Hukuoka Senior High School - Wish Tree 2011


Dear Ms. Ono Yoko,


We are students at Hukuoka Senior High School in Iwate, Japan.
Our school just celebrated its 110th anniversary this year!
There are 521 students in our school at present.
Some notable graduates of our school include graphic artist Fukuda Shigeo and physicist Tanakadate Aikitsu, who also invented Nihon-shiki Romanization.
We are very proud of our school’s heritage!

The first year students have been learning about you and your strong wish for peace in English class.
We are moved by your actions and art concepts.

We would like to join your Wish Tree Project.
We have made a Wish Tree for the first time!
It was a very exciting idea for us.
We would be honored if you could put it in your IMAGINE PEACE TOWER.
(A package containing the wishes will soon be on its way to Iceland!)

Thank you for your inspiration.

Happy Christmas from Iwate!


Hukuoka High School Students and Teachers
Iwate, Japan

Message from Yoko Ono:

Dear students of Hukuoka High school,

Thank you for sending me a picture of the very unique WISH TREE you have just made.

I am very happy that you decided to be so creative when many people in Japan are suffering from the 3.11 disaster. In fact, as Japanese to Japanese, I am proud of you guys for standing up and doing something instead of being just depressed. Of course, I would like to report your project in and I will.

Thanks again.

With love and respect,