The world-famous artist Yoko Ono has for the first time designed special postage stamps. She has created the motifs of two new PostNord postage stamps, containing the strong, universal messages of “DREAM” and “SMILE”. The stamps were created on the initiative of Yoko Ono, who herself addressed the desire to design Danish postage stamps.

Martin Pingel, Design Director of PostNord: “Yoko Ono is one of today’s greatest artists and a symbol of an entire generation. She has for a long time held a great desire to design postage stamps and we are incredibly proud to have given her the opportunity. With this release, Danes and tourists now have the opportunity to send greetings with Yoko Ono’s message of peace and understanding to families and friends around the world.”

These are the first official stamps that Yoko Ono has created. She has chosen to design simple but powerful messages in the form of “DREAM”, written in the middle of a yellow moon, and “SMILE” written in the middle of an orange sun, decorate each of the two stamps. Finally, the stamps are encircled by the words “We’ll meet again” and “I love you”.

The stamps are published in connection with Yoko Ono’s exhibition TRANSMISSION at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen Denmark. In addition to the artworks at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, the show also includes 900 billboards at bus stops throughout the country, radio broadcasts and newspaper advertisements. At the exhibition, which runs until 18 February 2018, visitors can experience how the stamps have taken shape from the first loose sketches to the final editions.

84-year-old Yoko Ono has been a significant advocate of peace and human rights since the 1960s – topics that have filled a lot in her music and art. In 2009, she received the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale for her lifelong work, and in 2015 she got her own “One Woman Show” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The stamps will be published on January 2nd and will be available at PostNord online store as a so-called “souvenir sheet” with two stamps. The value of the stamps matches worldwide service from Denmark.

For further information please contact:
PostNord press department, tel. +45 33 61 60 01

10 questions with Yoko Ono about postage stamps and letters

Is it the first time you design a postage stamp?

Why did you want to design postage stamps?
Because I was always interested in stamps and how they looked, and whose face is on them. Usually it’s somebody very famous.

How does the stamps fit into your art concept?
Art is a way of communication, and stamps certainly are a way of communication as well.

Why are stamps important in your world?
Because I communicate a lot, almost every day, so it’s very close to me.

Why a Danish postage stamp?
Because they were kind to let me do it, I love you!

What does it mean to send letters to other people for you?
Well, sometimes it’s a very nice way of communicating. And not as expensive as doing a film and saying hello in a film.

Do you send letters?
I do still

What message do you want to send with the stamps?
Peace and Love

There is “DREAM, moon” and “SMILE, sun” printed on each postage stamp, what’s the message?
The message I want to give them is energy and power and this is the way I send a warm wish for it.

The sheet around the stamps says “we will meet again” and “I love you”. What does it refer to?
Whenever I think about a person, whoever that is, we are meeting in the air.