The City of Reykjavík has decided to light IMAGINE PEACE TOWER on Ms. Yoko Ono’s birthday February 18th, 2012.

The Mayor Mr. Jon Gnarr, says that on behalf of the City he wishes to thank Ms. Ono for her dedication to peace and friendship to Reykjavik:

“Reykjavík is honored that Ms. Yoko Ono chose Videy island, off the shore of Iceland’s capital, as the home of IMAGINE PEACE TOWER which is such a beautiful and meaningful artwork. IMAGINE PEACE TOWER has become a true beacon of peace; a testament to great faith and conviction that is so much needed in our world today.”

IMAGINE PEACE TOWER will from now on be lit annually at 7pm on February 18th until 9am February 19th Icelandic time as a tribute to Ms. Ono and to wish her a Happy Birthday.

Watch the live feed at at 7pm UCT = 2pm NY = 11am LA = 4am Tokyo