Dear Friend,

I thought it was firecrackers at first — kids playing a prank on the opening night of Batman. Then I saw a smoke canister fly in front of the screen. A second later, the theater erupted in screams, and I felt a shotgun blast slam into my face and neck and arm.

I survived the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado. But 12 others didn’t. And as I lay recovering in my hospital bed, I watched a lot of elected officials offer condolences on the news. But condolences don’t stop bullets.

That’s why I recorded a personal message for President Obama and Governor Romney. The time has come for action, and I’m asking them how they plan to prevent such horror from happening to anyone ever again.

This Wednesday, both candidates are coming to Denver for the first presidential debate — just ten miles from the site of the Aurora shootings. I hope you’ll join me in telling President Obama and Governor Romney that Americans Demand A Plan to end gun violence.

Please watch my new TV ad and Demand A Plan to end gun violence from President Obama and Governor Romney.

Until that terrible moment of realization in the Aurora theater, I never thought this could happen to me.

I had just graduated college and was halfway through a coast-to-coast bike trip with a friend. We stopped for the night in Aurora with another friend, and we decided to thank her with tickets to the big summer movie premiere.

We never could have known the terror that awaited us. And we’ll never know why the three of us survived while 12 others didn’t.

But what I do know is that 34 Americans are murdered each day with guns. And I’m here to tell both President Obama and Governor Romney that when they go to Denver on Wednesday, they should bring a plan to address the devastating toll these shootings take on families and communities.

Watch the ad I recorded and add your name alongside mine to Demand A Plan:

Anyone asking for our votes to win the presidency needs to demonstrate that they’re serious about reducing gun violence in America. I hope you’ll help send that important message today.


Stephen Barton
Aurora Survivor