Yoko Ono first performed her work MORNING PIECE in Tokyo in 1964, where she offered ‘future’ mornings for sale, with dates reaching toward the end of the century. The dates were typed on small strips of paper, and glued to shards of a broken milk bottle.

In 1965, Yoko Ono performed the work on the roof of her apartment building at 87 Christopher Street in New York’s Greenwich Village. This time, she sold both ‘future’ mornings, and ‘past’ mornings, and gave the buyers small pieces of sea glass that she had gathered on the beach near Allen Kaprow’s home on Long Island.

This year, on June 21, 2015, on the summer solstice, the Museum of Modern Art Pop Rally did their version in the museum’s lobby. Rain prevented it from moving it into the museum’s garden.


Museums around the world participated in the event, each in their own way. Yoko Ono titled the work MORNING PEACE 2015, and it was planned to be realized at the moment of the rising Solstice sun in cities around the world. People gathered in a museum of their city to experience the sunrise together in: Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (Sydney), Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, M+ (Hong Kong), Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow), Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Triennale Design Museum (Milan), The Museum of Modern Art (New York), and J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles).

Photo by Klaus Biesenbach

People in New York City gathering at MoMA were surprised and delighted that at 5:25 AM, Sunday morning, just as the sun was rising over the horizon, Yoko Ono appeared on stage, dancing and performing her vocal greeting to the sunrise. Whoa!

Photo by Klaus Biesenbach

As Yoko greeted the early morning crowd, many of whom had stayed up all night to be present, they responded with a collective roar of joy. Yoko responded to the crowd with an impromptu performance of dance and her signature vocals, before she walked into the museum’s sculpture garden to greet the morning with a few friends.

Photo by Anne Terada

The event was sold out with perhaps 900 people attending. There was a party atmosphere with DJ Flat White spinning, and a concert by Blood Orange.

Photo by Klaus Biesenbach

YOKO ONO: ONE WOMAN SHOW, 1960-1971 on the museum’s 6th floor was open to the public throughout this event, where some of the 1964 Morning Pieces were on display.

Photo by Anne Terada


On the solstice at sunrise
Celebrate mornings
Of past, future and now
Listen to the world
Touch each other
When the sun comes up

y.o. 2015

Photo by Klaus Biesenbach

Photo by Anne Terada

Photo by Anne Terada

Photo by Anne Terada

Photo by Scott Rudd/scottruddevents.com

Yoko with MoMA’s MORNING PEACE 2015 Team: Rachel Kim, Chloe Wayne Sultan, Jessica Smith, Yoko Ono, Ashley Young, Anna Luisa Vallifuoco, and Lydia Wommack.
Photo by Anne Terada

Yoko with Curators: Francesca Wilmott, Jon Hendricks, Klaus Biesenbach and Karla Merrifield.
Photo by Anne Terada

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