Wish Tree for Härjedalens Kulturcentrum (Härjedalen, Sweden)


In the sparsely populated and highest elevated county of Sweden, Härjedalen, covered by endless forests and milions of trees one tree became a special one: Yoko Ono’ s Wish Tree, standing in front of the modern art and cultural center “Härjedalens Kulturcentrum” (harjedalenskulturcentrum.com) between November 15th and December 15th.

In Härjedalen, a county with 12000 qm2 and around 10000 inhabitants, people are used to drivelong distances but it took only some days and the first wishes have been fixed to the tree.

Later, after two weeks, whole school classes arrived, but it is important to know, that a school class in our village has about 4-6 kids.

Anyway, we enjoyed watching people coming a long way, reading Yoko Ono’s instructions to tie their wishes on Härjedalens Wish Tree so that could take part in this unique international art and peace project.

Thanks to all and Yoko Ono specially!

Flavia & Andreas

PS: The wishes are on their way to Reykjavik.