Our story about the wish tree:

We implemented this activity in our school: Preparatoria Emiliano Zapata which belongs to Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa (a big public university en the state od Sinaloa in Mexico, our country).

We did it before a festival we organize every year remembering John Lennon, where we refer to his peace actions taken along with his wife- Yoko Ono, like the one against Vietnam war or others, like the defense of John Sinclair, etc.

We also talk about the injustice we live and experiment everyday in our lives in Culiacán, our city, and in many dimensions of it: legal issues, our authorities corruption, inequity of all kind, due to sex or gender, or class, economical level, etc. And how we need to protest evey time our young people fail to get a place in superior education; in college or university. this was the invitation flier:

I invited my students -I work in 14 groups of class, as a teacher of Educative Guidance we call: orientación educativa.

I also invited the teachers, the director and the press. This was on the papers the following day.

Wish is good as a promotion of this kind of actions.

We bought some thick paper and some string to write our wishes. The students participated doing the little hole on the tag y tying the string. They also donated their pens to write the wishes, took pictures, invited some others, they seemed happy.

I can say young people have a very good heart, meaning with this that they care for humanity, for children, they think about the poor, the sick, and about themselves too. Since they wish to find love a couple. For a better way of living. Against the violence we live, in which we can count now more than 60,000 dead people, as a result of wrong decisions of our ilegitime president. Known as a drunk.

Things are hard in Mexico, we also want democracy, tolerance, acceptance of teh different, etc. We search for equity for all, more richness distribution…

Well, this is what I can say… This is our story.
Mary Villagrana

Message from Yoko Ono:

Thank you for your tremendous effort in working locally on giving clarity and hope to people.
And thank you for letting me know the courage of your people in this hard times.
We are all breathing together.
Let’s breathe as well as we can.
I am with you and I love you!