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In tribute to the John Cage centenary and marking the 50th anniversary of his first Japan tour, EM Records presents John Cage – Shock (Vol. 2) – historically important and previously unissued recordings made by Cage and his visionary interpreter David Tudor with Yoko Ono, plus Toshi Ichiyanagi and Kenji Kobayashi, mainly at the Sogetsu Art Centre in Tokyo on October 24, 1962 (with two performances from October 17 at Mido-Kaikan in Osaka).

“Volume 2 lifts off with a fiery example of Tudor’s piano virtuosity, his mastery of dynamics well evident in a performance of Klavierstuck X (1961) by Karlheinz Stockhausen. The titular shock of this series is delivered even more forcefully with the next piece, Cage’s 26’55.988* for 2 Pianists and a String Player (1961), which was first performed the year before in Darmstadt by Tudor and Kobayashi, a combination of two of Cage’s solo pieces.

The performances here, from Osaka, has a slightly altered title and the composition becomes a seismic quartet with the addition of Toshi Ichiyanagi and Yoko Ono, with the four performers providing acutely-angled blasts of sound.”

Gatefold slipcase containing fold-out liner notes in Japanese and English.
Includes Obi strip with Japanese calligraphy by Tatsutoshi Kawamura