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Hi Everyone

FLUXFEST CHICAGO 2013 is just around the corner….

I’ve sent you the poster / schedule for this year’s events (download it here).

It’s gotten bigger than ever, with over 30 contemporary Fluxus folks gathering from as far away as Belgium and Russia!

We’ll be performing for 4 days at various locations in Chicago, with the largest event at the Chicago Cultural Center downtown.

As part of that days activities, we’ll have a WISH TREE at the cultural center, and will be gathering the wishes at the end of the day to send to IMAGINE PEACE TOWER.

Also, we’re having a large IMAGINE PEACE banner printed to hang in the space.

We’ll be performing both recent scores by young Fluxers, and classic scores from the early days of Fluxus….
Wish us luck.

Yoko will be well represented, she’s such an inspiration to us as we carry on the work!

I want to thank you all again for posting what we do on Imagine Peace. You’ve always been so great about promoting our events, and it has helped a great deal in getting the word out. I’m hoping that you will post this years info on the site, and encourage the public to come and join in.

Following the event, I’ll send some documentation and Ephemera to Studio One …. as well as sending Wish Tree documentation to you, and wishes on to Iceland.

Again, Thank you for all you do !!! Big Hugs to Yoko !!!

Peace, – Keith A. Buchholz
Fluxfest Chicago

Thursday-Sunday, February 21-24, 2013

FluxFest Chicago 2013 is a 4 day exploration of Fluxus activity, from its earliest scores and actions to contemporary interpretations of classic scores. It also includes recent works by contemporary Fluxus artists.

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