///Wish Tree for Gabriella Ngugi, Walker School, London, UK

Wish Tree for Gabriella Ngugi, Walker School, London, UK

Gabriella Ngugi

Dear Yoko Ono,

Please accept our wishes and messages for the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER.

Our school suffered a great loss on Tuesday 4th December 2012, when we lost one of our wonderful children.

Gabriella Ngugi was a part of our family and her loss has touched every child, staff member and parents in our school community.

Your Imagine Peace Tower has touched our hearts and has provided a vehicle by which we can remember Gabi and send messages of love, hope and joy to her and her family.

The children have loved writing them, and putting them on our Wish Trees. (I have attached a photograph of our forest of trees.)

Thank you so much for helping us through this very difficult time for our school. It has brought us all closer and made us stronger.

Our Gabriella will never be forgotten.

With love and best wishes,

Liz Wincoup,
Head Teacher
Walker School, London, UK.











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