Dear Yoko,

I just wanted to send you a few photos of an industrial sized scuplture that my friend Rob Bucholz installed for a large (aprox. 250,000 attendees) youth oriented music festival in Las Vegas last summer. My now wife and I assisted in the installation and collaborated with him and turned his 3 40-50 foot tall dandelions “wish” into a massive “wishing tree”. We put “Imagine Peace” on all three dandelions. This year we may be touring the sculpture around the country installing it at Music events. I was thinking that it would be a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with you and bring the message of peace to the youth in these troubled times.

We are also working on a TV project that could be a platform to bring the message of peace to an even larger audience. It would be a great honor for all of us if you became involved in our project and we could help spread the message of peace together. My wife is a huge fan of yours (as am I) and the photo of her atop the Dandelion adorned with a peace symbol and imagine was a very courageous position for her, 50 feet in the air. We also hope to get the project into Art Basel this year.

It was a magical experience working on the crew with Rob and Simone (my wife). The experience was crucial to our relationship and we fell deeply in love while collaborating on this project. It was extremely hard work in brutal conditions. We only worked at night when it cooled to 90, long hours and no sleep led to a powerful project and amazing relationship.

We shall overcome… In peace,

Richard Pauwels

Dear Richard, Rob, Simone & crew

This is so fantastic! So beautiful! Bless you and your wife, and the love of two of you for each other and for the world..
Thank you for sharing this.


Please send all the wishes to IMAGINE PEACE TOWER, PO Box 1009, 121 Reykjavik, Iceland. Thankyou!