UNCOVER II – To My Soul Mates in Cambridge

by Yoko Ono, Oct. 15th, 2015

Last night, I went to a restaurant after 11 p.m., hoping that I could get coffee and a biscuit. Instead I saw a vast crowd of men, all in grey, as if their suits were the only things that were standing, waving and talking to each other in excitement of some kind.

Their voices were echoing in the low ceilinged room, and I just knew there was no space for us to have coffee there. I went back to my room and had my coffee in bed, and it was perfectly fine.

The glances of the people at the restaurant were people who had forgotten the existence of living flowers, living green, and living butterflies. The feminine element of life was pushed away to possibly make money. Money has no emotion. Or does it? People’s voices were getting more and more metallic.

I realized that what I was hearing was the sound of money.


We seem to have now found water on Mars.

If they had water, it is easy to assume that there is some kind of culture or civilisation that was created with the water as the base. But we are not told of anything.

I’ve read last week that our scientists announced that they knew that our cleaning the Earth was affecting other planets as well. It was not front page news. In fact it was the smallest little note, and I felt good that I spotted and read it. A first sign of a positive report about our effect on other planets! It was totally logical as well.

Up to now the only thing we did for the Universe was something negative, like spewing out poison every day to the stratosphere indiscriminately. Wouldn’t it be logical to think that that would affect other planets negatively however distant they were from us? And in their own way with their wisdom, I think they definitely knew the historically dangerous characteristic expressed by us, Earth people.

If they were able to observe us, they definitely knew that we were not a trustworthy race. It is obvious that we are not searching for a planet to make friends, but to make it OUR colony,if at that.

We seem to think that anger and violence can put our planet and even the Universe in order. This is a disastrous judgment call, for us, as well as for all the other planets in the Universe.

We are failing badly at making a positive move for ourselves by using violence as the method to clean up. That is not working. So why do we think that the final result of violence will bring us the good future we desire?


I opened my ears to listen to the Silence of the Universe. I thought they may have some comment. But nothing came back.

Why the silence? Are they also unfriendly and dangerous beings like us who very rarely wish to share any information? What do they know about us?

It occurred to me then that when we made the trip to the Moon, the first thing we did was to place the flag of the United States on the Moon. Wasn’t that a rather tacky thing to do? Well, it created a response from another big country on our planet, which was on the Moon before us. They rightfully argued that they reached the Moon before us. A copyright issue was made by us as well. But we are not talking about who reached there first.

What about Moon beings and beings on other planets? Supposedly they all saw what we did. Was there a wave of fear created amongst them?

Seeing that Earth beings are stepping on nature and destroying it for greed I am not surprised if they would have concluded that Earth Beings cannot be trusted to make a safe visit to any other planets. Are they concerned? Why not? We are ready to fight anytime, to get our way.


But all fights only create a temporary result and in the end it is totally useless.

You can fight one person, but not one hundred thousand people. We have to create a society in which each one of us does not have to rely on fighting to survive.

Life is not a Battle. Life is a game for you to play and play wisely.

All we have to do is to start cleaning our planet – not with violence, but with love.

The rest will be taken care of by the big, big powers out there. Remember, we are just a small part of a large community called the Infinite Universe.

I think this is the silence we are hearing… from animate and inanimate lives in the planets.

I love you.


Yoko Ono
The Cambridge Union Society
Oct. 15th, 2015