Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence

Dear Friends,

It took only a few minutes for the shooter in Newtown, CT to kill a classroom of school children. And it will only take a few minutes for you to make your voice heard.

Call your members of Congress RIGHT NOW and Demand A Plan to end gun violence.

Yesterday, President Obama announced a new task force headed by Vice President Biden to address the epidemic of gun violence in America. He committed to delivering a set of concrete proposals no later than January that will be turned into law as fast as possible.

But, as he said, he can’t do this alone.

That’s why you and I need to step up. We need to let our representatives in Congress know — in no uncertain terms — that it’s time to act.

Legislation is going to take shape very quickly, and there are three common sense principals that must be included in any comprehensive plan:

1. Require a criminal background check for every gun sold in America.

2. Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines that enable mass killing.

3. Make gun trafficking a federal crime, with stiff penalties for those who arm criminals.

We will never be able to stop all gun violence, but these steps will go a long way to preventing the next mass shooting and saving the lives of the 34 Americans who are murdered with guns every day.

Join me in making sure your elected officials know how important this issue is to you and your family.

Make the call right now and demand a comprehensive plan to end gun violence from your members of Congress:

Thank you for speaking up at this crucial moment!

Mark Glaze
Director, Mayors Against Illegal Guns