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by Yoko Ono

Let’s quickly assemble the knowledge we have. We ourselves must be peaceful to get peace. Once we follow that logic, and clear our minds of anger, hatred, fear and violence, we can see what we were doing wrong.

We are being given the option of having a peaceful world or a violent one. And we keep choosing the violent world, when we actually want the other. Why?

That is because in our hearts of hearts, we are more attracted to violence. Violence comes with power. We want that power without getting violence.

We are attracted to the idea of achievement. We want to be able to say that we are on the road of DISCOVERY. The word DISCOVERY has a powerful tone. I am here to discover something in life. It’s a prestigious position to be in. My son discovered a planet.

But actually, we are not discovering anything. We are just uncovering what is already there.

Everything that is around us all has miracles inside, if you just uncover them. But uncovering does not come with prestige. You don’t get an award for uncovering things. To discover something, you may need a special skill, even some credentials. You may have to compete with a fellow man to achieve it. Uncovering can be done even by your teenage son. So you may still prefer the drama of discovering. Since there’s no glory in uncovering.

We are playing the same game to get world peace.

One day, I pushed a huge elephant to the water to quench its thirst. I pushed and pushed. But the elephant did not move an inch. Will I keep pushing until I die? Maybe I will get a bravery award for trying. Which do I want, an award or a peaceful world? Of course, a peaceful world. Am I sure? If it’s something we cannot ever get, shall I just keep waving the flag?

World Peace is right in front of our eyes like the image on a drive-in theatre screen. It’s still there.

Forget pushing the elephant. Instead of changing the world, we should change our heads. That we can do. Our heads are on our shoulders not something that is in the horizon.

Once we change our heads, we will see that the world peace will reign on us without us even lifting our fingers. We are animals with wits. In terms of power, wits are the only thing we were given. That is what we are. So when we exercise our wits, we can do anything. We use our wits instead of our energy. And the elephants, the birds and the mountains will all surround us and say “thank you for changing your heads.”

I saw thousands and thousands of elephants in tears. We were too. We were just in time. It took only 7 seconds to make the change. Because it was the right change, it didn’t take long.

All we had to do was to pave all highways of the planet with solar powered panels so there will be no more need for fighting for oil and gas. It will stop all wars…. and use stem cells to heal.

Uncover, not discover.
Small change we have to make.
But it’s worth it.

Yoko Ono
23 July 2014
Tokyo, Japan