Message from TBB (via email):


I cannot IMAGINE PEACE anymore Yoko.

First John gave his life for peace. You live peace each and every day. So does Sean and Julian. I have to live it. I was in the Marines. I have Imagined Peace long enough.

I have seen too much death and destruction in my very short lifetime. Too many innocent victims have died due to war, death and destruction while too many stand by and watch, too scared to speak out.

It is time to LIVE PEACE and bring it into reality and out of the imagination. We cannot continue to live in the past or the future. It is time to live in the present and bring peace into reality – Bring it into to the real world.

We are the human race. We can do better than Imagine. We need to live it and accept each other as we are, and stop the hate and let people live their short lives like they want to. As long as they hurt no-one else & love one another.

We are the planet earth. The sky is seamless and touches each & every one of us and when one is hurt when one goes without, it hurts us all.

Stop the hurt, stop the pain, stop this insane behaviour.

Help one another, help each other, accept each other, love each other.

It is time, it is a small, small world on a small, small planet. Show the universe we can change and just maybe, just maybe we can finally live in peace.



Reply from Yoko Ono:


Well said. I agree with you totally, TBB.

There are people who are determined to make war for greed. Call it to make the world democratic, or anything. The bottom line is greed. And there are innocent people who get misled and join the army. Call it for love of the country, the bottom line is how well they are persuaded. If nobody registers to be a soldier, they will make it compulsory for people to become soldiers.

In such a situation, the only thing I could ask people to do is to IMAGINE PEACE while living in Peace as much as possible and make the world a peaceful place by your strong peaceful vibration. This may only be a temporary stop measure. But I would hate for you to stand up and be hurt, or be killed.

Read John Perkins’ book ‘Confessions of An Economic Hitman‘.

When there is a Tsunami, you only have to climb the nearest mountain and wait for the ocean to be quiet again. But there is no mountain high enough for us to save ourselves from the Tsunami of human violence.

However, I still believe in the survival instinct of the human race. We may just make it. I don’t know how yet. But we might.

Meanwhile, I don’t want any of us to be a martyr.
John died for us.
Let’s learn from it, but not follow him.