, Friday 30 November 2018

Anthony Ramirez
How are you?

I think I’m in a very good place

Rhonda Lassiter
Where do you your strength from? You are so courageous as you plow through life without John. XO

I don’t know where it’s coming from, but I think obviously might have something to do with me!

Madeline Bocaro
I love your song “Story of an Oak Tree” about the influence of your father. What did you love most about him?

That he was so intelligent

Winston Lennon
Is woman still the nigger of the world? Love you Yoko ❤️ Peace ✌️

Yes, but we’re trying to change it. Genders, which were once thought of just two, are becoming more fluid now as well.

Erik Vasconcellos
Do you happen to recall back in the late 90s /early 2000s, you Sean and Sean’s girlfriend staying on a boat in Copenhagen during one of you gallery showings? My Danish cousins (Melina Maitland) helped set up the gallery. She said you made a comment on how you and Sean stayed up most or all of the night on the boat due to the summer sun not completely setting. I think you liked that. Just wondering That was my Danish family you were with,I remember being envy because i was in the states at the time and didnt get to meet you:( they said you were very sweet 🙂

Well I can understand you would be envious, it would have been very nice if you were there too.

Jokie X Wilson
I recall you and John saying you were members of the third sex. What do you think John would have to say about the current struggles of the transgender community? What do you think about them? <3

I think that it’s very natural to develop the gender into many different genders and perceptions.

Garry Roberts
Are artists given the time to blossom and mature today or is the music/art industry solely fickle and money obsessed?

The music and art industry fickleness will gradually be watered down. And it will be beautiful

Lewis Solomon
Did John continue to practice yoga and meditation post India?

He did it whenever he felt like it.

David Liljemark
You describe yourself as a workaholic, which is very nice for us who appreciate your work a lot. Given that, did the artist side of you find it frustrating during the latter half of the 70s, when you raised Sean and didn’t release albums for a number of years (also having put the great “A Story” album on the backburner)?

I think that many many women will agree with me. Once you have a child, the child does not notice how hard it is for the mother. But these days I find men who are very interested in taking responsibly of a child, as well as women. So maybe it’s going to be very god, very soon.

Brian McAfee
Thank you so much Yoko for taking our questions. I hope you and Sean had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Yes, we had a wonderful thanksgiving that we didn’t realize we would have.

Twitter, Friday 30 November 2018

Sebastien Marion @sebastienmarion
What is your most memorable experience of being at a library?

I like the silence of the library

Ivan Cash @cash_studios
Hi Yoko, How did you get your sense of faith and what allows you to keep the faith?

I only have faith for myself, but I think that rather than to say I have faith for myself, I’d like to say all of us should have faith.

Peter Bannan @PeterBannan
Hi Yoko, what would be the one thing in the world today that you would change, that you think would make the greatest difference..?

If you and I can become a great friend

Vanessa @number1blind
I feel like all of my creativity has been drained out of me and even though I get inspired sometimes I still have this block keeping me from creating. How can I get my creativity back?

If you forget about it, it will pop out in your head

Ling Yang @yvictor0123
Hey Yoko, I’ve just read your books(Acorn & Grapefruit), I love your imagination so much and have great fun from imagining! Could you tell me where did you get so much imagination from or how you come up with these uncommon images? Love you:D from Ling: )

I didn’t think it was so uncommon, but it just came to me

Oleg Zaezdny @olegzaezdny
Hi, Yoko. How does one become fearless? How did you overcome your fears?

By not avoiding the word fear

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