Penal Colony (2006)


spring passes
and one remembers one’s innocence
summer passes
and one remembers one’s exuberance
autumn passes
and one remembers one’s reverence
winter passes
and one remembers one’s perseverance
there is a season that never passes
and that is the season of glass

© Yoko Ono ‘81


This is Hell in Paradise
We’re all asleep or paralyzed
Why are we scared to verbalize
Our multicolor dreams

When will we come to realize
We’re all stoned or pacified
While the boogie men organize
Their multilevel schemes

Underqualified for love
Overqualified for life
Sticking our heads in slime
Thinking we’re in our prime

Mesmerized by mythology
Hypnotized by ideology
Antagonized by reality
Vandalized by insanity
Desensitized by fraternity
Sanitized by policy
Jeopardized by lunacy
Penalized by apathy
And living in the world of fantasy
Dancing on hot coal
Waiting for the last call
It’s Adam’s ball
Eve’s call

Wake up, shake up, check out, work out, speak out, reach
out, it’s time to, time to, time to, to, to, to, to………..

This is Hell in Paradise
None of us wish to recognize
But do we want them to materialize

An endangered species………………………………….

Exorcize institution
Exercise intuition
Mobilize transition
With inspiration for life

© Yoko Ono ‘85


The Snow Show explores the issues related to Art and Architectural investigation by creating works from the ephemeral materials of snow and ice. An artist was partnered with an architect and invited to develop a work together—this conversation created a bridged between the art and architectural worlds.

Conceived in 2000 by independent curator Lance Fung, The Snow Show has since constructed seventeen structures that furthered the discussion of interdisciplinary collaboration and set the tone for the current Snow Show. This year, the artists and architects have created interactive experiences inspired by the dramatic natural beauty of Sestriere and the athletic competitions of the Olympics.

From The Snow Show