Liverpool Anti-Fracking Demonstration
Wednesday 17 Sept 2014, 4-6pm
Liverpool Town Hall

If you care about

  • Clean water, air and land
  • Increased climate change
  • House values
  • Increased traffic and industrialisation

There will be a peaceful demonstration in conjunction with a 3000+ signature petition hand-in to Liverpool City Council to oppose and ban Fracking in Liverpool.

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One Response to Liverpool Anti-Fracking Demonstration – Wed 17 Sept 2014, 4-6pm – Liverpool Town Hall

  1. BIA says:

    ☮ Thank you Yoko for your effective work for the preservation of our environment that affect our whole ecological cycle. The attitudes of some men cause so much destruction in nature, changing the climate and causing global warming, harming human beings themselves. Great and important their work! ☮

    Peace and light in your heart!!! 🙂

    i ii iii


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