Hi Yoko, I had this crazy idea … let’s see how far we can take this…. the thing is when you and John started this all those years ago we didn’t all have computers and our own printers… now, one by one we can make a statement from our own front window… I printed out my poster and got my husband to take a photo of me putting it up… maybe everybody else is interested in doing the same… or maybe a fun photo with the poster somewhere…. maybe we can start another ‘passive revolution’… love and peace to you Yoko and the rest of the world, Susha.

This is me putting up my poster and what I had to say on my Facebook page… the thing is – I really need all your help to get this thing started… If you are really sick of the BS… if you are a mother… or a father… if you care… print out the ‘WAR IS OVER’ poster… take a photo of you putting it up in your front window or just having fun with it.. and post it here on Facebook… one by one it’s hard for us to make a difference – but if we start a ‘passive revolution’ by just letting them know how we feel – WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Give your planet and yourself the best Christmas present ever this year – peace and love…. Susha! Thanks for your support Yoko, you’re the best!

Susha Shulenski

Message from Yoko Ono:

Susha, I think we have to do this one on IMAGINEPEACE.com because you look so good with the poster. I hope all our friends will catch up with you. Thank you for your great idea. Lots of love, yoko

For more details go here: http://imaginepeace.com/warisover/

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